Best Undermount Kitchen Sink for Quartz Countertops

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink for Quartz Countertops

As we know the Kitchen is the place where we cooked our favorite dishes and meals to feed our loved one and make happy. For making delicious and healthy food our main focus is going to the countertop because it helps us to prepare food earlier.

When we are preparing delicious dishes, we use a lot of utensils like a bowl, dishes to keep the things. These bowls and dishes need to be clean So we need a comfortable sink zone that we wash them easily.

For this purpose, the quartz countertop is the best choice for you. It makes your work fast and easy. When you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen style or upgrading its countertop.

There are multiple countertops styles, in this article, we provide you the detailed information about the Best Undermount Kitchen sink for quartz Countertops.

It’s very difficult to find the best countertop for your kitchen sink. Because the perfect kitchen sink space is the need of every kitchen. The quartz countertop is the best choice for your kitchen.

This will make sure that you will choose the best sink for your countertop that makes your kitchen more elegant, eye-catching, and also makes your work easy.

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Best Undermount Kitchen Sink for Quartz Countertops Review

1. Editor’s Choice: Elkay Quartz Classic Double Bowl Undermount Sink

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink for Quartz Countertops

Key Features:

  • Beautiful and classy design
  • Rich Color
  • Heat Resistant
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Elkay Quartz is a strong, beautiful, and classic sink. It has a smooth surface and has plain depth. These sinks are crafted with pure quartz and comes in neutral colors like black, grey, white. These colors allow you to add an unexpected pop of color to your kitchen.

These sinks are not only used in the kitchen. It is also used for a laundry sink, bar sink, or prep sinks. This sink has durability in its functionality that helps you in a tough task.

It comes in ADA Depth 5.5″ Deep for ease of reach and accessibility. These sinks offer a time-consuming style and beauty. It has a rich color that makes it unique that won’t be faint.

You choose the color of the faucet that matches your Elkay Quartz sink. This quartz sink has highly hygienic and nonporous material that is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and soap water.

It has a thick material that absorbs noise when you are working. It has stain proof surface and hygiene surface that prevents bacteria and stains. The sink has a 33″ X 18-1/2″ X 5-1/2″ minimum dimension.

This sink has a 36″ cabinet size. It has a perfect and edgeless drain that eliminates the gap around the drain that makes its cleaning easy.

The sink has an undermount installation that installed the sink beneath the countertop and creates a seamless appearance between the sink and countertop.

This sink has an equal size double bowl that is conveniently used for washing, soaking, rinsing, drying, and other household tasks. It includes two LKPDQ1CR perfect drains and strainers.

Things We Like
  • Stain and smudge Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
Things We Don’t Like
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to attach disposal

2. Elkay Quartz Parchment Single Bowl Undermount Sink

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink for Quartz Countertops

Key Features:

  • Parchment Color
  • Matched drains
  • Flexible Installation
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Elkay is one of the famous names in manufacturing kitchen sinks, they are known for making hard, natural quartz sand particles and high-performance kitchen sinks.

These sinks are durable and silky smooth when they come in laundry sinks, that makeup and create a hygienic, nonporous surface that resists germs and bacteria. These sinks come in popular, neutral colors like brown, gray, black, white and also comes in red, blue, and mint. Both light and bold colors are available in Elkay quartz sinks that make them unique and more desirable.

Talking about its construction, it is made of natural quartz and UV acrylic resins. The combination of these makes it stylish as well the UV resins won’t allow it to fade.

The sink is dressed up with the matching color drain that coordinates with your sink. The superior strength of this sink is the impact-resistant to your toughest sink task due to its quartz sand material.

The installation of this sink is very flexible and easy. You never need an expert to install it. You can select from undermount or drop-in installation according to your need and design that fits with your countertops.

When this sink is installed, it gives a seamless appearance between your kitchen sink and countertop. The interior dimension of the sink is 33″ and the exterior design is 36″.

The sink has a single bowl that consumes your space for washing and drying dishes, bowls, and other households.

The parchment design gives it a sleek and advanced look by adding a subtle whisper to your decoration with this creamy color.

This sink has some advantages that make it more desirable. It is highly heat resistant. If you put hot pots or utensils in your sink, then these sinks prevent them from destroying by heat up to 535 Degrees F.

The Hygienic, nonporous, and silky material makes its cleaning easy. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth or soap water. The material is thick so it can easily absorb the noise.

You can easily work at any time. The sink is stain-resistant. You never need to worry about stains that stick at your sink. It is also bacterial resistant and won’t spread germs

Things We Like
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easily cleaned
  • Highly hygenic
Things We Don’t Like
  • Low quality material easily broken
  • Cleaning restriction

3. Elkay Quartz Classic Greystone Offset 60/40 Double Bowl Sink

Best Undermount Kitchen Sink for Quartz Countertops

Key Features:

  • Stain Resistant
  • Aqua Division
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Elkay Quartz sinks are a truly spectacular line of kitchen sinks their sleek design gives a unique look to your kitchen. When you decided to spend money to buy a kitchen sink, then you must find the matching drains are available or not.

You cannot buy a sink every year because it’s a one-time expenditure.

Elkay classic quartz sinks have visible depth in their structure as well as a smooth surface. The UV-stable colors make it unique.

The natural quartz material is used to build this sink. This sink has durability in its work.

This Elkay Quartz sink comes with two flanges on the disposal side, one is coming from the Elkay sleeve that covers the disposal drain and the other from the disposal itself.  These two types of disposal make this sink highly recommended.

When you are buying a kitchen then you must care about its size, rather it fits on your kitchen countertop or not. The minimum interior size of this sink is 33″ and the exterior size of its cabin is 36″.

When you check the sizes then you can easily choose the best sink that consumes and safe your countertop space.

The best thing about this sink is that it is divided into an aqua design in which 60/40 division is available. So, you can easily wash the large pots in your sink large and also dry your small dishes, vegetables, and fruits in your small bowl.

The undermount installation gives it a seamless look and also provides smooth edges so you don’t need to worry about sharp edges while cleaning your sink.  The cleaning of the sink is very easy you can use simple soapy water. Due to smooth material food and liquid stains do not appear in the sink bowl.

This sink has an impact design that coordinates with your sink color and decor. The sink is highly heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. The fine quartz sand material resists the banging and chipping. The Greystone-metallic makes it more charming.  It recommended bottom grids that include an LKOBG1618SS large bowl, LKOBG1115SS small bowl, and as well recommended drains, LKQS35GS, LKQD35GS, LK99, etc.

Things We Like
  • Not consumes much Space
  • Bottom Grids
  • Scratch resistant
Things We Don’t Like
  • Difficult to rinse the garbage
  • Drain flange issue


In this article, we describe a quartz countertop kitchen sink that has undermount installation. If you are searching for the best sinks then you are at the right place. We discussed all the specifications, pros, and cons of the sinks. These sinks are highly recommended because our team checked all the things about these quartz countertops sinks. We Recommended you the best kitchen sink which we like more is Elkay Quartz Classic Greystone Offset 60/40 Double Bowl Sink. We will tell you why we recommend this and why you buy it? Because it provides you full workspace and aqua divided bowl allow you to do more work at the same time when you are cleaning and drying the pots and other utensils.

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