Blanco Sinks Review | Durable Sinks with Premium Quality

Blanco Sinks Review

Washbasin or sink is the main part of the kitchen. If it’s beautiful and alluring, the beauty of the kitchen is enhanced.

Blanco is a trustworthy company, whose headquarters are in Germany. It has been providing its beneficial services for almost 90 years. The base of the company was founded in 1925 by Heinrich Blanc. They started with minimal equipment and now they are recognized worldwide. They manufacture

  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Drains
  • Mixers taps
  • Other kitchen accessories.

They design the vast majority of soft-colored, matte-finished, and best-quality sinks. Their sinks are more affordable than many other brands of the same quality. They have gained global and international positions.

Undermount quality was very expensive back in the days but, Blanco came up to fill this void space with their premium quality products.

We’re here to help you find the best sinks for your kitchen. Let’s have a look at Blanco sinks review, which is mentioned below.

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Our Top Picks

1. Editor’s Choice: BLANCO, Metallic Gray 519452 PRECIS CASCADE SILGRANIT

“Material is Silgranit, size is a single bowl with cascade, style Contemporary, with stainless steel colander, cabinet size 33”, heat resistant and waterproof, undermount installation.”

2. Best Stainless Sink: BLANCO 518172 Quatrus R0 Stainless Steel Undermount Sink

“Excellent Stainless steel quality 18-gauge steel, rust-resistant, undermount installation, no rimming style, size is 32″, bowl depth 9 inches, modern design.”

3. Best Huge and Super Sink: BLANCO 440192 Diamond Super Single

“Cafe brown color, Silgranite material, size 32”, bowel depth 9 1/2 inch, both undermount installation and drop-in, stain, chip, and scratch-resistant.

4. Affordable Sink: BLANCO 440205 Diamond Silgranit Drop-In

“Silgranit material (granite composite), both unmount and drop-in installation available, USA originated, white-colored, size 17″.”

5. Best Perfect Sized Sink: BLANCO 442534 Precis 30″ Single Bowl

“Salgranit material, minimum cabinet size 33″, bowel depth is 9.5 inches, Anthracite color, resistant to 536 Fahrenheit temperature, undermount installation.”

Blanco Sinks Review

1. Editor’s Choice: BLANCO, Metallic Gray 519452 PRECIS CASCADE SILGRANIT

Blanco Sinks Review

Key Features:

  • Color: Metallic gray
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Material: Silgranit
  • Installation method: Undermount
  • Size: 33″ Single bowl with cascade
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This beautiful sink is divided into two portions by a small wall. It is large and takes up more space than the regular sink. One portion for washing dishes, fruits, or rinsing anything. Another part, which is smaller in size than the previous one, is used for stacking the dishes for drying and rinsing.

The sink comes with a stainless steel colander or basket. It is resistant to rust and corrosion. So, don’t worry if it remains wet 24/7. The colander is so useful for washing crystal clear fruits by directly putting them in it and letting the water run over them. It’s also helpful for stacking the utensils for drying.

The material of the sink is Salgranit which is resistant to heat, guarantees no discoloration, and is scratch-proof. This sink is durable and perfect for every kitchen. You can use it exaggeratedly without any regret or damage. The residues of oily products flow away with single water ensuring complete cleanliness of the sink.

Things We Like
  • Double purpose sink; washing & stacking
  • Comes with stainless steel colander
Things We Don’t Like
  • Takes more space
  • Expensive

2. Best Perfect Sized Sink: BLANCO 442534 Precis 30″ Single Bowl

Blanco Sinks

Key Features:

  • Brand: Blanco
  • Color: Anthracite
  • Material: Silgranit
  • Size: Single bowl
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Installation Method: Undermount
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The color of the sink is Anthracite, which gives a dark blackish and shiny shade. The color is versatile and fits best for every kind of kitchen decor.

It’s 30″ in size. This size is neither so big nor so small, but an Ideal one. It is rectangle-shaped with sharp edges. It is mounted or fitted below the shelf. This helps to save up the extra space.

