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Best Compact Meat Slicer

A meat slicer is a slicing machine. It is used in butcher shops and delicatessens as a tool to slice meat, cheese, and other products.

Old meat slicer operated with a crank but bow modern ones use an electric motor. We slide the old meat slicer with our hands while the electronic slicer runs with electric motors.  Housewives and butchers are well known about how hard to cut the meat and how to slice them perfectly in equal size.

It is a good product but some people are confused to choose the best meat slicer. with the invention of the meat slicer, you save yourself from trouble to use the knife and you can cut your favorite food into equal slices.

How to use Meat Slicer?

Question is that how to use a compact meat slicer? All slices have the same advantages their size didn’t matter, they perform fast working and don’t require more strength than a knife requires.

It is very simple to use it simply attach your food with a sliding tray and switch on the slicer and then push it towards the razor blade it will cut your food as you want. Some slicers have an adjuster you simply turn on the knob and select the thickness of the slice, keep it in your mind must follow the basic security precautions. When you are using a meat slicer never forget that you are working with a big blade that moving at high speed.

How to clean Meat Slicer?

Make sure that you clean the slicer.

Sometimes food stuck in nooks and crannies if you don’t remove it can cause foodborne diseases. You can spray it with a faucet house by placing the entire empty sink, it helps to get rid of stubborn food particles. You can wipe the slicer with soap and spray it with water then spray the sanitizer to kill germs.

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Our Top Picks

Editor’s Choice: BESTWOOD 10” premium chromium-plated meat slicer

With a sharp blade that is plated with chromium that provides protection against corrosion.

Sturdiest Meat Slicer: KWS MS-10NT premium commercial 320-watt meat slicer

Constructed with stainless steel, aluminum rubber and it is perfect for commercial use.

Easy to Use: NESCO stainless steel meat slicer

Compact meat slicer ideal for use in the home, it is affordable and easy to use.

Best Home Meat Slicer: Chef’s choice 615A electric meat slicer

Versatile product made up of aluminum and stainless steel, and have a powerful motor.

Best Budget: Chef man Die-cast electric deli meat slicer

Perfect product with 180-watt motor and stainless blade.

We pick these products because these provide ease of cleaning and the next reason is safety feature these products offer safety measures that protect our hands from the blade that move at high speed.

A most important feature is their size we can give shape to meat according to our need. Let’s discuss these products in detail.

Best Compact Meat Slicer Reviews

Editor’s choice: BESTWOOD 10” premium chromium-plated meat slicer

Best Compact Meat Slicer


  • Brand: BESTWOOD
  • Color: sliver
  • Material: Aluminum, carbon steel
  • Blade material: carbon steel
  • 282/min blade revolution.
  • 170mm cutting height.
  • 210mm cutting length.
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BESTWOOD is the editor’s choice. It is manufactured by an Australian company and approved by ETL, NSF, and FDA. This product is chromium-plated coated carbon steel. It comes with different size slices therefore, cut the meat into different sizes.

It is famous due to its good design and high-quality motor. BESTWOOD slicer has a sharp and longer blade that is protected from corrosion. The blade is reliable, durable, and has a longer life so no need to sharpen the blade frequently. The best wood is compact meat slicer that includes a premium v-belt with vibration reduction tools.

It also has an on/off double illuminated switch that avoids power shock for protection. For safety, this slicer has skid-proof Rubber feet and a blade ring guard.

Things We Like
  • Approved by USA standards.
  • Do its exact job.
  • Provides safety features.
  • Cut the meat into thin slices.
  • It has an on/off button.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Sometimes its blade bent.
  • It is very tough to clean
  • A bulky product takes a lot of space on the counter.
  • Too much expensive.

Sturdiest Meat Slicer: KWS MS-10NT premium commercial 320-watt meat slicer

Best Compact Meat Slicers


  • Brand: KWS
  • Color: silver
  • Material: stainless
  • Blade material: stainless steel
  • Item dimension: 0.5×18.5×15.3 inches
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It is a kitchenware station with a high-quality blade. This slicer perfect for home use, commercial use caterers and chefs, etc. This slicer comes with ring guard assembly and whetstones sharpener for a blade that is convenient to razor-sharp edge on the blade.

Its blade is of high quality constructed with stainless steel coated with Teflon and body constructed with an alloy which are more reliable and it is anti-rust and prevents residue to build up.

And tray can fold up to 7(L) * 7.5(W) *5.5(H) 0.4 hp motor is used in this product. Its pure copper motor provides the slicer an ideal bled reliability and performance. There is a transformer that prevents short circuit and electric leakage.

KWS premium slicer is available at a high price as compared with other meat slicers.

It is a good choice for a commercial environment as well as suitable for the home. KWS is a quality product therefore, it is quite pricy and does its exact job for why the t is designed. This is the best compact meat slicer that produces beautifully well-shaped and thin slices according to your expectations.

