Kraus VS Kohler Sink – Brand Comparison

Kraus Vs Kohler

Kraus and Kohler both are extensively advertised brands. Both kitchen sinks are popular for their myriad functions. Besides, if you are looking to pick up a sink for the unique glance of your kitchen, choosing one of them would be a tough decision for you as they both are well-known products in the market.

Though both Kraus and Kohler would be a suitable option for your kitchen, however, in this article we will discuss the Kraus vs Kohler conflict. This article will cover an enormous comparison between both brands. This would help you to choose the best kitchen sink for your kitchen.

Kraus VS Kohler

The size of the sink is approximately 25 to 30 inches long. It can be longer as well.While the length of the Kohler sink is nearly 20 to 30 inches extended.
The material used to make the sink contains high-quality steel and stainless steel.The material used to make the Kohler sinks includes large integrity iron and stainless steel.
The white glossy and satin shades of Kraus sinks look attractive. Plus, the stainless steel and PVD gunmetal color shades have earned the trust of all generations.On the other hand, Kohler sinks are available in a vast variety of colors. You can pick any color you like. The Kohler brand has offered multiple collections of colors.
The size of the cabinet is about 20 to 60 inches long.The size of Kohler’s sinks is approximately below 25. The maximum size can catch up with 40 inches.
If we compare the weight of both products, Kraus sinks are heavier than Kohler sinks.The weight of Kohler sinks is lighter than Kraus sinks. Most of the Kohler sinks are lightweight. But some of the products contain normal size.
They do not provide customized products.They can be handily customized.
After all, Kraus sinks are affordable.They are costly.

Kraus Sink Brand

Kraus sinks are accessible in different categories. The brand was established in Washington. However, over time, the Kraus brand became popular and developed several departments throughout the whole country.

Kraus brand has manufactured different products including the bathroom and kitchen sinks. The sinks come with multiple advantages and characteristics. To know more about Kraus sinks, let’s discuss their features in detail.

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Features of Kraus Sink

Kraus sinks comprise great features. They are made of stainless steel material. As the high-quality material provides long-lasting insurance, thus the product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Moreover, a great variety of Kraus sinks are available in the market. They come in different colors, designs, and sizes to meet your requirements. To understand more about Kraus sinks, let’s examine their features.

  • Material

Kraus sinks are made of high-quality equipment that would never disappoint you. Mostly, they possess products made of common steel. The other products are formulated of stainless steel. Besides that, everybody desire to acquire Kraus kitchen sinks for their incredible porcelain materials. 

However, you may not get a clarified shaped iron sink. But Kraus provides sinks that contain a thick shape. The heavy and wide-structured Kraus sinks maintain the people’s emphasis.

  • Design

Kraus sinks are providing a wide range of designs to deliver a glossy and elegant look to your kitchen. They are accessible in various shades and structures. The unique designs of the Kraus sinks include stainless steel, a satin color finish, and a layer of gunmetal. The coatings of gunmetal on the Kraus sinks make the sink unique among other brands.

  • Size

Though Kraus sinks generally include a single bowl. But the size of the sink is wide enough to deal with different dishes at once. The sink provides a comfortable space. Additionally, the Kraus sinks to provide you with an option to select the length as per your preference. The sink also comes in less than 20 inches in size. The minor size is adequate for small kitchens. Besides, it further comes in 35 inches to huger sizes.

  • Cabinet Size

All the Kraus sinks come in a size that would be suitable for your kitchen. Similarly, they provide an adequate cabinet size. You can choose any size that would suit the cabinet of your kitchen. The Kraus sinks fit into the cabinet. Moreover, they do not damage the look of the kitchen.

  • Categories Of Sink

Kraus brand comprises different types of sinks. You do not only get one category but they come in different aspects to fulfill your requirements. If we talk about the types of Kraus sinks, the most prominent ones include single bowl, and double bowl kitchen sinks. Moreover, they come in combined form as well. People especially those who have used Kraus sinks admit that the sinks are similar to pit baskets.

