Kraus vs Ruvati Sink – Top Brands Comparison

Kraus vs Ruvati

Kraus vs Ruvati, both are top brands. So, there is always confusion about which brand is the best choice. Because both Kraus and Ruvati have names and fame, Either Ruvati or Kraus, the products of both brands also have trust among the people.

If you are a new person and confused about buying the perfect and best kitchen sink. Then you are at the right place to clear all confusion and be clear on one choice. We will tell you about the top sinks brands as Kraus vs Ruvati is compared here.

We will be discussing all the features and specifications of the Kraus and Ruvati kitchen sink brands. That will surely help you to choose the best sink for your kitchen. If you are in hurry; you can check our quick table of top products from both brands here.

Top Products of Kraus

ImageProductDetails  Price
kraus standard pro KRAUS Standard PROMaterial: Stainless steel
Bowl: Single
Size: 23”
Style: Sink
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KRAUS Workstation 32-Inch KRAUS KWU110 WorkstationMaterial: Stainless Steel
Bowl: Single
Size: 32”
Style: Sink with Strainer
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Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink Kraus Quarza Kitchen SinkMaterial: Granite
Bowl: Double
Size: 33”
Style: Undermount WorkStation
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Top Products of Ruvati

ImageProductDetails  Price
Ruvati 13 x 15 inch Ruvati Undermount Bar Prep Kitchen SinkMaterial: 16 gauge-stainless steel
Bowl: single
Size: 13*5*8
Style: Gravena
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Ruvati 30-inch Workstation Ruvati Workstation Stainless Steel Kitchen SinkColor: Brushed Stainless Steel
Bowl: Single
Size: 30”
Style: Undermount Workstation
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Ruvati Gunmetal Black Matte Stainless Sink Ruvati Gunmetal Farmhouse Kitchen SinkMaterial: Sandblasted PVD finish 
Bowl: Single
Size: 36 inches
Style: Apron- front farmhouse
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Kraus Sink Brand

Kraus is a USA brand, introduced in 2007. The head-quarter of Kraus is located in New York. This company is basically introduced for the manufacturing of kitchen products as well as bathroom products. 

There are many manufacturers of kitchen sinks Kraus was the leading manufacturer among them. They used advanced and new technology to enhance the standard of their products like the kitchen sink, basins, etc. 

In Comparison to Kraus vs Ruvati, the Kraus sinks are made with premium quality material that ensures the best quality of the kitchen sink. The cutting-edge designs also enhance the quality of Kraus kitchen sinks. 

The Kraus manufacturer produced the kitchen sinks according to the fashion which is trending in the market. They also focus on their functionality to make their products more popular among their customers. 

The Kraus manufacturers are not only intended for quality, but as well they focus on the budget. They have many experts that observed and search for the best and most modern design ideas according to their customer’s needs. 

The Kraus kitchen sink used stainless steel, ceramic, granite composite, also CeramTek material to manufacture the sinks. On the other hand, Ruvati only used stainless steel and somehow ceramic material in their products.

The Kraus kitchen sinks manufactured their products that are space savers and used the sink as a countertop. Kraus is the best choice if you have less space in your kitchen.

They also provide a chopping board that you can set at your sink and easily chop the vegetables. These are some best and most adorable qualities of the Kraus brand that make its products more popular in the market.

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Ruvati Sink Brand

The Ruvati has a name and fame in producing and manufacturing the best kitchen sinks. The sinks are the most famous production of the Ruvati. Their quality, also unique and stylish design make it sinks more attractive to their customers.

The reviews and customer feedback ensure that Ruvati manufactured the best products. That leads to the best interior design for your home. The Ruvati brand is not as old as other brands are. In 2009 Ruvati brand was introduced in the US.

Also, they continue to manufacture the best and most high-quality products for their precious customers. When we talk about Kraus vs Ruvati’s best material, Mostly the material of the Ruvati sink was stainless steel. Ruvati sinks are made of stainless steel that’s not mean they produced low quality and low price products.

The T-304 stainless steel is used during the manufacturing of the sinks. This contains 16-gauge thickness material that prevents scratches and provides high technology soundproof system. 

