Best Under Sink Mat | Review and Buying Guide

Best Under Sink Mat

Oftentimes, sink cabinets are susceptible to leakages and spills owing to a leaky pipe or a top mount sink. Generally, a top mount sink can be fixed with caulk, but plumbing faults or detached pipes cause water to spread under the sink. Consequently, the surface of the cabinet is likely to undergo damping, facilitate mosquitoes, and spread odor. Things become worse if leaking is frequent.

With that in mind, using the best under sink mat to protect the underlying surface of the cabinet is essential. They absorb all the water without letting them soak. Subsequently, the surface underneath remains dry, undamped, and odor-free because the mat can be cleaned out simply. As a general rule, the best under the sink mat is utterly waterproof. For sure, there are many other factors too that directly affect durability. A brief of all these factors has been explicated in the buying guide section below. Before it, we have presented the five best under-the-sink liners that have been chosen based on the crucial factors outlined in the buying guide.

See the features of each product below.

Best Under Sink Mat Review

1. Drymate Waterproof Under Sink Mat

Drymate Waterproof Under Sink Mat

Key Features:

  • Brand: Drymat
  • Colors: Charcoal, Indigo, Good medicine blue, Modern brush strokes, Taupe diamond squares
  • Material: Polyester, fabric
  • Size: 24″ × 29″
  • Dimensions: 29″ × 24″ × 0.13″
  • Weight: 7 ounces
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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of having an under-sink mat? Most likely, it will be the ability to hold maximum water whilst being efficiently waterproof. Most of the time this is what the buyers are concerned primarily with. In this regard, the Drymat under the sink mat is the best product to look for. It cannot let the water penetrate to eventually cause staining or damping. Moreover, the spills and liquid of any composition get locked once beholden by this mat. The material absorbs liquid and prevents damaging the underneath cabinet surface.

What’s more, despite being so lightweight, it stays fixed in its place without slipping. It does not move around because it is slip-resistant.

There is a group of people that discerns aesthetics. In the wake of this tendency, this mat has been designed in a couple of designs. The colors available have been mentioned in the specifications above whereas their appearance in different styles can be viewed by clicking on the product link. Such a huge variety is truly fascinating. Each of the designs is elegant and will certainly look stunning in your sink cabinet.

Another distinct feature of this mat is that it can be cut into desired dimensions. This is because it is a universal fit. Don’t worry about splitting, because it doesn’t fray or split while cutting. Simply cut with the scissors carefully, and your mat is ready to use. This customizability makes it suitable for cabinets of any size.

As you are aware, the sink’s water is used and so not potable and even cleaned, so this wastewater can produce odor and microbial growth in the cabinetry. To avert such a situation, cleaning must be ensured by getting all the water out from the mat. Being unclean, wastewater may leave some stains that are hard to scrub. To deal with them, this mat is made washable in the machine. Isn’t that incredible? The mat will certainly look like a brand new product once washed and removed all the stains. Also, it dries quickly being light. Cutting short, you will encounter no worries about cleaning.

One of the most important factors given sustainability is the environmental friendliness of a product. This has been encompassed by using 50% recycled material. Also, the product is Phthalate & BPA-free. For your knowledge, BPA and phthalate both have severe health impacts ergo they are resisted to be used in products.

Things We Like
  • The mat has significant capability to hold water without letting it soak.
  • Mat is available in many designs and colors.
  • The product is environmentally friendly because it is made of 50% recycled material that is further BPA and phthalate-free.
  • The weight is utterly light, yet it does not slip around.
  • It can be cut into any size to fit the concerned cabinetry.
  • It is machine washable and dries quickly for being lightweight.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Edges are not raised therefore cabinet walls are exposed to water and ultimately susceptible to damping.

2. Xtreme – Raised Texture Under Sink Mat

Xtreme - Raised Texture Under Sink Mat

Key Features:

  • Brand: Xtreme
  • Colors: Gray, Grey, Beige,
  • Material: TPV
  • Size: 28″ ¼ × 22″ ¼ 
  • Dimensions: ‎28.25″ x 22.25″ x 1″
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
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This mat is perfectly recommendable for those who are mainly concerned with graphics and texture. The reason is, that you will come across a raised texture, unlike the previous Drymate. With the availability in more colors, this under-sink liner verily looks like a mindful selection. Generally, the downside of such a raised texture mat is the inconvenient cleaning.

Continuing, unlike the previous sink, it has an efficiently raised boundary around whom some people call lip and some raised edges. Undoubtedly, this is of utmost significance thus having this feature benefits a lot, especially where more leakages occur. The manufacturer claims it to hold 1.3 to 3.3 gallons of water. Accordingly, if unfortunately any plumbing faults occur and you are unaware, this mat is enough to deal with that by keeping the cabinet items unaffected and the entire environment odor-free. And if you have installed a water sensor, it will also alert you. By the way, the water sensor is also sold separately by this brand if you are interested. 

