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VIGO Sink Review

Buying a new kitchen sink can be hard sometimes, especially when there are many other options available in the market. The availability of several options might make you confused about what kind of kitchen sink would suit your needs and budget. Many different brands are working to manufacture high-quality kitchen sinks with multiple extensive features.

Among all the other kitchen sinks brands Vigo also manufactures high-performance kitchen sinks. However, it may not be as popular as other kitchen sink brands but it generates stylish and high integrity kitchen sinks. Vigo stainless steel kitchen sinks provide great accomplishment for a long time. Moreover, the company works to provide unique style sinks including the double bowl kitchen sinks.

Many of the Vigo kitchen sinks are made of high-quality matte stones. Besides, if you are looking for a kitchen sink made of stainless steel then Vigo would also be the best option for you as it provides stainless steel kitchen sinks with long-lasting performance. Here in this article, we have discussed the best Vigo sink review, so that you can make your choice easily.

Origin of Vigo Brand

Vigo was originally organized in New York. However, it is not an ancient brand yet got popularity within a limited period. It was first accomplished in 2009 and expanded in various areas of the United States.

Later, the brand got popular all over the United States. The incredible features of the Vigo sinks have helped the brand to get popularity among the people of the United States. Many people prefer buying Vigo kitchen sinks because of their long-lasting performance. The brand produces the best aesthetics sinks in the market with a high level of performance.

10 Best Features of VIGO Kitchen Sinks

Vigo sinks manufacturing company is one of the best sink makers company that has been introduced in 2009. Though it is not a former manufacturing company like other kitchen sinks maker companies still it has been rapidly growing.

The company has expanded more than 500 branches all over America. Moreover, it is among the fast-growing manufacturing companies. The question here is “does the company produce high-quality sinks to match their reputation?”

However, to know more about the facts, let’s discuss the features of VIGO kitchen sinks in detail.

  • Aesthetics Attractive Designs

If you are looking for a perfect kitchen sink, do not just focus on the functions of the product. The design of the product matters as well. However, the VIGO kitchen sink company focuses on the functionality as well as the appearance of the product.

VIGO Kitchen sinks are best known for their unique aesthetic designs. In many cases, a kitchen sink is not considered just a place to wash the crocks but it is also known as an item of reflection. That reflects the glamour of your kitchen.

If you buy VIGO kitchen sinks, be sure of the glamour that you will get with this product. There is no comparison between the unique style of VIGO with other kitchen sink brands. VIGO provides a unique stylish character to your kitchen that you can never achieve with any other model.

However, the best feature of VIGO kitchen sinks is that the company is not just involved in the appearance of the sinks but it also makes sure the high integrity of the sinks. The quality of the VIGO sinks is as great as the glance. After all, you do not need to be worried about choosing beauty over quality as the VIGO kitchen sink brand ensures both of them.

  • Wider Selection

Though different sink manufacturing companies are working to make kitchen sinks VIGO is one of those manufacturing companies that provide a wide selection of designs and materials.

VIGO company provides a wide range of washroom showers, kitchen sinks, and basins. They provide a wider selection of kitchen sinks than you can ever expect from a sink manufacturing company.

  • Creative Art Work

Vigo sink industries put more focus on sophistication. They manufacture unique styles which exemplify art and culture. The creative designs of Vigo products make them special among others. However, there might be different sink manufacturing companies that focus on the designs of the sinks but Vigo specifically focuses on the artwork and the aesthetic designs of the sinks.

If you are intending to purchase a new kitchen sink, you would notice different factors encompassing the functionality and the designs of the sink. However, the kitchen sinks are not merely the place to wash the dishes but they also play an important role in the appearance of your kitchen. Thus, buying a unique aesthetic design would not just add beauty to your kitchen but also catch the attention of others.

Vigo is one of those kitchen sink manufacturing companies which focuses on the designs as well as the functionality of the products. They make sure to provide an aesthetic art design of the products that can adjust to your requirements.

  • Innovative Work

The innovative work of the Vigo kitchen sinks has simply helped the company to achieve popularity within a few years. As Vigo puts much focus on the integrity and designs of the products, the company also focuses on innovating its products.

Vigo sinks manufacturing company was not that popular back then, however, it is now considered one of the best kitchen sink manufacturing companies. As Vigo focuses on innovative products thus many people prefer to acquire Vigo products as there is no other sink-making company that establishes innovative products such as Vigo.

Vigo follows the new and uniquely innovative products while the other companies follow the same trend after some years. Moreover, if you want to experience creative designs of innovative products made by professional designers, then Vigo kitchen sinks would be the best option for you.

  • Valuable

The price may be higher than other products. However, the integrity and unique designs of the Vigo products make them worth the high expense. Spending money on something worth buying should be appreciated. Whenever you are planning to buy a new kitchen sink, you always look for a product that can provide you with long-lasting results. However, the Vigo kitchen sinks are pricey but they ensure to provide you the best products that are not just rich in appearance but also provide long-lasting results.

