Blanco Vs Kraus Sinks | Which one to Choose for your Kitchen

Blanco Vs Kraus Sinks

An adequate sink is extensively important for the decoration of your kitchen. For the better embellishment of your kitchen, all you need to do is get the best sink brand as it is not only an essential component in your kitchen but also helps you to wash the dishes effortlessly.

Moreover, the quality of the kitchen sinks is as important as the style of a sink. Therefore, you should always choose a kitchen sink brand carefully.

Here in this article, we will talk about the two most important brands that produce high-quality kitchen sinks.

Blanco Vs Kraus Sinks, both companies are doing incredible work in designing as well as the quality of products. They both struggle very remarkably.  But the only difference between Blanco and Kraus sinks is the style and material of both products. Both Blanco and Kraus companies use different styles and techniques for their products.

Besides that, here is a quick difference between the two top-rated brands.

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A Quick Comparison Between Blanco VS Kraus Sinks

Blanco is best to make the traditional granite sinks.Kraus is best to make modern style durable steel sinks.
If you want multiple colors and a different variety of sinks then Blanco is the best choice for your kitchen.Kraus sinks come with limited colors and variety but it provides the best variety of bowls.
Blanco sinks are incredibly beautiful and useful. They are the best option to provide a new look to your kitchen.Kraus sinks evacuate higher heat temperatures than Blanco.
They are expensive but they are worth it.They are available at reasonable rates.
Blanco provides noise-free products.They also do not produce noise.
The heat-resistant power of Blanco sinks is less than Kraus.Kraus contains a high heat-resistance power.

Blanco Sink Brand

Blanco is manufacturing their products for more than the last 30 years. Moreover, they have earned the trust of people because of their high-quality products that are available in multiple options.

All of Blanco’s products especially the sinks come with a lifetime warranty. It ensures the high quality and durability of their sinks or daily use.

Let’s discuss other benefits of buying Blanco sinks.

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Benefits of Buying Blanco Sinks

Blanco sinks are the best option for those who want a new look at their kitchen. As they come in multiple colors and styles, they give a new life to your kitchen. Moreover, if you are looking for something modern and unique, Blanco sinks will satisfy all of your needs.

  • Strong Construction Quality

The sink is made of strong heavy stones. Also, the material of the sink is scratch-proof thus it barely gets damaged. The strong construction quality of Blanco sinks makes the sink strong enough to protect the sinks from any damage.

  • Wide Range Of Colors

As compared to Kraus sinks, Blanco sinks are available with a wide range of color options. However, the most prominent shades of Blanco sinks are following:

  • Warm Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey

These are the popular color shades of Blanco sinks. The best thing about their colors is that they stay the same for a lifetime. No sunlight effects can damage the colors of Blanco sinks.

Moreover, you can wash the sink on daily basis still the colors remain the same. The strong colors do not fade away with time.

  • High Function Ability

The function ability of Blanco sinks is high as they come with timeless traditional sinks. At the same time, they are the best option for those who want a practical sink for daily use. Moreover, many professional chefs recommend Blanco sinks because of their high function ability.

  • Style Variety

With a wide range of colors, the Blanco sinks come in a huge variety of great styles. Does not matter what style do you prefer, all the variety of sinks are available due to Blanco sink brand.

However, the best options of Blanco sinks are given below:

  • You can get a sink in the form of a farmhouse. That comes with a cutting board area. This style is best for those who have small kitchens.
  • Best Quality Blanco sinks come with a single bowl yet you will get a cutting area with it.
  • Blanco sinks not only come with a single bowl but they also provide doublebowl sinks.
  • You can buy lowdivide double bowl sinks as well.
  • Furthermore, they come in different sizes. You can get a small sink as well as a long sink.
  • Long-Lasting

Blanco sinks possess multiple benefits. They come with different advantages. One of the best benefits is that it is made with high-quality material that lasts for a lifetime. The long-lasting quality of Blanco sinks has placed them among one of the top listed kitchen products.