The material of the sink is Salgranit, which is composed of 80% granite elements. The quality of the material is perfect for it because:

  • It is resistant to different heat fluctuations, ranging from extreme cold to extreme hot. It can tolerate upto 536 F temperature. The color, density or shape is never changed even by pouring ultra hot liquids.
  • The surface is non-porous,  smooth and silky, which ensures no stains of oily or greasy residues. The greasy substances get removed without scrubbing hard. Gently wiping with dishwashing soap and water removes them easily.
  • The surface of the sink is protected against bacterias or germs. This property is so beneficial for hygienic utensils and ultimately hygienic life.
  • The material gives the touch of natural stone.
  • The quality is durable and long-lasting. It has a lifetime warranty.
Things We Like
  • Modern beautiful design
  • Quality material
Things We Don’t Like
  • Cruel chemicals can affect the color of sink
  • Throwing dishes hardly can leave scratches

3. Best Huge and Super Sink: BLANCO 440192 Diamond Super Single

Blanco Sink Review

Key Features:

  • Brand: Blanco
  • Color: Cafe brown
  • Material: Salgranit
  • Sink depth: 9 & ½ inches
  • Outside Length: 36″
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The color of the sink is unique and gorgeous. The best thing about the Blanco brand is that their colors suit different kitchen looks without giving a look of being over.

The super-sized single sink is best for big families or houses where a big pile of dishes is a common thing. The vast size not only provides ease and comfort but doesn’t compromise on designs in any way. Huge saucepans, pots, or any large container/ utensil are washed perfectly in them. 

The material of which they’re made is Silgranite. It is heat and color-resistant. The surface has a very fine and finished look.

The company is giving a lifetime warranty, which makes it sure how confident they are about their product. Many people have reviewed how they look the same as they were years before.

The sink can be mounted downward as well as dropped. You can choose whatever thing is best for your kitchen.

Things We Like
  • Super huge size
  • Salgranit body
Things We Don’t Like
  • Drain is not included
  • Undermount clips are not available

4. Best Small Sized Sink: BLANCO, White 522429 PRECIS SILGRANIT Single Bowl

Blanco Sinks Review

Key Features:

  • Brand: Blanco
  • Color: White
  • Size: 27″
  • Material: Silgranit
  • Installation Method: Undermount
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It is a white, splendid-looking Blanco single. The body looks polished which reflects shine from within.

The material of the body is Silgranite, which is arduously hotness resistant to almost 536 Fahrenheit.

The material is made strong enough to withstand the distress of stains due to rubbing. It doesn’t melt, get burned, or form any kind of blisters in any way. By these, you may conclude that it has a lifetime warranty.

It has the option to mount underneath. Mounting sinks downward are the common and most liked method in the USA. It has gained much more popularity than drop-in sinks.

The installation chips are not given inbox. You have to buy them separately but, it should not be a big deal to buy them because it’s worth the buy.

Blanco stone meets  IAMPO standards. It’s the only stone in the market that meets these criteria. If you’re a previous user or may have a chance to go through it, you’ll surely know why it has been listed in this list.

Things We Like
  • White color is all-rounded
Things We Don’t Like
  • Installation chips are not available inbox
  • Size may be bit smaller for those who prefer large size

5. Best Stainless Sink: BLANCO 518172 Quatrus R0 Stainless Steel Undermount Sink

Blanco Sinks Review

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Sink depth: 9 inch
  • Brand: Blanco
  • Size: 32″
  • Shape: Rectangular
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The material used in its manufacturing is 18-gauge stainless steel. 18-gauge steel is equal to 0.05 inches. The gauge ranging from 16-18 is considered as very good quality steel.

They are resistant to:

  • Rust
  • Loud noise
  • Corrosion
  • Excess bending
  • Damage

The stainless steel sink is shiny, glossy, and eye-catching. It has so many options for getting accessorized, which include a different range of faucets, colander, and drains.

Stainless steel is one of the oldest sink options, which never goes out of fashion. In Asia, stainless steel sinks are mostly used and can be seen in every other house.

