Karran Quartz Sink Reviews | Buying Guide & Review

Karran Quartz Sink Reviews

Karran USA is a renowned manufacturing company that makes up sinks as well as faucets for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Back into the late nineties, the company was brought into being in Vincennes, Indiana, the USA with a prime goal of manufacturing high-quality plumbing products such as sinks and faucets. In the beginning, the company earned a name by introducing the sinks made up of acrylic solid surface. This success led to the production of stainless steel edge series that would look seamless under-mount structure.

Following this, a range of numerous products in different configurations, colors, sizes, and materials including quartz composite, vitreous china, stainless steel, and acrylic have been introduced in the market ever since.

The company is spread over a large area of 225000 square feet for manufacturing. The products are imported to Canada, Europe, and throughout the United States.

Although all the products are matchless and have unique properties, Karran quartz sinks are unparalleled in their characteristics. Karran quartz sinks are made by adding resin to crushed quartz at a high temperature that strengthens it. A wide range of quartz sinks is available that is a top choice of many customers because of their durability and long life besides remarkable appearance.

Moreover, it is highly resistant to heat, corrosion, abrasion, scratches, and bacterial growth. Its texture is non-porous which makes it easy to clean. Likewise, it resists odor by preventing bacterial growth. For a uniform look, people also integrate a Karran quartz sink with the quartz countertop for transition. This gives an identical look to the countertop and sink. This reduces the effort of matching the sink with the countertop.

Top 5 Karran Quartz Sink Reviews

Karran sinks are categorized in various series based on their structure. In this context, Top Mount Series, Farmhouse Series, and Under-mount Series are commonly used. But choosing an optimum sink that fits best to your kitchen is not an as easy undertaking. So, we have explained five top Karran quartz sinks in this article that are all radical and contemporary. In this view, the farmhouse sinks have been found as the top pick of users. Hence, we have reviewed five Karran farmhouse quartz sinks. The farmhouse sinks or apron front sinks are innovative in their design. An apron-front sink has an exposed side on the front edge. In general, the under-mount models seem more elegant than other models.

Following the farmhouse sinks, there are two sub-series of Karran farmhouse sinks; the Karran QA series and the Karran QAR series. In the first one, the sinks fit into the dimensions i.e. 9in. deep bowl, 34in. length, 21 ¼ in. width, and an apron front of 9 ¼ in. Notably, this may need a redo to the existing cabinetry because of the deep apron front. In the QAR series or Retrofit QAR series, the sinks can fit into the existing cabinetry without any redo. The sink can be mounted into the standard dimensions of 9in. depth, 34in. length and 36in. base cabinetry. The height of the apron front is 6 ½ in. which reduces the need to replace the door for the base cabinet.  

This article presents the Karran quartz sinks reviews including quartz single bowl farmhouse sinks, quartz unequal double bowl farmhouse sinks, and quartz equal double bowl farmhouse sinks from QA as well as QAR series.

1. Karran Retrofit Farmhouse/Apron-Front Quartz Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Karran Retrofit Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Size: 34″ x 21.25″ x 9″
  • Brand: Karran
  • Color:  Gray
  • Material: Quartz
  • Style: Single Bowl
  • Installation: Under-mount
  • Karran Quartz series: QAR
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The Karran quartz apron front/ farmhouse kitchen sink with a single bowl is an outright choice to complement the kitchen countertop. Its front apron looks elegant and outstanding. As stated earlier, this is available in many colors, so you can go with any color for your countertop.

This sink is preferred over the next upcoming single bowl sink “QAR-740-BL” because there is no need to do changes in the base cabinet.

For drainage, there is a rare drainage hole in the sink that provides a smooth water flow under the drain. Moreover, a rare drain also provides sufficient area in the base cabinet.

Although, this is a single bowl sink it is spacious and provides a wide area to place and wash cookware, dishware, glasses, bakeware, etc. Moreover, fragile pots can also be placed easily without any fear of their breaking. Also, the material of the sink makes it durable enough to withstand a heavy load of pots without undergoing scratching, denting, and chipping. This is because of high material strength. Consequently, its surface does not look worn out. Notably, the sinks of light colors may undergo staining because of food content in the utensils that can fade their shine.