As the Kraus sinks come in different categories, they come in different faucet styles. Moreover, they contain different numbers of gaps in the faucets.

  • Maintenance

As the Kraus sinks are made of high-quality material, thus they possess soft maintenance. They do not get damaged even if you utilize them on customary bases. They maintain their integrity right after you inaugurate it. The best thing about Kraus sinks is that they can deal with the heavy rust as well. You would not need to rinse or moisten it because they are rust-resistant. The material also protects the sink from any kind of dust, thus the sink stays neat and shines for a long time.

  • Durability

All the products made of pure steel are extremely strong. Similarly, Kraus sinks are also highly durable. The material used to make the Kraus sinks include stainless steel. Besides that, they contain heavy composition that enables the durability of the sink. The sinks also come with wide mats that maintain the durability of the sink.

  • Price

Last but not least, price matters the most. You cannot buy something that you cannot afford. Thus, Kraus sinks are accessible at a relatively affordable rate. They provide you with different categories at a suitable rate. People who want to buy a budget-friendly product with several benefits, they should pay for Kraus kitchen sinks as they provide you best accomplishment at an acceptable rate.

Top Products Of Kraus

1. Kraus KHT410-33 Single Bowl With Two-Hole, Comes With 5 Different Items

Kraus KHT410-33.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Tight Radius
  • Size: About 33 Inches
  • Style: Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
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As the sink comes with 5 different accessories. Kraus single bowl kitchen sink comes with ascending hardware, removable hole lid, wires to provide the water, and the lowest grid. Besides that, the sink contains a pipe panel and kitchen towel. If you purchase this sink for your kitchen, you would receive all these accompaniments with it.

Now, if we talk about the size of the sink, the external sink is about 33 inches large. Similarly, the length of the cabinet is 36 inches and further than that. With perfect size and length, the Kraus sink can be modified easily in the kitchen. You can install it without putting in any extra struggle.

The material of the sink is extremely strong. You can utilize it for a long time and it would still provide you with the exact impacts. 

Moreover, the sink comes with an enormous component of engineering. This helps to improve the drainage system of the sink. When you use the sink, water may occur in the sink. But the channel of grooves prevents the water from staying inside the sink. Thus, you would have a sterile sink with high durability. 

  • Comes with high stability.
  • Provide incredible effects.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Contains stainless steel that prevents the sink from being scratched.
  • The product is easy to inaugurate.
  • The large size of the sink may not fit in an insignificant tract.

2. Kraus KGD-54 Grey Granite Kitchen Sink With Grey Shade

Kraus KGD-54 Grey Sink.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Shade: Gray
  • Material: Granite Composite, Polish, and Rock
  • Establishment Procedure: Undermount
  • Style: Drop-In
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The best feature of this product is the generally sanitary material. The material is highly strong plus it contains silver ions. These ions improve the stability of the sink by enhancing the shine and health of the product. Besides that, the sink requires no effort to enhance its maintenance. It is made of pure steel thus, it remains flawless for a long time. Plus, the sink can be saturated easily.

The cleaning method of the sink is easier than most of the other sinks. It can be cleaned with just liquid. Plus, the gashes available in the sink prevent the water from staying inside the sink.

If you admire working in a quiet environment. Kraus sink would satisfy your requirements. The sink made of heavy and thick stones staves off the disruption by avoiding excessive noise. Thus, you can have a quiet and comfortable climate while utilizing the sink.

The other ingredient of the sink is its color protection property. The product contains UV protection ingredients that defend the sink from harmful effects and maintains its pigments. Moreover, the installation method of the product is extremely susceptible. After all, the Sound Defending Integrity of the sink absorbs the sound coming during the chore.

  • The sink is susceptible to launder.
  • It can be effortlessly settled.
  • The scratch-resistant ability maintains the durability of the sink.
  • Affordable.
  • No cons.