Once you purchase a Vigo kitchen sink, you would not need to replace it for a long time as it remains new and trendy for a long time. Of course, the stylish designs of the products make them unique among others. Moreover, the tendency of Vigo kitchen sinks remains different and special for a long period.

  • Higher Sustainable

In a world, where the polluted environment takes place. It is hard for people to take note. Thus, we are bound to stay and survive in such a messy climate. However, the Vigo company pays huge attention to the environmental requirements.

Vigo kitchen sinks are highly sustainable. They have been formulated in such a way that makes them suitable for the environment. Thus, buying a Vigo kitchen sink is completely worth it. 

  • Large Basins

Vigo Kitchen sinks are available in all sizes including large and small. However, they are popular for their large basins. Vigo kitchen sinks that are made of stainless steel are highly recommended as they can be suitable for all extents of cabinets. Some sinks come with a single basin while the others come with double basins.

The large size of basins makes it easy for you to deal with heavy pots. You can wash even the enormous dishes handily. However, not all kitchen sinks are suitable for all cabinets but Vigo kitchen sinks are designed in such a way that creates no difficulties to be fit within any cabinet size. Also, the sinks are made of high-quality material that keeps them fresh. After all, Vigo kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel that not just provide a traditional look but also provide a long-lasting impression.

  • Heavy-duty Construction

Vigo sink company mainly focuses on the design and construction of the products. The sinks are heavily constructed. Heavy-duty construction can sometimes create problems such as installation method may be hard but as long as the product is highly constructed, it can be sure that the product lasts forever.

Moreover, the high integrity material of the products makes them long-lasting. The structure of the sinks is heavy-duty thus it is scratch-resistant, as well as the water, would not leave any scratches on the surface. If you are planning to buy a kitchen sink that can provide you with long-lasting results, buying a Vigo kitchen sink would be the best option as it provides long-lasting impacts.

  • Lifetime Warranty

As we know, Vigo kitchen sinks are made of heavy materials thus it may create some crises, however, Vigo sinks don’t need to be hard to handle. To make things easier for you, the company offers a lifetime warranty for each product. Once you purchase a Vigo product, you can return it in case you find out any flaws.

  • VIGO Products Are cUPC Certified

After all, the Vigo products are completely cUPC certified. The company focuses on the integrity of its products and makes sure that its customers are never disappointed with its services.

One of the highest priorities of the Vigo industry is to make sure that its business practices are highly sustainable. They make sure to fulfill all the environmental regulations.

VIGO Sink Review

Though all the Vigo products encompass unique aesthetic designs. They all are made of high quality, heavy material thus they run more smoothly as compared to other products.

As we know, Vigo company puts more focus on the style and the functionality of the products, thus, buying any Vigo product would be worth the cost. Here is given Vigo sink review to make the choice easier for you.

1. VIGO VGS3320FA Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, Contains A Single Bowl, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Comes Along A Grid And Strainer

VIGO VGS3320FA Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Vigo
  • Size: 33’ Flat Front
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Style: Farmhouse
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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The sink with modern technologies makes everything easier for you. Vigo farmhouse kitchen sink comes with modern sound-absorbing technology. The full coated pads are available in multi layers to absorb the sounds. With the help of this modern technology, you can work peacefully without any interruption as the multilayers of the pads absorb all the unnecessary sounds.

The sink comes with multiple accessories including different components to make things easier for you. Vigo farmhouse kitchen sink includes a single made of stainless steel, a huge black cutting board, a defensive bottom grid made of pure steel as well as a strainer that is also made of pure steel. All these accessories make it easy for you to work in the kitchen as you would not have to face the complication. All the necessary stuff is obtainable with this product.

 The sink is made of heavy-duty material. The 16- gauge stainless steel construction makes the sink long-lasting. Moreover, the satin finish on the surface of the sink makes the sink modern and fresh for a long period. All the Vigo products ensure the longevity of the sinks. Thus, if you buy a sink, you would not need to replace it as long as you want to.

The bottom of the sink is scratch protective. However, not all kitchen sinks contain such qualities. But the Vigo farmhouse kitchen sink comes along with a special scratch-resistant protective layer. You can put as many as pots you want to in the sink. Even the large and heavy cookware cannot scratch the surface of the product. The special vinyl feet and bumpers prevent the surface of the sink from getting any scratches. Thus, the sink remains flawless.

After all, the Vigo farmhouse kitchen sink is such a great choice for your kitchen as it comes along with accessories and bottom surface protective layers to keep the sink safe and fresh for a long time. The sink also contains a silicon-made drying rack. You can manipulate it for versatility. With the help of this drying rack, you can wash all the fruits, vegetables, and other things.

Things We Like
  • The bowl of the sink is deep enough to handle all cookware.
  • The big size kitchen sink with multiple accessories makes it a great deal at a suitable price.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The size is too big for some kitchens. Thus, make sure that the size is suitable for your kitchen.