The size of the sink is neither too big to cover a big space area nor too small to wash dishes hardly in them. The edges of the sink are sharp-cornered with no radius at all. The reason behind the excellent Blanco sinks review is because the company doesn’t give priority to money over quality.

They usually don’t get dents easily. Instead, they take a longer period of time, or maybe it is impossible for dents to take place.

Things We Like
  • Can fit to every kitchen decor
  • Durable
Things We Don’t Like
  • It may get very fine scratches with time by a knife, steel wire or of any sharp object

6. Alternative Best: BLANCO, Metallic Gray 441592 DIAMOND SILGRANIT

Blanco Sinks Review

Key Features:

  • Color: Metallic gray
  • Style: Transitional
  • Size: 36″
  • Bowel-depth: 9 ½ inch
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The sink is split up into two parts if 60/40. 6/10th part is for cleaning, wiping, and scrubbing tableware. The space is enough to wash conveniently and safely. 4/10th part of the sink is for assembling washed utensils for drying.

It comes with a colander which fits perfectly into the 4/10th portion of the sink. The stainless steel colander is resistant to rust.

It is made of Silgranit material, which is 80% solid granite and others are acyclic compounds. Salgranit is premium quality material.

The company is so sure about scratches that they ask people to do scratch tests by putting knives, forks, or big pans in it. It won’t get any kind of marks or discolor.

The surface is as flat as a pancake. It’s hygienic because the dirt does not remain attached to the sides of the rim. Instead, it goes directly into the basin effortlessly.

The acids or alkaline products also don’t affect the quality, color, or shape of the sink. It is made resistant to all these solutions, ensuring durability.

Things We Like
  • Dual portion
  • Super size
  • Affordable
Things We Don’t Like
  • Installation chips not available
  • More spacious

7. Affordable: BLANCO 440205 Diamond Silgranit Drop-In

Blanco Sinks Review

Key Features:

  • Color: White
  • Material: Granite composite
  • Style: No-rimming
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The adorable sink is a vibrant and uniformly colored white sink with a matt finishing look. The soft-touch of white sink is all that you need to have in your kitchen. White color is a trending home decor color nowadays in the USA, Canada, Scotland, and many other European countries. It is liked because people are not big fans of shocking colors anymore.

The material is Granite composite which provides ultra-durability of the product. Granite on its own is very hard to break rock. The sink is 80% granite composite i.e. naturally occurring stone; This is the main reason why sinks don’t decay or go through sudden damages.

The sink has both undermount as well as drop-in options for convenience. The small-sized- sink may be best for apartments or flats which are less spacious but if you like to have this one in-home it can with that also.

Things We Like
  • Cheap or low cost
  • Premium quality material
Things We Don’t Like
  • Small in size

8. Budget friendly: BLANCO 441611 Valea Super Undermount Single Bowl

Blanco Sinks Review

Key Features:

  • Color: Cinder
  • Size: 36″
  • Style: Transitional
  • Bowel-depth: 9-½
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This sink is budget-friendly. It is a big package for a small amount of money. After seeing reviews of many Blanco sinks you may think that this brand is costly and you can’t afford it, but this sink under 300$ may be good news for you. You can get high-end quality in a super-sized sink. Isn’t it amazing?

The material of course is Salgranit, which can bear hotness of almost 536 Fahrenheit. The identity of the sink remains the same even for years. The ever-green product stands proudly in your kitchen for years and years.

The depth of the bowl is more than nine inches, which explains how big pots can simply fit in them.

Unlike traditional sinks; The stains, grease, oils, and dirt do not remain attached at the sides of the rim, which only goes away by arduous scrubbing. Instead, water and soap do their work.

Things We Like
  • Affordable and cheap
  • Super sized
Things We Don’t Like
  • Takes more space

Which blanco Sink is the Best?

Now the question arises, which one is best for you?

Although every sink reviewed above is from our top list, you have to keep the following things in mind before buying.

  • Check out your kitchen space

You should not choose to order the sink first and then cry at home because it is not fitting your space; Either it’s taking up a bigger space or is so small that void space is left by the side.