  • Easy To Wash

One of the other benefits of buying Blanco sinks is that they can be cleaned easily. Though many kitchen sinks are available in the market that requires expensive detergents to be cleaned, Blanco sinks can be cleared with only soap or water.

Also, they can be kept neat and clean with just a cloth. Moreover, no harmful effects can damage the surface of the sink as all Blanco sinks are made with high-quality materials.

  • Product Warranty

The most interesting fact about Blanco sinks is that they come with a lifetime warranty. You can use the product for a lifetime and the warranty ensures you the high quality of the product. Furthermore, the Blanco sinks can be replaced as well. Thus, they can be replaced with another product.

  • UV Protection

UV protection keeps the harmful rays of the sun away from the sink. Thus, the color of the sink remains the same for a long time. Furthermore, you can put hot dishes in your sink without being worried as UV protection prevents damage and maintains the sinks’ color.

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Top Products of Blanco Sink Brand

1. Blanco 441775 Valea Super Single Bowl-Metallic Gray Sink

Blanco 441775 Valea Super Single Bowl-Metallic Gray Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Blanco
  • Color: Metallic Gray
  • Material: Silgranite
  • Size: One Size
  • Style: Transitional
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Details About The Product

  • Material Of The Product

The material used to make this glamorous sink is Silgranite. It is a metallic gray-colored sink that contains a single bowl. Moreover, here are some other characteristics of the Blanco Valea super single bowl sink.

  • Heat Resistance Property

It is a heat resistance product, it controls the heat coming from outside resources and protects the sink from any harmful effects. Moreover, Blanco Valea can tolerate the heat up to 536°F. It also controls the high temperatures affect whether they come from hot or cold stuff.

  • Dimensions Of The Product

The product is about 41.0 inches long, 18.0 inches in width, and 22.0 inches long in the height.

  • Scratch Resistance

Whether you put heavy dishes, pots, pans, knives, or even forks in the sink, the surface of the sink remains the same. It does not get affected by any heavy stuff. Even the color of the sink remains the same. Moreover, the scratch resistance property of the sink makes it easy for you to manage all the dishes at once.

  • Easy To Clean

The surface of the sink is smooth enough to be cleaned easily. Moreover, it comes with the protection of hygiene. As the product comes with pre sanitize property thus, it prevents all kinds of bacteria and other harmful effects. At the same time, it is easy to be cleaned and you do not have to use any severe chemicals to keep the sinks clean.

  • Stain Resistance

As the product contains a non-porous surface, it is stain resistant, it fights against the alkali or other household acids.

  • Comes With Accessories

The accessories that come with Blanco sinks are very functional, they are safe for food plus contains a very lightweight so that they can be fit easily on the sink. Moreover, you can put your food on it and can put other dishes as well.

  • Comes With Deep Sink

The product comes with a deep sink. Even if you buy a single bowl sink, it would be enough for big dishes as it surrounds enough space. Thus, you can use it for all kinds of pots.

Things We Like
  • It comes with a deep and long sink that is comfortable to use.
  • The material of the product is soft and smooth plus it comes with a matte finish.
  • It can be cleaned easily.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It comes with only one bowl.
  • It might be expensive for some people.

2. Blanco Anthracite 522259 PRECIS SILGRANIT Kitchen Sink

Blanco Anthracite 522259 PRECIS SILGRANIT Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Blanco
  • Color: Anthracite
  • Material: Silgranite
  • Size: 26 length, 17 width, 30 cabinet
  • Installation Method: Undermount
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Details About The Product

  • Bowl Of The Product

The sink comes with a unique single bowl style. Though the bowl contains a simple design yet it is a large single bowl.

  • Material Of The Product

Moreover, the material used to make the sink is silgranite. Silgranite is one of the best quality materials. It comes with different properties.

  • Heat-Resistant Property

The sink of this product is heat resistant. It protects the surface of the sink from harmful heat effects.

  • Scratch-Resistance Property

The surface of the sink remains new and fresh due to the scratch resistance properties.