Ruvati sinks have also come in different materials like ceramic, granite composite, etc. But these are heavy and expensive as compared to stainless steel Ruvati kitchen sinks.

The Ruvati sinks have single as well as double bowls. That makes your work easier. You can buy according to your need. 

The installation method also varies as the model of the sink is vary. Undermount, drop-in, and top-mount are different installation methods to install Ruvati sinks. 

In the end, Ruvati sinks come with the most spacious and wonderful design as well as the extra accessories to make their products more desirable.

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Ruvati VS Kraus

Introduced in 2007Introduced in 2009
Classy lookCustom-design
Space saverTake more space
Kraus Vs Ruvati Comparison Chart

Top Products of Kraus Brand

1. KRAUS Standard PRO Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Kraus Vs Ruvati Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Bowl: Single
  • Size: 23”
  • Style: Sink


  • Superb drainage system
  • Sound barrier technology
  • Shielding undercoating
  • Deep and large sink
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The Kraus standard pro single bowl is the high-end sink with a contemporary cleaning design for your kitchen. This sink has a large and deep bowl that makes your work easy.

Because you can put all of your pans, pots, dishes, and cookware easily, The sink is made from T-304 stainless steel that resists corrosion and rust. This type of kitchen sink has the feature of TRU16 construction that is best resilient or dent-resistant.

This TRU16 gauge sink material is very sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. This sink is engineered with a complete drainage system also a slopped bottom is designed that prevent standing water inside the bowl.

This sink comes with gently rounded corners that protect from sharp cutting or injury. Noise defend technology protects from noise. The sink has sound-absorbing extra-thick pads that cover 80% of the noise.

By using this technology insulation, and sound-deadening will be improved. It protects from the condensation that can damage your kitchen cabinets. This sink was budget-friendly. This sink has the highest ratings from the customers.

2. KRAUS Workstation 32-Inch Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Kraus Vs Ruvati Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bowl: Single
  • Size: 32”
  • Style: Sink with Strainer


  • Roll-up drying dish rack
  • Garbage disposal
  • Off-set drainage system
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The Kraus workstation kitchen sink was the 2nd topmost Kore workstation Series sink. This sink is inspired by professional kitchens and the best and most modern home chef kitchen sink. 

This series makes the prep station, an entertaining, and convenient design for your kitchen sink. This sink comes with a package of extra accessories that includes the multi-purpose dish drying rack, and cutting board. 

An integrated ledge system that allows you to chop, clean, dry, and wash without covering counter space. It includes a stainless steel bottom grid that protects the sink surface from scratches and stains. 

The drainer has a decorative cover, and drain assembly that creates a clean and seamless look. The sink is made with the real 16-gauge stainless material. 

It is also available in different sizes from 17 inches bar sink to 45 inches workstation sink. It gives a modern look to your kitchen also supports your lifestyle and brought value and quality into your home. 

3. Kraus Quarza Kitchen Sink

Kraus Kitchen Sink

Key Features

  • Material: Granite
  • Bowl: Double
  • Size: 33”
  • Style: Undermount WorkStation


  • Heat resistant
  • Smooth surface
  • Natural Hygiene
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The Kraus Quarza kitchen was the elegant and extra-tough kitchen sink. This kitchen sink has durability as well as a splendid look and feel.

The sink is made with 80% of quartz material that looks like real stone. The UV-stable material ensures color is non-fading.  This sink is installed in both the under-mount and drop-in methods.

The under-mount installation is installed when you require a seamless countertop. The drop-in method is installed when you have an existing open countertop.

The sink is highly heat resistant and knows the fluctuation of temperature that is hot or cold. This sink has a smooth and high hygienic surface that resists dirt and bacteria easily cleaned.

The stone-like material absorbs all the noise and vibrations when you are using the sink. The drainage system is perfectly designed and allows the sink to drain quickly.

The backset drain makes more workspace and storage space in the cabinet under the sink. The sink is highly resistant to dirt and grime so, the surface is easily cleaned.

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Top Products of Ruvati Brand

1. Ruvati 13 x 15-inch Undermount Bar Prep Kitchen Sink

Kraus Vs Ruvati Sink

Key Features

  • Material: 16 gauge-stainless steel
  • Bowl: single
  • Size: 13*5*8
  • Style: Gravena


  • Drain grooves
  • Curved corner
  • Stylish drain cover
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The Ruvati under-mount kitchen sinks a collection of the Gravena series that provide you the modern, linear, and rectangular style bowls.