As the material has a high thickness, it reduces noise and acts as noise resistant. Being non-porous, the sink is easy to clean and maintain. It can be cleaned with a sponge and water effortlessly. The non-porous surface is also helpful in preventing the sink from germs and bacteria. Furthermore, the food residue does not stick with the sink and stain it.

Along with that, the sink is resistant to heat which prevents it from scratches after undertaking hot pots. This can withstand heat up to 535oF which shows tolerance to very high and low temperatures.

Things We Like
  • It has a quieter and softer look that increases kitchen value.
  • The base cabinet does not require any restructuring.
  • Its non-porous surface makes its maintenance easy.
  • It is resistant to heat and corrosion.
  • Many jars and pots can be placed in the spacious area of the sink.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The fragile glassware may break apart if hit hard with the surface.
  • This product is less economical.

2. Karran Quartz Apron Front / Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

Karran Quartz Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Size: 34″ x 21.25″ x 9″
  • Brand: Karran
  • Color:  Black
  • Material: Quartz
  • Style: Single bowl
  • Installation: Under-mount
  • Karran Quartz series: QA
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This sink performs similar functions as the previous sink. The difference lies in the apron’s front height. As this sink belongs to the Quartz QA series, it has an apron front of 9 ¼ inches in height. Since the height of the apron front is slightly greater, the door height for the base cabinet is reduced. This sink is easy to install by an under-mount method. However, you may need to restructure the countertop for sink placement.

Rests of the properties are similar such as it is available in six colors that make the selection easy according to the kitchen. The wide space allows heavy pots to accommodate without abrasion on the sink surface. The smooth surface does not allow the food particles to retain on it and cause bacterial growth around the drainage hole. Rather, it keeps the sink safe from any debris sticking and odor.

Things We Like
  • It is highly durable and long-lasting.
  • It reduces noise because the material has sufficient thickness.
  • It can tolerate heat up to 535oF.
  • Its maintenance is easy.
  • It is highly resistant to scratches.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The deep apron front may not fit properly if the base cabinet has a standard size. You may need to reconstruct it.
  • The sink has a single bowl but it is costly.

3. Karran Retrofit Farmhouse/Apron-Front Quartz Composite – Double Offset Bowl Kitchen Sink

Karran Retrofit Quartz Composite Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Size: 34″ x 21.25″ x 9″
  • Brand: Karran
  • Color:  White
  • Material: Quartz
  • Style: Double bowl
  • Installation: Under-mount
  • Karran Quartz series: QAR
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The next product in the list of Karran quartz sink reviews is the double bowl farmhouse sink. Its configuration differentiates it from the single bowl sinks and makes it a multipurpose sink. The most common way is to use one bowl for soaking and the other for drying. You can place a rack in the sink which will dry the pots. Unequal double bowl sink has a certain advantage over double equal bowl sinks in that they have more space on one side that can be utilized for a useful purpose.

This can either be used for rack placement, separation of glassware, or soaking of dishes. Unlike equal bowls, you can place the large dishes in the large bowl of this sink. Moreover, using one bowl for placing unclean dishes and the other for washing is also common. Depending on the need, you can use the bowls accordingly. The drainage is available in both bowls which makes the washing more convenient.

About dimensions, the door height for the base cabinet is the same as for the QRA series. And the rare drainage provides useful room in the base cabinet.

The Karran double bowl sink with an apron front is available in many colors. The selection according to your kitchen can make your kitchen stand out and look stunning.

Regarding functioning, the sink is highly durable and long-lasting. It has multiple properties that make it distinctive. It has the ability to prevent corrosion, thus go long without rusting. Rusting is a phenomenon that can easily occur in a material that remains exposed to water. But, quartz does not rust easily. Moreover, the material is safe from scratches, staining, and dents because its thickness is high and the surface is non-porous. Like other quartz sinks, it does not damage easily by hot pots and retains its appearance.

However, the light color sink may get stained. Furthermore, the material will reduce the noise of the utensils such as steel pots but may harm the fragile glassware if dropped instantly.

