Kraus VS Elkay | Choose The Best Sink Brand for Your Kitchen

Kraus vs Elkay

The sinks should be the main priority of the kitchen as they do not only play a role in the structure and the design of the kitchen but is also vital for the kitchen’s workstation. Though they are available in different styles and shapes yet choosing a suitable sink that lasts forever might be a difficult decision for you as they are available in various styles and designs. Every style comes with different benefits.

However, in this article, you will be provided enough knowledge about the two most important and popular sink brands. The information would be helpful to you. After that, you can easily choose the suitable sink brand for your kitchen.

The well-known and popular brands can provide you with the best quality sinks. Kraus vs Elkay is also among the most popular sink brands. Though they both give you the best quality of sinks yet you might be confused about which one of them would be suitable for you.

However, if you want to select one of them then this article is going to be helpful to you. Also, after scanning this article, you will be able to know the difference between these two brands. Furthermore, you will read the different characteristics of Kraus vs Elkay.

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Kraus Sink Brand

Kraus is an established sink brand that was established in the USA. It was instructed in the year 2007. Moreover, the Kraus brand was manufactured in the United States of America but the headquarter of the Kraus brand is placed in New York. The Kraus brand does not only offer sinks for your kitchen but it also introduced different products for your bathroom. Let us discuss their features.

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Features of Kraus Sinks

Different sink brands are available that provide you with high-quality sinks. But the Kraus brand is among the most famous and prominent brands. Furthermore, the most preferred and well-known products of the Kraus brand include basins, sinks, and privy sinks. Here are some benefits of using the products of the Kraus brand.

  • High Quality

Most importantly, the brand offers you high-quality sinks of different types. Kraus sinks are made of high-quality material. The materials that have been used to establish Kraus sinks are made of high-quality elements.

  • Wide Variety

Also, all the types of Kraus sinks can fit into your kitchen as they offer a wide range of varieties.

  • Modern Style

Furthermore, different advanced and new technologies have been used to make Kraus sinks. The company introduced different modern and smart ideas to improve the quality of its products. Well, that is the reason why the Kraus sink brand is now among the most popular brands.  

  • Suitable For All Kitchens

Their good quality and advanced features make them suitable for all types of kitchens.

  • Uniqueness

Also, the different cutting-edge designs of the Kraus sinks are unique and outstanding. 

  • Trendy

The Kraus company has manufactured their products according to the trend. If you want to buy fashionable and modern styles of sinks then Kraus will provide you with all new styles and designs of sinks. The directors and experts of Kraus company try to find out different ideas to make their products trendy and stylish. They make sure that their products fulfill the needs of their buyers. However, the brand also focuses on the quality of its products. Kraus sinks are not only fashionable but are also good quality products.

  • Budget-Friendly

They are budget-friendly as well. Kraus sinks are not too expensive and all people can afford them. The Kraus brand focuses on quality as well as on the budget of its products. They make sure that everybody can afford their products.

  • Space Saver

After all, if you have a small kitchen, Kraus sinks would be a great choice for you as they can fit anywhere. Also, as they are space savers, they take less space in your kitchen.

Top Products of Kraus Sink Brand

1. Kraus KWU110-30 Kore Kitchen Single Bowl, Workstation Sink

Kraus vs Elkay

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Design: Single Bowl
  • Size: 30 inch
  • Style: Undermount Workstation
  • Color: Color Code is 30’ Workstation Sink
  • Brand: Kraus
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  • This single bowl sink has closed corners. However, if you have a large size of cookware you can easily wash them without having to face any interruption while using this product as it has a workspace.
  • Also, you can easily install this product.
  • The smart design of the product can be adjusted in all types of kitchens.
  • The product helps to maintain the texture of the sink.
  • Plus, this product is made with the thickest material. However, the thick material used to make this product is in the form of stainless steel.
  • If you clean the product on daily basis, it will never get dull and will never change its color.
  • The bottom grid of the product is made of stainless steel. It defends the surface of the skin against any kind of damage. 
  • And it also controls the annoying noise that comes from the sink while working.
  • It has a lifetime guarantee. Also, you can check out the reviews about this product. After all, it is among the top-rated products.