Notably, there are no worries of soaking and penetration because it is utterly waterproof and contains all the spills and drips well.

Getting out water is as though you need to press the mat from the center where water will come out from. Once done, it can be scrubbed thoroughly to avert any bacterial growth or odor.

What’s more, it is also customizable and can be cut into any size based on the sink cabinet size.

Lastly, since it has a definite weight, it does not move around.

Things We Like
  • Its raised texture makes it the best choice for many esthetes.
  • The edges have been made raised to hold water like a tray without harming the walls.
  • Based on cabinet dimensions, it can be cut to fit properly.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Having raised texture, it is more susceptible to promoting microbial growth and generating odor due to improper cleaning.

3. Resilia Under Sink Liner for wooden cabinet

Resilia Under Sink Liner for wooden cabinet

Key Features:

  • Brand: Resilia
  • Colors: Black, Beige/Tan, Pure White, Sandstone, Silver, Slate gray
  • Material: Plastic, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Size (W×L): 24″ × 48″
  • Weight: 2.44 pounds
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Having wooden structures always requires more than average care and maintenance on account of their sensitivity to water. And when such a structure is present beneath the sink, the likelihood of water exposure becomes manifold owing to plumbing leaks. If you have such a scenario, this vinyl liner is perfect for you. This keeps the water contained by averting soaking. Also, it is made a bit oversized to make a lip around which further keeps the wooden cabinet’s walls safe in case of water influx. Indeed, the previous mats can also be used for wooden sink cabinets. However, the Drymate does not have raised edges so the walls can be prone to water. So, be wary of this factor in any mat for wooden cabinets

As you can see from the picture, it has a diamond plate pattern which provides good friction to be stable on the base. Consequently, it stays still and keeps working efficiently.

Besides being a cabinet liner, this vinyl mat can be used for many other purposes i.e. drawer, shelf, pantry, and fridge. Thankfully, it can also be cut into required dimensions like previous products because it is also customizable.

Lastly, a crucial condition has also been fulfilled by manufacturing the mat with 65% recycled material. Also, it is free of phthalate and DINP.

Additionally, for plastic products, it is more important to be Eco-friendly because they have a high potential to create environmental harm during manufacturing, consumption, and degradation. Since these requirements have been fulfilled in this product, ut can be referred to as the best under sink mat.

Things We Like
  • This vinyl liner is highly suitable for wooden cabinets under sinks.
  • Size is made a bit high so an edge can be created all around the sides to protect walls.
  • Being waterproof, it can also be used for other wooden structures i.e. drawers, countertops, fridges, and cabins.
  • It is made of 65% recycled material so it is eco-friendly.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It slips around when it is wet which reduces its adhesion.

4. Sshzen – Best Bottom Backing Under Sink Mat

Sshzen - Best Bottom Backing Under Sink Mat

Key Features:

  • Brand: Sshzen
  • Color: Dark grey
  • Material: Fabric
  • Size: 24″ × 36″
  • Dimensions: ‎11.7″ x 9.98″ x 1.3″
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Wetting on the backside has been observed in many mats which makes them slip around as well as cause staining. This is majorly due to water infiltration. To tackle this issue, “Sshzen” has manufactured an extraordinary mat that has a special kind of bottom backing that prevents liquid leakages. This is non-slip and waterproof. This is the major specialty of this product.

Next, it is machine washable implying that all the stains and smears can be removed thoroughly. This feature is significant because all the mats don’t provide this ease. In simple cleaning, you can also scrub it with soap.

Like previous products, it can valuably deter infiltration. However, it lacks raised edges which makes it less usable where leaking is frequent and high, especially in wooden cabinets.

Continuing, it can be cut into any size because it is flexible. If your cabinet is large, multiple mats can also be used.

Last but not the least, it is environmentally friendly which means it is somehow in alignment with the standards of environmental protection.

Things We Like
  • The bottom backing is made differently to provide ultra liquid protection.
  • The mat is a universal fit.
  • It is an environment-friendly product.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Raised edges are not provided which makes it less suitable where leaks are high.

5. Eapele – Silicone Under Sink Mat

Eapele - Silicone Under Sink Mat

Key Features:

  • Brand: Eapele
  • Colors: Gray, Peach
  • Material: Silicon
  • Size: 34″ × 22″
  • Dimensions: ‎34 x 22 x 1 inch
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
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A Silicon mat is one of the best mats available in the market. Such a mat is not only easy to use but also the best waterproof. It holds water without letting it go down to the underlying surface. Accordingly, it keeps the cabin moisture-free. There will be no wetting downside.

Since the material is very flexible, it can fit into a cabinet that has even a small opening. This flexibility also makes the cleaning very simple. All you need to do is just take it out and empty the contained water in the sink.