3. Kraus KB232 Exclusive Kitchen Sink, Comes With Double Bowl

Kraus KB232 Sink.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Installation: Undermount
  • Style: Modern Style
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Pure Steel
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The sink comes with a kitchen set. The additional set includes multiple properties. The set contains a double bowl sink. Plus, it comes with a pure steel lowest grid. A basin board also appears with the product. Besides that, if you buy this product, you would receive enormous customer service. They provide a limited lifetime warranty as well.

The noticeable feature of this product is the smart low divider that you can borrow as single and double bowls. Though the sink contains a double bowl it still can function as an individual bowl. Additionally, the bowl can handle all sizes of pots including large dishes.

With this product, you can wash the big dishes at the same time as the bowl and avoids the overflow that comes onto the countertop of the kitchen. The extra clearance feature enables you to wash all the massive pots effortlessly. The bowl is about 50 inches deep. The size is wide enough to handle the cookware. You can fit all the pots including the large pots into the bowl.

The material of the product is durable. It is formulated with real steel plus the satin finish. Because of the high properties of the product, the product remains fresh for a long time. It does not fade away. Besides, the insulated feature of the product enables you to work properly in a comfortable environment.

The cleaning method of the sink is quite manageable. As the sink contains curved edges thus it can be cleaned comfortably. Also, the under-mount establishment method of the sink enables it to regulate the water discharge. It controls the water from falling into the sink.

After all, the bottom grid of the sink is made of stainless steel. That prevents the grid from getting stricken out. Plus, it helps with the drain system by avoiding the water flow.

  • Comes with high sturdiness.
  • Contains scratch resistance capability that avoids the scrapes from appearing on the sink.
  • Contains high durability.
  • The installation method is quite easy.
  • The basket strainer may cause rust around the edges.

Kohler Sink Brand

Kohler is an ancient kitchen faucet brand. They are manufacturing many kitchen and bathroom products to furnish a unique glance to your home. Moreover, Kohler kitchen sinks are made of high substances that contain stainless steel finish.

Besides that, one of the best features of Kohler sinks is its handmade sinks. Sinks containing iron are crafted by hand and are too popular among people. Kohler sinks produce different types of sinks made of various materials including composite equipment.

Features of Kohler Sink

To know more about Kohler sinks, you would need to go through their characteristics. Acquiring Kohler sinks would provide you with various benefits. Adequate awareness of Kohler sinks and their features would let you select a sufficient kitchen sink. However, let’s discuss their features in detail.

  • Material

The material used to make Kohler sinks include stainless steel plus cast iron. However, the sinks made of stainless steel are highly durable and strong. Some Kohler sinks are made of hands. They contain strong cast iron material and stay stable. If you want a kitchen sink with a permanent glance, Kohler would be a great option for you.

  • Color

The best thing about Kohler sinks is their color variation. There is no doubt that the great choice of colors can provide an incredibly attractive look to your kitchen. Thus, the Kohler brand provides a wide range of colors. You can choose any color that fulfills the requirements of your kitchen. Plus, they contain different aesthetic shades to provide an impressive and attractive glance to the kitchen.

Moreover, if you are looking for something unique and different then Kohler sinks are the best choice that you can make. They provide varied elegant and beautiful aesthetic shades to conform to your flavor.

  • Size

Kohler sinks are available in different sizes. However, the most well-known length of the Kohler sinks is approximately 20 to 30 inches long. Well, if you have large kitchens or huge cabinets, you still can get a larger size of the sink as Kohler brand furnishes enormous sinks for big-sized kitchens.

  • Cabinet Size

The size of Kohler sinks can be suitable for different types of cabinets. Whether you have large or small cabinets, Kohler comes in all variations and quantities to conform to the length of your cabinet. Though they contain different sizes still you may be dissatisfied with their size friction. They still provide elegance and a gorgeous glimpse into your kitchen.