  • Strong Color

Moreover, the color of the sink does not fade away. As the material of the sink is heat resistant thus it protects the sink from the burn, melt and discolor effects.

  • Simple To Keep Clean

The non-porous texture of the sink makes it simple for you to clean the sink. All the sinks having a non-porous surface can be cleared easily. Moreover, you can handily wash the sink with water.

Things We Like
  • You can clean this sink easily.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It contains heat resistant, scratch resistant, chip, and clash resistance properties.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It does not come with a flange.
  • Water does not drain at once.
  • It does not obtain a cutout.

3. BLANCO 441610 Valea Single Bowl-Anthracite Sink

BLANCO 441610 kitchen sink

Key Features:

  • Color: Anthracite
  • Brand: Blanco
  • Style: Transitional
  • Size: 32 length, 19 width
  • Material: Silgranite
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Details About The Product

  • Bowl Of The Sink

Valea single bowl sink is a large, comfortable, and unique sink for everyday use. It contains a hard rock material “Silgranite”. It is sufficient for all types of kitchens.

  • Made Of Real Stones

Furthermore, when you touch the sink, it feels like you are stroking the real stone. As the surface of the sink is made with soft, smooth, and real stones.

  • Under-mount Installation Method

The sink comes with an under-mount installation procedure. Moreover, the under-mount hooks come with the sink to make it easy for you to put in the sink in your kitchen.

  • Deep Single Bowl

Though it is a single bowl sink yet it is enough for all dishes. The sink is deep and wide. You can use it for all big pots as well. However, the depth of the bowl is 9-1/2.

  • Scratch Resistance

Like the other sinks, Blanco Valea is also made of high-quality material, thus it contains scratch resistance properties as well. The best thing about it is that it can maintain the color of the sink.

  • Easy To Keep Clean

The product is simple to clean. The non-porous surface of the sink seems fresh and unique for a long time. Also, it requires no soap or chemicals to be cleaned.

  • Heat-Resistance Property

There is no doubt that it is a stylish and unique sink. Apart from that, it is a high-quality sink that contains different properties.

One of its best features is that it is a product that controls the heat and all the side effects causing by heat. Due to this property, you can use the sink confidently without being worried about discoloring, burning, and melting the sink. As the heat resistance property protects the sink from all these types of damages. 

Things We Like
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It comes with one big sink without any dividers.
  • It can be easily kept clean. Does not dent as well.
  • The bowl of the sink is deep enough to hold plenty of dishes.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It is expensive.

Kraus Sink Brand

The Kraus is a brand that carries a huge number of home plumbing products. Moreover, it holds up various types of sinks including under-mount, top mount, traditional, and farmhouse style of sinks. Also, it offers a wide number of colors and styles of sinks.

To learn more about Kraus sinks, you would have to look at the benefits they offer.

Benefits of Buying Kraus Sinks

The brand manufactures different amazing kitchen products including great quality sinks.  Here are the benefits you get if you buy Kraus sinks.

  • Luxury Styles

Kraus sinks offer a wide variety of luxury styles, including a huge number selection. Moreover, they provide numerous styles of sinks with different installation methods and bowl arrangements plus structures. They come in different luxury styles to fulfill your needs.

  • UV Protection

You can wash all types of pots including the hot pans in your sink, there is no need to be worried as long as the Kraus sink brand provides heat resistance power.

Moreover, the color of the sinks does not dry up as the Kraus sinks come with UV protection. Also, Kraus sinks provide a variety of rich colors with UV protection to provide long-lasting quality sinks. The UV protection power keeps the sink away from any damage.

  • Soundproof

As the Kraus sinks are soundproof, you would not handle any noise while working with the sink. They come with sound-deadening pads and these pads reduce the unnecessary noise coming from the dishes, disposals, and running water.

Moreover, the people who prefer a quiet, calm, and peaceful climate, must buy this product. As the noise defending quality make it possible to work in a peaceful environment.

