Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer Review | Complete Buying Guide

Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer Review

Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer is a versatile and powerful meat slicer. It is known for easy cleaning and its astonishing performance. It is outfitted with various safety features that limit the danger of expected injury.

This meat food slicer additionally gives you admittance to a 200W power that makes it simple to slice through an assortment of meat cuts. Also, the strong base incorporates pull cups for solid soundness with each utilization. What’s more, most amazing aspect all, you can control the thickness? You can change the settings to accomplish excessively slim shop cuts or cuts up to 0.50″ thick. The Weston Meat Slicer with its smooth coasting carriage and holding teeth makes it simple to cut meat like a master. It has a conservative plan that makes it ideal for home use. Slice steaks, deli meats, and much more with this powerful machine – in the event that you buy this present slicer’s serrated sharp edge you can even utilize it to cut bread!

Despite the fact that its restricted thickness range fails to impress anyone, this meat slicer is probably going to fulfill the requirements of most home cooks who need to appreciate shop meager cuts without really going to the store. For meat sweethearts whose cutting propensities require a more prominent cutting stature, the slicer is accessible in another form that accompanies a bigger, 8.6-inch edge.

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Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer
Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer

Key Features:

  • Adjustable meat slicer
  • Compact design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Smooth gliding
  • Food Pusher
  • Adjustable thickness control
  • UL Approved
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • On/off safety switches
  • Adjustable thickness control
  • Removable blade
  • Stainless steel  food tray
  • E.T.L and CE approved
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Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer Specifications

MaterialStainless Steel
ManufacturerManufacturer Hamilton Beach
Model Number83-0750-W
Power SourceElectric
Product TypeFood Slicers

Material and Design

This is a bulky meat slicer. It is equipped with high-quality material and has a beautiful look. It is coated with corrosion-free stainless steel and aluminum. Its removable blade is made with high-quality steel, which makes it extra sharp. Food pusher of Weston 7.5 meat slicer is so convenient, which serves as a handguard and highlights little teeth that forestall slipping and consider controlled cutting. The thickness control knob is all-around designed and takes into consideration fine changes. While Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer is somewhat conservative, the equivalent can’t be said about the adaptation with an 8.6-inch cutting edge.


Due to the extra sharp removable blade, it is easy to clean. To clean it easily, just take all the parts which interact with food. Wash them by hand with soapy and warm water. Dip those parts in them in a 2:5 solution of non-chlorine dye and water for disinfection purposes. After sanitization, you should allow them to air dry and apply food-grade lube before reassembly. It requires about a moment to eliminate the parts and the cleaning and disinfection measures take around 5 minutes. Both experienced and unpracticed home cooks can utilize this meat slicer effortlessly, however, we need to give one straightforward admonition to first-time clients. The handguard doesn’t bolt on the carriage, so you need to squeeze it down firmly for ideal security.


This meat slicer has the capacity to handle hard and soft foods. Its smooth-edged sharp cutting edge is appropriate for cutting everything from produce and meat to bread and cheese. That being said, varieties in execution are observable when cutting various types of food. The slicer works best with claim to fame meats, however, in the event that you need to cut sinewy food into slick cuts, you should put resources into an extra serrated edge. While we are by and large happy with this meat slicer’s smooth and quick activity, high proficiency, and extraordinary adaptability, there are 3 defects that you ought to know about prior to buying.

Firstly, with gentler meats, especially meats that are not chilled well, the outside of the cut will in general be somewhat lopsided. This can be tackled by saving the food in the cooler for 1-2 hours prior to cutting. Second, the thickness range is disappointing. Cut thickness can be shifted from 0.06 to 0.5 inches, which may not be sufficient for all purposes.

Finally, the slicer can just labor for 10 minutes all at once without overheating. On the off chance that you need to cut a lot of food, you can turn it off the following 10 minutes and permit it to cool for a 30-an hour prior to continuing. For supper prep, 10 minutes is typically enough, however, while getting ready nourishment for the cooler or drying out or during the canning season, the short runtime and the long cooling time may cause disappointment. In any case, we might want to call attention to that some top-notch slicers have a runtime of 10 minutes, so this ought not to be viewed as a significant imperfection.

If you are worried about the short runtime and blade size, you can settle these issues by choosing Weston Meat Slicer with an 8.6-inch edge. With this form of the slicer, you don’t just get an essentially more prominent cutting stature; however, you additionally will utilize the slicer for 15 minutes without breaks, which is incredible in contrast with the 10-minute norm.

Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer Safety

While writing Weston 7.5 Meat Slicer review, we were happy to discover that this slicer accompanies all the significant security features. It has solid suction feet that keep it from sliding during activity. Weston 7.5 meat slicer has a recessed force switch that diminishes the danger of a person or thing unintentionally turning the machine on. It accompanies a food pusher that serves as a handguard and gets your fingers far from the edge. At last, it is made of food-grade materials and it is both UL and CE approved. In the event that you follow our recommendation and hold the pusher down firmly and handle the cutting edge with care when washing, there is no compelling reason to stress over wellbeing anytime.

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