  • Categories of Sink

Kohler brand manufactures different types of sinks. While the most usable sinks include:

  1. Single bowl kitchen sink
  2. Double bowl kitchen sink
  3. Combined kitchen sink

These are the most common types of Kohler kitchen sinks. The single-bowl kitchen sink contains one bowl. The single bowl comprises a wide length that can deal with all dishes at once. However, the double bowl kitchen sink comes with two bowls. The size of bowls increases and the functions of bowls as well. The double bowl sinks provide you extra space for the pots, they provide you comfortable outcomes.

The combined sink can be used as a single bowl plus a double bowl. You can utilize the sink in both styles. Well, if we compare Kohler sinks with Kraus kitchen sinks. The size of Kohler sinks is wider than most of the other sinks available in the market. The bigger size of the Kohler sink can deal with huge pots, kitchen tasks, and other dishes. Also, they provide more flexibility.

  • Maintenance

Though Kohler sinks are made of high-quality material still you would need to keep them clean. All you need to do is put some extra effort to keep them clean. They may get rusted in a few days if you do not take proper care. Unlike Kraus sinks, Kohler sinks can hardly maintain their health and shine.

Besides that, if you buy Kohler sinks, avoid using them for visitors’ rooms as they may get frost if you do not utilize them for a long time. Thus, acquire them only if you have to utilize them on a day-to-day basis. Though they hardly are used for events or occasions they still provide huge space for bigger pots.

  • Durability

Kohler sinks are made of stainless steel plus they contain huge mats. The thick pads help to maintain the durability of the sinks. However, Kohler sinks are on top if we talk about the durability of the sinks. They provide extraordinary stability and strength to the sinks. Most of the Kohler sinks include cast iron. The cast-iron substance of the sinks makes them highly durable. 

  • Price

Kohler sinks are quite expensive. They are not as inexpensive as Kraus sinks. However, you would be paying more amount to purchase Kohler sinks but as they give you incredible results thus, you pay for what you get. 

Top Products Of Kohler

1. Kohler Prolific Sink With Single Bowl, Comes With Accessories

Kohler Prolific Sink.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kohler
  • Color: Pure Steel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 33 Inches
  • Installation Method: Undermount
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Kohler’s prolific single bowl sink is made of pure steel. Though it comes with a single bowl yet the size of the bowl would be enough to deal with the accessories that arrive with this sink. Besides that, the size of the cabinet is also suitable. The minimum length of the closet is approximately 35 to 36 inches long. Ultimately, you may require to adjust your current cabinet.

If we discuss the accompaniments that come with this sink, then you may prefer buying this sink as it comes with different aspects including:

  • An adequate board that can be used to cut different things. Thus, it is also known as a cutting board.
  • The grated racks are known as frames or shelves.
  • A wash container. It is in the shape of a pot that can be used to safely wash fruits and vegetables.
  • After all, a colander. It is convenient to soak the pasta.

These are the accessories that reach with this sink. Thus, if you purchase Kohler’s prolific single bowl sink, you would get all these accessories with it as well.

If you are looking to maintain your workspace but do not find a sink that allows you to do so, then you must look for Kohler’s prolific sink as it enables you to establish your workspace.

The grated horizons of the sink make it possible for you to set a workspace so that you can put the accessories at the length that you desire. This is how you can create your kitchen workspace.

The material of the sink is made of great quality. It contains the pure form of steel. The pure material of the sink helps it to be long-lasting. Plus, as the sink comprises real steel thus it is strong enough to be utilized every day. You use it every day and yet the integrity of the sink would not fade away.

As we all know that all the Kohler sinks come with modern technologies. However, one of the popular technology of this product is sound absorption technology. The silent shield technology of this sink helps in absorbing the unnecessary sounds in the kitchen. Thus, you can work in the kitchen in a peaceful environment.

The installation method of the sink is relatively susceptible. You can inaugurate it handily. Besides that, as the sink comes with no faucet hole thus you can purchase any faucet that looks reasonable with the sink.