  • Easy Cleaning Method

Kraus stainless steel sinks are the best option for those who want an easy cleaning method for sinks. You will not need to put much effort to clean a Kraus stainless steel sink. Well, what makes them easier to clean is the non-porous quality that avoids the food garbage and makes the cleaning process easy.

However, Kraus stainless sinks are not the only option for you. You can also keep other types of Kraus sinks clean. The material used to make Kraus sinks can be kept clean. All you need to do is the proper care. Moreover, the proper care of Kraus sinks can keep them clean for a long time.

  • Comes In Different Colors

Kraus sinks are available in different styles as well as in different colors. They come in different shades to satisfy your needs.

Moreover, Kraus stainless steel sinks are available in black, golden, grey, and other attractive shades.

  • Available In Different Styles

Kraus sinks are available in different styles. They come with a wide range of options. Different styles are made to suit every desire of people. They fulfill any style priority, all the styles you want, you can get with Kraus sinks.

They come in farmhouse style and commercial styles. Commercial styles sinks have contemporary zero radius closets. Moreover, they come with large single bowl basin sinks also with multitasking double bowls. Also, you will get extra-deep utility basins if you buy Kraus sinks.

After all, they offer compress bar sinks that are perfect for a small kitchen.

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Top Products of Kraus Sink Brand

The characteristics of top Kraus products are given below.

1. KRAUS KWU110-32 Kore Workstation Undermount Sink


Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 32 Inch
  • Style: Undermount Workstation
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Details About The Product

  • Size Of The Product

Kraus kore under mount workstation stainless steel sink is about 32 inches large, 19 inches wide in size. Moreover, it has a depth of 10 inches maximum.

  • Role Of Workstation Ledge

It comes with a workstation ledge. The benefit of an integrated ledge is to increase the workspace. Also, it allows you to work right over the sink without being interrupted. Moreover, the workstation ledge enables the accompaniments to slide across the sink.

  • About The Sink

A spacious sink or an under-mount sink comes with high capacity. The high-capacity under-mount sink creates a workspace without having any interruption.

  • About The Bowl

The extra-deep bowl of the sink comes with a deep width, large height, and wide length. Moreover, the bowl has tight radius closets.

  • About The Steel

The steel used to make this sink is very heavy-duty steel. It provides great performance as it is the thickest and powerful steel available in the market. If you buy this product, you should not worry about its quality as the heavy steel maintains the sink’s quality. It prevents the sink from getting damaged.

  • About The Design

The undermount design of the sink makes it easy for you to keep the sink clean. It allows minimum particles of food and debris to pass through the sink. Moreover, all the under-mount-designed sinks are easy to clean. They have an easy cleaning method. Thus, you would not put much effort to clean your clean.

  • Noise Defending Technology

It is an extra-quiet sink. It comes with noise-defending technology.  Also, the large and thick silencer pads wrap the sink from all angles. Thus, it helps to eliminate the extra noise and vibration from the sink.

The noise defending technology makes it possible for you to work in the kitchen without having to deal with extra sounds. Furthermore, you would be comfortable while working in a quiet kitchen.

  • Condensation Integrity

The sink comes with an anti-condensation undercoating. However, having this anti-condensation integrity keeps the water safe and avoids the water from harmful effects.

  • Easy Cleaning Method

The bottom of the sink staves off the water from pooling into the sink. Moreover, the wear resistance finish of the sink makes the cleaning method easy. Also, the matte texture of the sink avoids the water spots and fingerprints on the sink.

Things We Like
  • It is perfect for all sizes of kitchens.
  • It comes with new styles and designs that fulfill the needs of your life.
  • It has an easy cleaning method.
  • It is made with real stainless steel.
  • It provides you with the best quality at an affordable price.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It has a single bowl.
  • The size of the sink does not increase above 45 inches.