Take the measurements of your accommodation for your brand new sink and search for sinks accordingly. Otherwise, you would expect long hours of labor work at home. They take a lot of time trying to fit in and making sure that it’s not looking over.

  • Match with your kitchen colors and vibes

Every kitchen gives a vibe of different colors and textures. The Blanco has designed their sinks in a way that would enhance the beauty of every kitchen.

You must decide which suits the best for your specific kitchen. If you’re bad at deciding, ask your labor or you may go for choosing BLANCO 518172 Quatrus R0 Stainless Steel Undermount Sink. This could be a last-minute decision and you won’t ever regret it.

  • Go with your budget

If you’re looking for budget-friendly sinks then BLANCO 440205 Diamond Silgranit Drop-In and BLANCO 441611 Valea Super Undermount Single Bowl are the best ones. They don’t compromise on quality in any way.

The quality of these sinks is much better than the majority of other brand’s sinks. This brand costs 50-100$ more than other brand’s sinks, but they are worth the quality. A one-time investment in the best brand is better than investing every other day on cheap brands.

  • Durability and long-lasting

Obviously, you don’t want to spend every other day wasting time changing one sink after the other. It takes forever to change them and it’s tiring as well as annoying. You will choose someone that will last forever. Although many brands in the market promise their long durability, very few show up with quality standards.

Blanco is one of the trusted brands, which you believe in with closing eyes. Their experience of 90 years in this industry has made them experts and very professional.

  • Super-sized Sinks

If you are a fan of spacious sinks then BLANCO 440192 Diamond Super single and BLANCO 441611 Valea Super Undermount Single Bowl are the best ones. They are perfect for huge families. If you prefer piling the dishes and washing them once a day then these sinks will provide huge space without any issue of distortion.

BLANCO, Metallic Gray 441592 DIAMOND SILGRANIT, and BLANCO, Metallic Gray 519452 PRECIS CASCADE SILGRANIT are double portioned sinks. Both the portions are equally beneficial. If you hate water droplets while putting the dishes in a utensil tray then these sinks are for you.

You can dry your glasses, dishes, or pots in a colander on one side and you can put them in their place after they are done with it. You won’t need to dry with a paper towel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blanco a good sink brand?

Blanco is one of the top-selling sink brands in the world. They have premium quality products with the best affordable prices. They are the only ones on the list to match the IAMPO criteria in Blanco stones.

Are Blanco sinks worth it?

The designs Blanco made are modern, stylish, and up-to-date. They have very long durability and the company guarantees a lifetime warranty. The sinks are resistant to heat, scratches, blisters, stubborn marks, and residues. Well, every detail in them is just awesome. They are worth the amount you may.

Where are the Blanco sinks manufactured?

They are manufactured in Germany, United States, Canada, and Ontario. They have their branches in almost 99 countries of the world.

Are Blanco sinks considered better than Franke?

Blanco is more expensive than Frankie. The reason is, Blanco sinks are heat and color resistant to almost 536 Fahrenheit temperature while Franke can’t handle this temperature and can get discoloration stains or marks. Blanco sinks get very little scratches over a long period of time compared to Franke. Blanco’s manufacturing material quality is outstanding and is noise-free.

What kind of sink is Blanco?

Blanco sinks are made of granite material, which is almost 80% of the total material. This makes it durable and they give a touch and vibe of natural stone. They make almost 5 colors of sink with versatile designs and premium quality at the best prices.


You may find it difficult to find a perfect kitchenware brand for you in the market. Choosing the right one could be distressing and confusing.

You don’t need to think twice before buying Blanco. We have already gone through Blanco sinks review in detail. Blanco is the brand you can believe in with your closed eyes. Their price may be higher than other brands but, they are worth the price.

The best sink in our list is BLANCO, Metallic Gray 519452 PRECIS CASCADE SILGRANIT. This double portioned sink is large, durable, beautiful, soft matt colored, high-end quality with almost affordable price. Can be used for washing fruits and veggies without using hands in a colander.

You can check out these and choose what fits best for you and your kitchen.

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