A drawback of an equal double bowl sink is the lack of space availability. You may not be able to place large dishes, cookware, and big pots in each bowl that will ultimately consume the countertop space.

Things We Like
  • Unequal bowls offer multiple functions besides washing such as drying and separation of fragile pots from others.
  • Drainage provision facilitates washing on both sides.
  • The sink is resistant to scratches, dents, and chipping.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The double bowls may not undertake the large pots such as dishes and cookware efficiently.
  • The light color of the sink may undergo staining therefore, it requires proper maintenance.

4. Karran Farmhouse Apron Front Quartz Composite Double Offset Bowl Kitchen Sink

Karran Farmhouse Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Size: 34″ x 21.25″ x 9″
  • Brand: Karran
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Quartz
  • Style: Double Bowls
  • Installation: Under-mount
  • Karran Quartz series: QA
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Following the Karran quartz sink reviews, this deep-capacity sink with a single bowl has a large room that facilitates washing. Large stockpots, cookware, and baking sheets can be easily cleaned in it. This differs from the previous single bowl sinks in the installation method. It has a drop-in structure that completely changes its look. It has standard dimensions and can be mounted easily.

Moreover, this sink can be used in small as well as large kitchens with no trouble. Being fabricated with the quartz composite, the sink is strong and enduring for heavy load. It gives a contemporary look and provides a sleek and lustrous expression that suits well with the counter. Particularly, if it is paired with wood, granite, and stone countertop, the elegance will surely double.

For many users, this type of quartz sink has easy maintenance as compared to farmhouse sinks. This is because the exposed apron’s front is more likely to get deteriorated. 

However, the drop in structure may act as a hurdle for tiny food particles on the edges because its thickness is slightly greater than other materials. Therefore, if it is not mounted properly, it can uphold bacterial growth.

Besides edges, the inner surface prevents germs because the surface is smooth and debris cannot hang around if cleansing is done properly. However, if the sink gets blemished, you can use a mild detergent with a sponge and water only. You do not need to use any abrasive material.  

Similarly, one of the main concerns rusting is not promoted. Likewise, the sound is not created during pans or jars placement. Additionally, if dishes are likely to get harm on dropping because of the hard surface of the quartz, a sink protector pad or grid can be used.

Things We Like
  • It has standard dimensions thus can be installed effortlessly.
  • The installation method is easy.
  • It can go long because it does not undergo rusting.
  • It prevents scratches and dents.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It is less economical.
  • It may not be feasible in the small kitchen

5. Karran Farmhouse Apron Front Quartz Composite Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Karran Farmhouse Apron Front Quartz Composite Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Size: 34″ x 21.25″ x 9″
  • Brand: Karran
  • Color:  Biscuit
  • Material: Quartz
  • Style: Double bowl
  • Installation: Under-mount
  • Karran Quartz series: QA
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This sink has a configuration of two equal bowl sinks. The light color of this sink makes it a striking model that will surely become a center of attraction. Like the previous unequal bowl sink, this can also be served for many purposes. You can use both of the bowls for washing as well as drying. Unlike unequal bowls, the placement of a rack in either bowl may not give many benefits. Instead, you can use a rack on the countertop that will be more convenient to undertake big dishes, bowls, and jars. Similarly, a large rack can also be placed on the sink to wash fruits, vegetables, or food items.

The limitation of the double bowl sink is the lack of space for large pots. You might not be able to keep jugs, glasses, cookware altogether. Besides, it is hard-wearing and sturdy because of its thickness. It will not crack easily. However, it is necessary to know that if delicate pots hit hard with the sink, they may break apart. To avoid this, a rubber pad as a protector is the best choice that does not only reduces the risk of breaking but also absorbs the sound. If a rubber pad is not preferable because of a debris collection problem, you can also use a stainless steel grid protector that can serve as a drier as well.

Furthermore, if a sink is exposed to very hot or cold temperatures, this will not be worn out because it can tolerate temperature variations. This is why, if a hot pan is placed in the sink directly from the stove, the sink will be safe. Another resistance is rusting. Despite being exposed to water all day long, the material has the ability to prevent rusting. This is the specialty of quartz sinks over other materials that it does not undergo corrosion.