2. VIGO VGRA3318CS Black Stone Matte Kitchen Sink, Farmhouse Sink Contains A Single Bowl, Comes With A Reversible Front

VIGO VGRA3318CS Black Stone Matte Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Vigo
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: White single bowl
  • Material: Stainless steel stone, brass
  • Installation Method: Farmhouse, Apron
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The best feature of this product is that it is one of those kitchen sinks that can fight against all kinds of drawbacks. The surface of the sink is made of matte stones that are solid enough to deal with all problems including scratches, resists impacts, and many other problems. As the materials used to make the sink are non-porous and scratch-resistant. The material is color resistant as well. Using this product for a long time would not fade away the shade of the product. Thus, the product is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a permanent product.

Not all sinks provide long-lasting results such as this Vigo product. It is durable and long-lasting as compared to the other products. Vigo includes materials that can protect the surface of the sink from any damages such as fire, scratch, and heat that may harm the surface of the product.

The other best feature of this product is that it contains reversible designs. Both detailed apron front and flat apron front can be installed. As the sink contains both designs thus you can décor it according to your preference. Besides, the sink comes with multiple components including stainless steel appliances, and a cutting board.

The product is easy to clean. You would not have to spend time washing the sink as it can be easily cleaned. The corners of the sink are designed in such a stylish way that creates no problems for you to keep the sink clean. Moreover, the 10mm radius corners of the sink make sure to provide you with an easy cleaning method.

If we talk about the installation method of the product, the product can be installed in two different ways. You can install it as an under-mount variation. Moreover, it can be installed against the countertop as well. Both options are accessible. Though the high-quality material of the sink makes it long-lasting and durable for a long time, still the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Things We Like
  • The product comprises a lifetime warranty.
  • The sink is easier to clean as compared to other products.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Costly product.

3. VIGO VGRA3618SLK1 Matte White Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, Contains A Reversible Front, Comes With Accessories

VIGO VGRA3618SLK1 Matte White Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Vigo
  • Type: Stone
  • Color: White Single bowl
  • Size: 36’
  • Installation Method: Farmhouse, Undermount
  • Style: Modern, Industrial
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The product provides a perfect matte stone appearance. Those who are looking for a unique style and appearance should purchase this product as it furnishes a white unique appearance. Moreover, the non-porous surface of the sink makes it heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and fire retardant. That makes the sink reliable and make it usable for a long time.

Like other Vigo products, this product also comes with reversible designs. You can install the sink according to your décor preference as both styles can be attained. Besides, the protective bottom grid of the sink makes it easy for you to wash the dishes. Moreover, you can put all types of cookware including the pots, pans, and dishes in the sink as the protective bottom contains the power to resist scratches. After all, the product contains handmade construction that makes it unique and special among other kitchen sinks.

Things We Like
  • The unique style makes it different from other Vigo kitchen sinks.
  • The sink comes with scratch-resistant power.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The product needs some extra care as it is made of heavy-duty materials.
  • The product is expensive as compared to other sinks but it is surely worth the price.

4. VIGO VG15961 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, Made of Stainless Steel, Comes With Accessories

VIGO VG15961 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Vigo
  • Color: Matte gold
  • Size: 20.5 lengths, 36 widths, 23.5h
  • Installation Method: Farmhouse
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Stainless steel, brass
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Vigo double bowl kitchen sink is one of the best kitchen sinks that you would never regret purchasing. It is one of those kitchen sinks that contain modern technologies. The sink comes with sound-absorbing technology. The sound-absorbing technology contains the power to undercoat the surface of the sink. Though the sink is made of stainless steel, still the sound-absorbing technology takes place to absorb all the unnecessary sounds to make the environment quiet and peaceful.

The other feature that makes the product different from others is its cFiber technology. It makes the sink long-lasting without having to put any excessive pressure on the sink. There is no doubt that this product is full of modern technologies. Moreover, the sprayer head of the sink contains a magnetic dock lock technology that helps the head to stay in its position once it is not being used.

The anti-rust finish makes the product safe from repelling rust. The rust finish layers help the sink to remain fresh for a lifetime. After all, the product is best of all as it contains all the modern features.

Things We Like
  • The product is easy to clean.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Modern technology makes the product special.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It may be expensive.


Vigo kitchen sinks are among those kitchen products that are attractive as well as provide long-lasting results. Moreover, we have discussed some of the best Vigo products in this article. All the Vigo kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel. Though, they all provide remarkable results, however, VIGO VG15961 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is one of the best kitchen sinks.

It contains all the technology powers that can make a product unique and special among other products. The product comes with modern technologies including dock lock technology, cFiber technology, and anti-rust finish.

Buying a new kitchen sink may be a hard decision for you as different brands are producing high-quality kitchen sinks. Thus, the article has covered the best Vigo sink review to make the decision easier.

Moreover, if you are looking for a modern product with professional performance, Vigo kitchen sinks are among those products that encompass the unique and modern style appearance.

All the Vigo products are designed in such a way that can easily grab the attention of others. Though Vigo kitchen sinks may be expensive, the high-quality products are worth the high rate because of their long-lasting results.

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