2. Kraus KGUW1-33WH Bellucci Workstation Undermount Granite Composition Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Kraus vs Elkay

Key Features:

  • Material: Granite Composite
  • Style: Undermount
  • Size: 33 Inch
  • Bowl: Single
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Kraus
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  • It is a workstation sink. It comes with different accessories including custom accessories.
  • The custom accessories also work as space savers.
  • As the material of the product is Granite Composite, it is made of real stones. However, the product has a strong material as well.
  • This product also keeps your kitchen healthy as it contains a natural material.
  • The natural material of the product has enough silver ions. The silver ions care for the kitchen and make it healthier. 

3. Kraus 32’ Undermount Kitchen Sink

Kraus vs Elkay

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Sink And Faucet
  • Size: 32 Inch
  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: Kraus
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  • The product is made of pure steel. However, all the products that contain stainless steel are made of high-quality materials.
  • The product also has a quality of being rust-resistance. The rust-resistance quality of the product keeps the product new for a long time. Also, it will not fade away with time.
  • A set of faucets comes with the sink. You also get a kitchen towel, soap dispenser, and a defensive button grid.
  • Plus, you will not need to expend a long time washing your sink as this product can be easily washed.
  • The product is the best selling product. It provides you with a set of faucets and a high quality of substances. Plus, it will fulfill all of your demands.
  • One of its best characteristics is that it can work as water-saving. So that, you will not waste the water while working.
  • The pads of the sink are made of extra-thick. The quality of being extra thick will not let the product get damaged. It also controls the noise coming from the sink.

4. Kraus KHU32-1610-53CH Set With Stainless Steel Sink

Kraus KHU32-1610-53CH

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Sink and Faucet
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: Kraus
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  • The product is being considered a professional product because of its benefits and high quality.
  • It is popular among all the people as it provides outstanding quality. However, it also provides you a commercial kitchen faucet.
  • Also, it provides a kitchen set with the product. The kitchen set contains different products including a square strainer, kitchen dispenser, soap dispenser, and a faucet.
  • Many people demand a water-resistant product as well as a rust-resistant product. However, this product provides you with both factors.
  • The water consumption rate of this product is approximately 1.8 gallons in a minute.

Elkay Sink Brand

Elkay is the most prominent sink brand in America. The best thing about Elkay is that the brand manufactures high-quality stainless steel sinks for kitchens. However, the Elkay company is the most profitable and successful public company. It does not matter what type of kitchen do you have, the Elkay company provides you with all types of sinks.

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Features of Elkay Sink

Although both Kraus Vs Elkay provides benefits. However,  it is the most popular selling company in America. Many people including the buyers of Elkay sink always give positive reviews about Elkay products. As the Elkay sink company is the top-selling company in its region, we can be assured that it provides high-quality products that satisfy the requirements of its buyers. Moreover, here are some other advantages of using Elkay sinks that can help you learn more about Elkay products and their uses.

  • Top-Selling Brand

Elkay is the top-selling brand in the united states of America.

  • Trusted Brand

Not only for years but the Elkay company is manufacturing their products for nearly a century.

  • High Quality

The Elkay company producing high-quality products for a long time. If you are thinking of buying them, be sure of their quality. If we talk about Elkay Quartz sinks and Elkay stainless steel sinks, we would certainly recommend Elkay Quartz sinks for their high quality.

  • Wide Range Of Styles

You will get the option of choosing your favorite Elkay sink as they come in various styles. Therefore, they have provided enough variety of Elkay quartz sinks. Different styles are available to fulfill the expectations of their buyers. 

  • Several Models

Almost all colors and more than 45 models are available for Elkay quartz sinks.

  • Powerful Material

However, Elkay sinks are different from other sinks. They are made of powerful materials.

  • Thick Structure

They are thicker in their structure as compared to the other sinks.  You do not have to be worried about the protection of your product if you order an Elkay sink it cannot be torn down while shipping. When you order an Elkay sink, it will be delivered at the exact duration as there is no possibility of its damage while shipping.

  • Made With Organic Fibers

All the Elkay sinks are made with organic fibers. Also, a fiberglass pad is chipped to the bottom of the sink. This pad works as the resistance. However, the mat is blended with the thick material of the sink. After this combination, the material of this comes to be powerful.

  • Noise Absorber

The thick surface of the sink helps to absorb the unnecessary noise coming from the sink. Other sinks might irritate you with the noise they make during the work but if you use an Elkay sink, you can work without being disturbed by the extreme noise while working.

  • Heat Proof

As you use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun, the Elkay brand also uses a heatproof material. The material of Elkay sinks can absorb heat up to 530 degrees. Therefore, the Elkay sinks can protect themselves from the heat coming from the cookware.