Besides being flexible, the mat is very thick which is why it stays firm without having floppy edges from where water keeps getting out of the cabin.

Also, it has raised edges which enhances its capability to contain water. The manufacturer claims that it can hold up to 3.3 gallons of water. Notably, this material is non-slip which reflects that even if it has a high mess, it won’t slip around because the bottom side will not be wet due to infiltration.

Interestingly, the product comes with two soft brushes that help a lot in removing stains.

The downside of this mat is that it is not customizable thus you need to be aware of its dimensions. However, it can be squeezed into a small cabinet to fit.

Things We Like
  • It comes with two soft brushes for efficient cleaning.
  • Its material (Silicon) is greatly flexible and thick that holds water without soaking.
  • Being flexible, the mat can be bent, folded, and squeezed which helps in fitting and cleaning.
Things We Don’t Like
  • It is not trimmable.

Best Under Sink Mat Buying Guide

Interestingly, there is such a huge variety of under-the-sink mats available in the market that buyers get attracted to compelling texture and color, overlooking the crucial factors that make a product enduring and useful. So far, we have been recalling these factors several times in this article (directly or indirectly). Nonetheless, we will explain them in this section properly in a sequence.

Among them; waterproof nature, cleaning, raised edges, customizability, and design are included. See the detail of each factor individually below.


This is indeed the first and foremost factor to heed. This is significant because the major purpose of using a rug in the cabinet is the protection of the cabinet and belongings from leaks and spills. Suppose the mat is not waterproof. Consequently, the water will run through it and stay underneath. Then, the microbial conditions will prevail and give rise to odor. Even if this does not happen, the staining is inevitable, particularly in the case of spills and chemicals. If you don’t get this soaked water out periodically, this can cause damping. In the case of a wooden cabinet, this will deteriorate the wood and the upshot is damaged wood.

This is why the durability of an under-sink liner is dependent on its ability to contain leaks without letting them penetrate.


If you won’t carry out cleaning regularly, the water will keep accumulating in the cabinet and stimulate unwanted conditions. Your cabinet can start stinking. Also, it can facilitate mosquito generation, affecting the other items placed inside. Of course, these conditions are not favorable. In due course, it is utterly important to clean the mat frequently mainly in case of more leaks.

The greasy water and stubborn stains often become hard to clean.

Their source is wastewater, oily liquid, chemicals, or any debris from leaky plumbing pipes or around the sink.

To get completely rid of them, a machine-washable mat is better. Some mats are made with raised texture which makes the cleaning challenging unless they are washable. Concerning raised texture, dark color mats outweigh light color mats because despite being dirty, they don’t look stained. However, proper cleaning is yet indispensable.

About cleaning, it is also important to dry out quickly because a wet mat can cause damage to the underlying surface and slip around. Generally, a heavier mat takes more time to dry out. 

Raised edges

Some people call them to side walls while some lips. The significance of these edges is that water stays inside the mat and cabinet walls are not prone to it. Accordingly, your cabinet walls remain protected.

Such a tray-like mat is particularly recommended for wooden cabinets on account of the aforementioned reasons.

Another advantage is in cleaning which becomes very quick because all the water can be taken out easily. However, some people take advantage and do not pay attention to regular cleaning. As a result, odor and bacterial activity start. The best solution is to either remove water regularly or install a water sensor that alerts you when water reaches a certain level over the mat.


A universal under the sink mat can be cut into any size to fit the cabinetry. In this way, even if you don’t take measurements it is fine. Nonetheless, it is recommended to be mindful of precise measurements.

Furthermore, many trimmable under the sink liners have two or three boundaries. To whatever boundary, the mat sits fit, remove the rest of the borders.

If a mat is not trimmable, prefer the one which can be squeezed to fit anyway.

Moreover, you can also use multiple mats in a large cabinet.


Aesthetics is something, which we all tend to be attracted towards. Whether it is about color, pattern, design, or texture; all have some sort of influence on the human mind. Imagine what a composing environment will be there on having seamless mats in the cabinetry where only the things that are not desired to appear on the countertop, are kept.

Advisably, a mat having a flat texture, dark color, raised walls, average weight, and good traction (friction) is always the best under sink mat.

Good traction refers to the design that provides considerable adhesion and friction. The better adhesion makes a mat more stable and non-slippery even if wet. A very lightweight mat has been observed to move around frequently hence being wary of average weight.


Chiefly, all that a buyer seeks in a mat to be the best is its waterproof nature, effortless cleaning, and cost. In due course, all these characteristics are found in Drymat-under the sink mat which is why we give flagship to this liner out of all others. For a few dollars, you will get a quality product that is durable as well as long-lasting. 

However, this can also depend on the user’s preference because some people prefer raised edges because of wooden cabinetry. This product does not have such a boundary. This way, Xtreme under sink mat is top-notch for them.

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