This Ruvati sink offers a tight radius inside a curved corner for easy cleaning. It also gives a modern look at the same time. The back drainer system ensures that dishes did not require to settle on the drain.

It averts the water flow when the water goes toward the drain grooves. It kept your kitchen sink clean and dry. The premium 16-gauge T-304 stainless steel is used to manufacture this sink.

This material protects the sink from rust and stains.  The advanced technology of the heavy-duty sound guard padding minimizes the noise also, facilitates high thermal insulation.

The commercial-grade brushed finish color enhanced the quality of the Ruvati kitchen sink. The highly decorative drain cover best fits with the sink, which can easily hide the waste collection and only allow the water to flow under.

It has a slightly curved corner which can be cleaned easily. It also has a modern and advanced look.

2. Ruvati 30-inch Workstation 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Key Features

  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Bowl: Single
  • Size: 30”
  • Style: Undermount Workstation


  • Foldable rack
  • Deep strainer
  • Extra accessories that keep the mess off counter-top
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The Ruvati workstation sink is a kind of Roma series sink. That enhanced the functionality because of the extra accessories built in your kitchen sink. It also contains the stainless steel colander that carries the soap and sponge.

 It also has an African Mahogany-constructed cutting board that has a beautiful and dark finish.  There is also a well-made stainless steel fold-able rack that is best for drying dishes.

It also converts your sink into a workspace that makes your work easier. This WorkStation sink has a single-tier track that is used to slide the accessories. The 16 gauge stainless steel protects from dent and dust.

It includes the bottom rinse grid that safe the sink from scratches. The basket strainer drain keeps separating the food waste and is easy to empty in the dustbin.

If you want to install a separate garbage disposal, then you can use the drain flange. That comes in the garbage disposal unit. The Drain cover is also very decorative.  Its sharp edges give an eye-catching look.

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3. Ruvati Gunmetal Black Matte Apron-Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Key Features 

  • Material: Sandblasted PVD finish 
  • Bowl: Single
  • Size: 36 inches
  • Style: Apron- front farmhouse


  • Sound guard pads 
  • Rounded inside corner 
  • Rinse grid that protects from scratches
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The Ruvati Gunmetal black matte is the Terraza series kitchen sink that brought color to the market. This sink has Nano-PVD technology. The stainless steel-covered color finish prevents scraping. 

This finish has a mixture of matte that resists scratches and fingerprints. This gunmetal black matte color also fits with your black appliances and gives a perfect look to your kitchen. 

This apron-front kitchen sink has an astonishing look, which makes your sink the centerpiece of your kitchen. The 4 drain grooves make your work easy. You can easily clean and dry the sink. 

The large sound guard pads help to prevent noise. It also provides high thermal insulation. The bottom of that sink has a rinse grid that is used to secure your sink from scratches. This grid is also used for drying your cookware, dishes, pans, pots, etc. 

The 16-gauge stainless steel material is used that is highly resistant to dust and dent. It also has a superb drainage system. The drainer has the same color as the sink has given it a perfect look. 

The rounded inside corner of this sink makes your cleaning easy and also gives a modern look. This sink is also available in different colors like matte Brown, matte Gold, Stainless Steel, and white. 

Comparison Chart of Kraus Vs Ruvati Top Products

Item typeInstallation methodColor
KHU110-23UndermountStainless Steel
KGD-433BDual mountBlack Onyx
RVH7013UndermountBrushed Stainless steel
RVH8310UndermountBrushed Stainless steel
RVH9880BLApron Front /FarmhouseBlack


If you have read this article and all the details about Kraus vs Ruvati brands and their top sinks. Then your confusion is now released so, you can easily choose the best sink for your kitchen.

According to our views, if you have less budget and want to take the best and high quality, then the Kraus Brand is the best for you as it’s a bit economical. But if you are going to buy a sink regardless of budget, then the Ruvati is the best option for you. All the above-mentioned products are of high quality, now the choice can be made on basis of design and sink type. Check the latest prices from amazon to finalize your choice.

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