  • The product comes with different modern technologies.
  • It can be manipulated handily.
  • The installation method is quite easy. Thus, you can inaugurate the sink handily. Plus, can acquire any faucet.
  • It appears with elevated sturdiness.
  • The cabinet of the sink may require specific maintenance.

2. Kohler K-5284-NA Strive Undermount Kitchen Sink Contains Double Bowls

Kohler K-5284-NA Strive Undermount Kitchen Sink.

Key Features:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Kohler
  • Size: 32 Inches deep depth
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Installation Method: Undermount 
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The sink is formulated with pure steel. However, stainless steel is identified as the best substance for kitchen sinks. All the sinks made of this material last for a long time. The material maintains the stability of the sink as well as makes it easy to clean.

Kohler strives to under-mount kitchen sink that is extremely heat and rust-resistant. Thus, you can wash the heavy dishes as well. Even the hot bowls and the heated pots will not impact the quality of the sink.

The width of the cabinet is approximately 36 inches. Plus, the depth of the closet is more than 8 inches.

The cleaning procedure is incredibly simple. It is enough to wash the sink after a week. Plus, the integrity of the material stays the same, all it requires is to be scrubbed after 7 days.

If you want to avoid the sounds of running water, clashing pots, and irritating sounds in the kitchen, then you must buy Kohler sinks as they come with a modern technology known as the sound defending technology that makes it possible for you to maintain the stability in the kitchen.

  • It contains temperature influence technology.
  • The structure of the sink is unique.
  • It encompasses high sturdiness.
  • The product can be inaugurated effortlessly.
  • The sink does not contain drain parts.

3. Kohler K-5284 NA Strive Kitchen Sink Contains Single Bowl

Kohler K-5284 Sink.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kohler
  • Size: 27 Inches 
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Type: Stainless Steel 
  • Style: Comes With No Edges
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Kohler Strive kitchen sink contains a unique style of the corners. The corners of the sink are curved thus, they make it easy for you to clean the sink effortlessly. Plus, as the sink is built with sharp and strong material so it delivers incredible results. 

All the Strive sinks including Kohler K-5284 NA Strive double bowl sink are formulated to accomplish multiple aspects. Firstly, it comes with the easy-to-clean method. Secondly, it contains sound-absorbing technology.

The varied functions of the Kohler Strive sink make it unique among other kitchen sinks. Also, the sinks appear with thick bowls.

The size of the bowl is deep and large. Accordingly, it can handle several types of pots without being damaged. Moreover, the best thing about this sink is that it is the most popular one among the other kitchen sinks.

Like other kitchen sinks, Kohler strives also comes with a full package. The package includes different accessories. The accessories include the following aspects.

  • A fitted rack on the underside of the bowl – prevents the sink to obtain scrapes and dents.
  • Utility Shelf – it fights against the scuffles and any blemishes on the surface of the sink.
  • Dishcloth bar – it works for the slackness. By utilizing accessories, you can even dry your clothes.
  • A cutting board – is made of sharp and powerful wood.

After all, the bowl of the Kohler strive sink is wide enough to handle the large pots. The deep bowl would let you deal with all the pots and heavy dishes, plus you can rinse all of them at once.

  • It regulates the temperature perfectly.
  • It comes with the under-mount installation method that makes it able to be cleared for a long time.
  • No cons.
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Both Kraus and Kohler sink provide different functions. They both comprise their benefits. Thus, the conflict between Kraus vs Kohler will never come to end. People have a different sense of selection accordingly they ask for a sink as per their preference.

However, if you are looking for a modern, nostalgic look for your kitchen, then buy Kohler sinks. They provide incredible attractive charm to your kitchen. Besides, they can be customized as well. But Kraus sinks are suitable for those who are looking for a budget-friendly kitchen sink. Kraus sinks are affordable plus they possess several designs of single bowl kitchen sinks. Still, Kohler is the best choice as they provide impressive glances plus outstanding performance.

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