As this sink has light color, proper maintenance is needed because oiling or food color can leave stains that can deteriorate the surface.

As it has an apron front and belongs to the QA series, it has an under-mount installation method. During installation, its careful handling is necessary that in another case can end up in material damage.

Things We Like
  • It can provide many functions in the kitchen.
  • Drainage is provided on both sides that supports washing on either side.
  • Bacterial growth is prevented that reduces odor as well.
Things We Don’t Like
  • To maintain its appealing look, daily maintenance is needed because there can be staining on the surface.
  • Require proper handling to keep it safe from breaking.

Karran Quartz Sink Buying Guide

In a wide range of sinks, many of the consumers overlook the essential features that can have a significant impact on the kitchen. In other words, the beauty of the sink and attractive colors may not be worth money if these considerations are ignored.

So besides going through the Karran quartz sink reviews; the factors that have a deep effect should also be taken into account while choosing an appropriate sink. In this wake, material, size, configuration, structure, sound, and sturdiness are the major concerns.  Let’s go through each concern comprehensively.  


  • Stainless Steel

This is the most common material being used in sinks for its durability and long-lasting property. It has been analyzed that stainless steel sink matches with almost all the countertops and gives a pleasant look. The biggest advantage is the easy maintenance and scratch-resistant property that increase its lifespan.

Along with that, it is also corrosion-resistant because it contains nickel and chromium content. Moreover, it is also economical and easily available at a reasonable rate. This is important to consider the gauge of material because it shows its strength. But, sinks with higher gauges are more costly than the lower ones.

Regarding noise absorption, stainless steel relatively produces more noise than other sinks. This can be avoided by using padding or spray coating.

  • Copper

Besides very popular stainless steel, copper sinks can also be used. A copper sink gives an outstanding look to the kitchen because of its vibrant and shiny appearance. Generally, the copper sink with an under-mount farmhouse style has always been a point of attention for people.

Besides appearance, it serves as an anti-bacterial material because of has the natural ability to kill bacteria. They inhibit their metabolism that ultimately ends up the bacterial growth. This property distinguishes copper from other materials.

Copper also reduces noise like stainless steel. However, it has been found that the noise reduction ability of copper and stainless steel is lesser than other materials.

A drawback of copper is its high price which limits its purchase. Their maintenance is also not very easy except for very quality copper sinks.

  • Enamel

This material is not commonly found now in the kitchens because this is old-fashioned. Enamel sinks are available in several colors.

As this is constructed with cast iron fused with the glass-based glaze, support of reinforced cabinetry is required. Another downside is the lesser chipping resistance that deteriorates its surface. To remove stains, a mild acid can be used to wipe out the color or stain.

  • Fireclay

Fireclay sinks have a great strength because they are made from glaze and white clay that is fused and left heated at a high temperature for many days. Following this, porcelain enamel is fused with the material at a high temperature for a long time. This makes it a very strong material.

However, if the sink is not handled properly during installation, this can break away. So, a professional installation is required. These sinks are available in different soothing colors that increase their attractiveness. Like enamel sinks, they need a strong countertop and cabinet support. 

  • Composite

Generally, quartz and granite composite sinks are found in the market. A composite is made of resin that is mixed with crushed quartz and granite. The ratio of resin and stone is mostly 20:80. This shows that a high quantity of stone is used and consequently, the finished product has the approximately same quality.

Both composites are heat and corrosion-resistant. Among them, granite sink is famous for its high durability and resistance to heat and corrosion.

  • Cast iron

One of the biggest advantages of cast iron sinks is their long life. And the biggest drawback is rusting. To overcome this shortcoming, they are coated with an enamel finish of porcelain that is fused with an iron. This coating reduces corrosion on the surface of the sink.

Another downside is the heavyweight that needs reinforced cabinetry. These sinks are available in different colors and configurations in the market.