It is a powerful slicer with an efficient electric motor with the help of this motor its blade rotates very fast and cuts the different types of meat. Sometimes it’s hard to cut heavy pieces of meat at once because of the very small and inconvenient trail. This is a big meat slicer when we remove the metal user-friendly there are small spots where meat can stick so it should be clean very carefully overall it’s a very good product and user-friendly.

Things We Like
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • Good quality product.
  • Do it’s job very well.
  • Produce very thin slices.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It has a small food tray.
  • Slides are not of good quality.
  • Hard to clean.
  • It is pricy product.

Easy to Use: NESCO stainless steel meat slicer

Compact Meat Slicer


  • Brand: NESCO
  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Material:  stainless steel
  • Item weight: 13.1 pounds
  • Item dimension: 14.5×8.63×11 inches
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NESCO is a compact meat slicer and easy to use. It is constructed with stainless steel 180 watt motor with 220 volts. Its stainless steel blade handles a variety of food sizes and shapes. NESCO is a powerful meat slicer it comes with a knob that controls the thickness. As well as it has a power switch that prevents food/debris and accidental power on/off from damaging the switch.

It’s another feature is non-slip feet that prevent movement. This meat slicer has a removable food carriage that makes cleaning easy. You can slice vegetables, cheeses, meat, bread with this NESCO meat slicer.

Its 180watt power motor allows the blade to move for slicing food. It is well known because of its construction and good quality. It provides effortless cutting due to the high power motor. This user-friendly product Is efficient, stable, easy to use, and versatile.  If you are looking for the best domestic use meat slicer then it is a good choice.

Things We Like
  • Allow users to decide the thickness.
  • Versatile product.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Best budget
  • Removable food carriage and blade.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It has plastic gear drives.
  • Short run time and long cooling time
  • A not high-quality product such as BESTWOOD.

Best Home Meat Slicer: Chef’s choice 615A electric meat slicer

Compact Meat Slicers


  • Brand: chef’s choice
  • Color: silver
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Blade material: stainless steel
  • Item dimension: 15×10.4x11inches
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Chef’s choice 615A is a versatile product. It’s all structural components made up of aluminum and  Stainless steel. This product has a very powerful motor with a gear drive has a multipurpose blade it cuts a wide variety of food. It’s easy to clean the product’s blade food carriage, food deflector, and food pusher.

A sturdy and commercial meat slicer is not everyone’s choice. Most people need the slicer that does its basic job such as cut the meat vastly when we need it.

The positive point of this slicer is this meat slicer has such types of features that we enjoy on daily basis.

This slicer is available at an affordable price but it is not powerful as other slicers. Chef’s choice meat slicer comes with the cooling system when its motor gets hot due to continuing running this cooling system cool it.

It can disassemble easily when we want to clean it but, it’s some areas are hard to clean food pieces left in key areas. And it is a good product but in quality, it is not good as compared to the above slicer. It is speedy for the preparation of dinner for a big family, it cut the meat into a mid-sized slice.  Besides it has a safety lock that safe the food carriage in place when the unit is not in use.

Things We Like
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Have a cooling system
  • Available at an affordable price.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Low quality as compared with a best wood meat slicer.
  • Poor customer support.

Best Budget: Chef man Die-cast electric deli meat slicer

Best Compact Meat Slicer


  • Brand: chef man die-cast
  • Color: black
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Blade material: stainless steel
  • Item dimension:14.5×17.5inches
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Chef man die-cast is the best budget product it slices deli-style roast beef, dried meat it comes with adjustable thickness and advanced design. This slicer is a good food carriage and pusher it releases the food carriage and pusher for easy cleanup. It has a removable stainless steel blade with an on/off button another safety feature is added to it.

You can decorate your food and improve your skills by making it a part of your kitchen. This can cut slices thick and thin according to your need. Like other slices it has non-slip feet this is a safety feature it locks the slicer and does not allow it to move from its position. Its weight is approximately 9.6 pounds and it is an approved product it means it has passed safety standards now is ready to use.

Things We Like
  • Lightweight.
  • It saves space.
  • It has strong non-slip feet.
  • Not expensive.
  • Has security features.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It is not easy to clean.
  • Very little space to land meat.
  • The sliding tray is unable to move.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sharp a meat slicer?

Some meat slicer has sharpen attachment in the kit you can purchase a separate instrument from market. Apply sharpening oil or cooking oil on the edges of the blade.

Difference between manual and automatic slicing?

Automatic slicer are expensive  reduce the injuries and save the time. While manual slicer are time taking and need more effort to move it because it slide with hands.


There is a list of compact meat slicers that are best for home use. In this list, BESTWOOD and KWS are designed for both home and commercial use. But, the chef’s choice is the best one for home use it is compact meat slicer easy to use, and can easily fit in all kitchens. This is a handy product available at a low price.

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