2. Kraus KGF12-33MBR Bellucci Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink

Kraus KGF12-33MBR

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Color: Metallic Brown
  • Material: Granite Composite
  • Size: 33 Inches
  • Style: Modern Farmhouse Sink
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Country Of Origin: Italy
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Details About The Product

  • Size Of The Product

Kraus Bellucci under mount workstation kitchen the sink is 38 inches lengthy and 20 inches wide in size. The size of the bowl is about 9 inches.

  • Integrated Ledges

Besides that, the sink accomplishes with integrated ledges. The integrated ledges let you work over the sink without having to face any interruption.

  • Custom Accessories

The sink comes with custom accessories. The accessories of the sink conserve the space on the kitchen counter. Thus, it makes it easy for you to keep the sink clean.

  • Surface Of The Sink

The surface of the sink is hard and non-porous. Thus, it keeps the sink clean by decreasing the area for waste particles.

  • Material Of The Sink

The non-porous material of the sink staves off the liquid and food particles from the sink.

  • Easy To Clean Method

It is an easy to clean product. Its non-porous material has made it possible for you to clean the product easily saving your effort and time. You can even wash the sink with water and soap. You would not need expensive detergents to keep your sink clean.

  • Made Of Real Stones

The material of the sink is made of real stones. The high quality of the sinks contains the ultimate resistance. Thus, it protects the surface of the sinks from any thermal shock.

  • Deep Bowl

Though it comes with a single bowl yet the bowl is deep enough to deal with all dishes at once.

Real Drainage System:

The sink comes with a real and complete drainage system. It deters the liquids from pooling in the sink.

  • High-Quality Cutting Board

A high-quality cutting board comes with this product. It is made with a good quality material that does not break down over time.

  • Lifetime Warranty

The best advantage of buying this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Also, the product fulfills your necessities for a long time as it stays safe for a lifetime.  

  • Secure Packaging

After all, the product comes with secure packaging. It secures your product from any kind of damage while shipping.

Things We Like
  • It is made of real stones.
  • The non-porous material of the sink is easy to clean.
  • The single bowl is extra-deep.
  • It comes with an integrated ledge which makes it possible for you to glide the attachments across the sink.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Though the Kraus products are heat resistant yet they may cause harmful impacts if you directly place the hot items into the sink.
  • You would need to use a rolling pad to prevent the damage from any hot stuff.

3. KRAUS 1610-53SSMB Set With Pax Laundry Utility Sink And Faucet Combo, Soap Dispenser


Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Soap Dispenser, Sink, Faucet
  • Size: 27 Inches
  • Country Of Origin: China
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Details About The Product

  • Best Quality Professional Look

It is the best quality stainless steel kitchen sink that provides a professional look. Also, it comes with a commercial kitchen faucet.

  • Comes With A Kitchen Set

If you buy this product, you do not only get a sink but also a kitchen set. The kitchen set includes different items. For example, a sink, faucet, soap dispenser, kitchen towel, and drainboard with strainer.

  • Dimensions Of The Sink

The size of the sink including the height is 24 inches, the width is about 18 inch and the cabin of the sink is almost 27 inches long.

  • Wear-Resistance Property

It comes with a wear-resistance sink, thus, keeping the sink clean would be an easy task for you.

Things We Like
  • The bowl of the sink comes with maximum space.
  • It looks professional due to the commercial glance faucet.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The faucet of the sink may take more effort to seat better.
  • It comes with a stainless soap dispenser.


After reading this article, you would be able to buy the best sink brand for the embellishment of your kitchen. Moreover, the top products of both brands have been provided in the article to make it easier for you to acquire the best kitchen sink.

Plus, both Blanco and Kraus sinks contain the same integrity. They both can provide good quality sinks. But the major difference found between them is the options available to select the color of the product.

Kraus sinks are available in modern style while Blanco sinks have the traditional style look. Also, Blanco sinks have a wide range of variety in colors and styles while Kraus sinks are popular for the different variety of Bowls and their heat resistance property.

After all, if we talk about Blanco vs Kraus Sinks, Blanco is the best option for those who want multiple colors options for high-quality sinks.

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