Size of Sink

One of the most significant considerations is the size of the sink. In this context, the measurements of required dimensions for the sink are included. If a sink with the correct dimensions is not chosen, it can be very troubling. Therefore, it is crucial to take proper measurements of the sink. Considering this, length, width and depth should be measured. For precision, you can draft a rough sketch of the required dimensions on paper by clearly highlighting all the measurements.

Notably, Karran quartz sinks usually come in the standard dimensions so they can easily fit into the countertop without any restructuring. However, if farmhouse sinks are preferred, they need front space that is not required for other sinks.

Besides dimensions, the size of the sink also matters. In a small kitchen, a large sink will not be a good selection for it would consume a lot of space leaving less space for countertop. This can also affect the overall beauty of the kitchen. Similarly, a small sink in a spacious kitchen will be a misfit. You should go for a larger sink that will complement the wideness of the kitchen. Moreover, if you have to wash a lot of pots, you can switch to the larger sink despite the small kitchen.

Configuration of Sink

Sinks come in different configurations including single bowl, double equal bowls, double unequal bowls, and sink with a drainboard. The selection depends upon the use of the sink. If it is used all day long and more users, you can choose a double sink instead of a single bowl sink. Let’s have a look at some characteristics of these configurations.

  • Single bowl Sink: this is useful for placing and washing a lot of pots.
  • Double bowl Sink: Suitable for large countertops. Its double bowls can be used for different purposes.
  • Sink with Drainboard: A drainboard is attached to this type of sink. This provides drainage to the water from washed dishes placed on it. The dishes or bowls are placed aside and dry on the drainboard.


This shows the strength of a material. The sturdiness is measured in gauges and varied for a single material due to manufacturing differences. The higher the consistency of the material is, the lower will be the gauge. That shows the materials with high gauges stand out because of their durability. Generally, materials of 16 gauge, 18 gauge, and 22 gauge are commonly used. Among them, 22 gauge materials are not considered good quality materials. They can crack easily when used in sinks. They also produce sound because of the thinner material.  

Structure of Sink

The installation method of sinks is different from each other. Accordingly, they enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Out of all the methods, every installation method reflects an appealing look. Majorly, there is four installation method; under-mount, Farmhouse, Drop-In, and Dual mount.

  • Under-mount: the rim of the sink is hidden under the counter and counter space is slightly increased.
  • Drop-in: The rim of the sink is visible on the counter making the cleaning easier.
  • Farmhouse: In this structure, the front of the sink is visible and not hidden by the base cabinet door.
  • Dual mount: the sink can either be placed in an under-mount or drop-in method.


Sinks that produce sound are not recommendable. The sound-absorbing power of different materials has been discussed earlier that gives an idea of sound-resistant sinks. Consequently, the materials with high thickness such as a composite of quartz and granite, fireclay absorb noise and are listed as noise resistant. However, other sinks produce a relatively greater sound that can be avoided by using rubber pads to absorb noise and act as defenders.


We have presented Karan quartz sink reviews based on profound research and analysis on the discussed products. All the opinions and reviews are truthful. The details show that all these sinks have unmatched features and are valuable. You can surely choose any of these sinks for your kitchen. However, deciding a single out of these five sinks may be troubling.

So, we have made this convenient by ranking them. In this wake, our top pick is the Karran retrofit quartz composite farmhouse single bowl sink QAR-740-BL from the QRA series. This is best suited to small as well as large kitchens and can undertake plenty of bowls and jars. However, if this is not feasible, you can go for Karron quartz farmhouse single bowl sink QA-740-BL from the QA series. This is similar to the previous one but the difference lies in the base cabinetry door that requires less height compared with the retrofit sink.

The third choice can be the Karran quartz farmhouse double bowl sink QAR-760-BL from the QRA series. We prefer the QAR series over the QA series because their sinks can fit into the standard dimensions and need no more cutting or restructuring. Therefore, our next pick is the Karran double bowl sink QA-760-BL from the QA series. However, the reason behind prioritizing unequal bowls sink over equal bowls sink is the space that is wide in unequal bowls. So, the next selection is the double equal bowl sink QAR-750-BL from the QAR series. We must say that whatever you choose, it won’t be worthless. It would encompass all the necessary features that a sink should have for durability. 

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