Meat Slicer Serrated Blade vs Smooth Blade


With technological advancements and the availability of various food channels 24/7 within the convenience of your home, everyone dreams to be a pro at cooking. To make this happen a meat slicer would help to be quite an effective tool. A perfect meat slicer would save a lot of time and will help in relieving you from the boring activity of slicing each piece individually. The question arises as that which meat slicer is the best for both commercial and domestic use and there is constant competition between the two i.e. meat slicer serrated blade vs. smooth blade.

Meat slicers were initially just restricted to be used in delis and in butcheries but with the changing trends they are now being used at the domestic level too. If you are a meat lover and enjoy eating it in huge quantities then a meat slicer is a perfect option. It will not just help you in saving time but will also be able to get you exact proportional slices of meat.

The effectiveness of a meat slicer depends on the kind of it you are using. In this article, we would discuss meat slicer serrated blade vs. smooth blade so that the reader can have a much clearer idea of what to choose from according to their requirement.

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Serrated Blade

Serrated blades have toothed edges like that of a bread knife. They are best suited to cut through harder outer layers without causing any damage to them or making them uneven as compared to non-serrated blades.

On one hand, you’ll want to prefer a smooth blade but on the other hand, they are difficult to deal with when cutting through lean meat, so a serrated jagged blade is always the best option. Serrated blades come in handy where grip is required to get a smooth cut.

Smooth (Non-Serrated) Blades

A fine-edged blade is another term used for a non-serrated blade. Its blades are also much thinner and sharper which are more efficient in producing delicately sliced pieces without causing any damage to their outer layer.

They are user-friendly which makes them a popular choice not just among common consumers but also within the delis and butcheries. They are largely preferred because of their smooth finish over serrated blades.

Non-serrated blades might be not an ideal option to cut sturdy and tougher pieces, but they still give some really neat and chic pieces for the consumers to enjoy. Non-serrated blades are an excellent choice to cut much thinner and delicate pieces like that of vegetables, cheese, and even sushi. It can also be used to slice the cured ham into wafer-thin pieces of prosciutto making it an ideal option currently available in the market.

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Meat Slicer Serrated Blade vs. Smooth Blade: Which One to Opt From

By knowing the difference among meat slicers and the variation among their blades, one would be able to choose what one actually desires. Having complete information about the product is the key to make the right choice. By giving you the pros and cons of both the serrated and non-serrated blades we can help you to choose the best option according to your need.

Our priority would be the non-serrated blades, and we would recommend the consumers blindly go for it as they are good enough for almost everything. Initially, they might be difficult to deal with pieces that are of tougher nature as you’ll find the results to be messy. But they prove to be the best choice for those people who prefer thinner meat slices served with vegetables and cheese etc.

Serrated blades are for those who prefer much tougher pieces of meat and hard bread. If you have the money you should definitely go for both the kind of blades otherwise you need to make the right choice according to your own requirement. Serrated blades would serve small families and gatherings in a better way as it would be gratifying to watch your blade cut through some venison as though it were sandwiched ham.

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Some Additional Tips For the Users

Hopefully, by now, you must have made the choice between both serrated and non-serrated blades. By giving you these added tips we are only ensuring that you use your meat slicer to the fullest.

  • Don’t use a meat slicer on hot meat directly out of the oven. Always let it cool down a bit. The colder the meat the better the result.
  • Ensure secure attachment of blades before using.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children no matter how cliche it sounds.
  • Keep the power button off when not using it.
  • Serrated blades are much more convenient to use for slicing cheese and bread.
  • Let the meat slide through on its own and never force the meat yourself. Let the slicer do its job.
  • Use meat slicer that comes with removable parts as this makes cleaning hassle-free.


Meat Slicer Serrated Blade vs. Smooth Blade might be a question that may have bothered many people. By reading the above article we have ensured that by now you must have made your choice keeping in mind your requirements. No matter what you choose a serrated blade or a non-serrated blade we wish you luck with all the slicing and dicing and hope your slicing experience to be an effective part of your kitchen adventures.

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