  • Non-Porous Material

Elkay sinks are made of non-porous material. The material used for the Elkay sink is powerful In addition, the non-porous quality of its material helps to protect the sinks from scratching.

  • The Sinks Remain New For A Lifetime

As the Elkay sinks are made of non-porous material, they never get scratched or stained. The material of the Elkay sinks remains fresh for a long time. Also, the pigments and the colors used to make Elkay sinks are long-lasting

  • Easy To Clean

The Non-porous material of the Elkay sinks improves the shine and maintains the quality of the sinks and the food or the other tiny substances do not stick inside the sink. You do not need to spend money on buying expensive cleaners to clean the sink.  They can be cleaned even with a bar of simple soap and even with just water. The material of the sinks also prevents the bacteria from spreading into the sink.

Top Products of Elkay Brand

The products that have been used and have got positive reviews are mentioned below in this article. All of them are among the best and the most selling products of the Elkay brand.

1. Elkay SWUF28179WH Fireclay Single Bowl

Kraus vs Elkay

Key Features:

  • Material: Fireclay
  • Size: 30 Inch
  • Style: Bottom Grid, Faucet, and Drain
  • Bowl: Single Bowl
  • Color:Matte Gray
  • Brand: Elkay
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  • The modern product gives your kitchen a stylish look. This product is made of a farmhouse style.
  • The design of the product is reversible due to this it can be installed easily.
  • As the material is made of fireclay. It is hand made material that gives your sink a smooth look.
  • Though the bowl of this product is single yet it provides you enough space for your dishes. However, you can wash the dishes or other household chores without being interrupted.
  • If an unnecessary sound irritates you or makes you uncomfortable while you are washing the dishes, then you should think about buying this product as it contains different sound-controlling qualities. Moreover, it minimizes the noise coming from the sink.

2. Elkay SWUF3320WH Fireclay Double Bowl

Kraus vs Elkay

Key Features:

  • Material: Fireclay
  • Installation Method: Undermount and Farmhouse
  • Style: Farmhouse
  • Bowl: Double Bowl
  • Brand: Elkay
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  • The surface of the product is stretch resistance. It means you do not need to be worried while working with this sink as it will not be affected by the heavy dishes.
  • The material used in this sink is handcrafted. It is stronger than the other sinks plus it has a smooth texture.
  • It is stylish, modern, and a strong sink.

3. Elkay ELUH3219DBG Lustertone Classic Double Bowl Undermount Stainless Steel Sink Kit

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Lustertone
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Style: No-rimming
  • Brand: Elkay
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  • This product provides lustrous grains that evaluate the light and the light helps to enhance the shine of the sink.  
  • The product is scratch resistance. You can use it for heavy dishes as well.
  • Sink can also minimize the vibration and oscillation that might be caused while washing. 
  • The sink includes a large container. However, whether you want to install it on the right or the left, it can be effortlessly installed anywhere.

Kraus Vs Elkay Brand Comparison by Sinks

Here is the comparison chart of the Kraus vs Elkay brand. The qualities of Kraus vs Elkay sinks have been compared in the following chart.

It was established in 2007It was founded in 1920
They are suitable for all kinds of kitchens. They take less space and save the space of your kitchen.Elkay contains stainless steel. However, the Elkay workstation is suitable for all types of kitchens as they also take less space.
They design their products according to the trend.They provide incredibly powerful designs.
They are budget-friendly. They provide affordable products.The products are expensive sometimes.
They are very classy and fashionable. As well as powerful.They are strong and long-lasting.
The Kraus products are top-selling products. They all contain new features with high-quality results.Elkay products are manufacturing their products for a long time. They are still popular among people.


All the information about Kraus vs Elkay brands has been provided in this article. However, if you read the article carefully, you will not get confused about Kraus vs Elkay brands and their benefits. In addition, the top products of Kraus vs Elkay have been mentioned as well.

Now, you can easily decide which sink can be the best choice for you.  Each product possesses different qualities. However, in our point of view, the Kraus sinks are suitable for people who want to buy a budget-friendly product. Not only do they contain high-quality material and top-selling products but they are also available at low rates so that you can get good quality at affordable rates.

Though, Elkay sinks also have their benefits. They contain powerful material that can last forever. But they are expensive as well. After all, Kraus is the best choice for those who demand affordable rates and Elkay is the best option for the people who just want a high-quality product regardless of their price.

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