Best Granite Composite Sink | Review & Buying Guide

Best Granite Composite Sink

Granite composite sinks are made of natural granite stone mixed with resin. Usually, a ratio of 80:20 is used respectively to govern the ultimate durability and strength of the sink. Composite sinks are commonly made of either granite or quartz. In this article, we have specifically referred to the composite sinks of granite from renowned brands. Our profound analysis enabled us to include the following best granite composite sinks for kitchen that have unparalleled attributes.

Keeping in view the variousness; we have incorporated the sinks of different configurations, styles, and shapes. Let’s walk through the individual details of each sink.

Best Granite Composite Sink Review

1. KGU-413B-Kraus– Dual Mount Best Composite Kitchen Sink

KGU-413B-Kraus– Dual Mount Best Composite Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Colors: Black, Gray
  • Configuration: single bowl
  • Material: Resin, Quartz, Stone
  • Dimensions: ‎30.47 x 17.09 x 8.66 inches
  • Weight: 30.4 pounds
  • Cabinet size: 33″
  • Style: Undermount or Drop-in
  • Shape: Rectangular
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From a vast variety of sinks diversifying in configuration, shape, and style; we have chosen this Kraus “KGU-413B ” model which is a single bowl, rectangular, and undermount (or drop-in) in style. The motive for selecting a sink with these characteristics is the ease of use. Going into details, regarding configuration, a single bowl sink always provides more space for working as opposed to sinks with more than one bowl. Concerning shape, a circular sink is inconvenient to use. And about style, an undermount or drop-in sink is more practical than a top mount and a farmhouse sink which is very heavy and more susceptible to deterioration because the front side (i.e. apron) is exposed.

Keeping in view this all, we have suggested this single bowl, rectangular sink at first. Even though the subsequent Kraus sink with double equal bowls (discussed below) has far more ratings than this one, the advantageous aspects compelled us to give flagship to this single bowl sink.

Returning to its design, it is available in two colors; black and gray. The size is reasonable and handily functional. With the dimensions of ‎30.47 x 17.09 x 8.66 inches, it can hold many utensils at a time. The deep cookers, large dishes, and jugs can accommodate because the depth is satisfactory. The dimensions of this sink are a little higher implying that it may not complement a small countertop.

Coming to the quality, the sink is subject to high strength and durability. [Herein we must mention that the upcoming Kraus sinks also have the same features when regarding the material. They just alter in physical characteristics whereas material facts are solely alike because all Kraus sinks have been made of the same material (i.e. granite composite)].

So, the material is resistant to scratches and dents. Its construction makes it invulnerable to temperature variations. Resultantly, it can stand a temperature up to 650°F which reflects that you can directly keep the cookware from the stove inside the sink. This is truly an incredible characteristic.

Moreover, you don’t need to be troubled with cleaning and maintenance because the stains can be scrubbed with proper clean-up. Also, the sink offers protection against any bacterial activity greatly around the drainage hole. This is also because the surface is slightly sloped towards the drainage hole to prevent stagnant water in the sink, stimulating odor. Notably, the pots are yet not likely to fall on this inclined angle.

This granite sink does not undergo rusting which is why it will not look dull earlier. Lastly, the sink has a quiet surface owing to producing less noise.

Advisably, the grids, and mats are always the best choice in the wake of noise reduction. All these facets make this product the best granite composite sink.

For convenience, the product comes along with a towel and basket strainer as an aid for recurrent needs of drying hands.

Things We Like
  • The sink has adequate capacity to accommodate large cookware and other pots.
  • Installation in two styles; undermount and drop-in is simple and practical.
  • The product is available in two colors.
  • The material provides high endurance against scratches, heat, bacterial growth, noise, and rusting.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The surface has the potential to break fragile glass pots if dropped abruptly.

2. KGD-433B-Kraus – Undermount and Top Mount Composite Kitchen Sink

KGD-433B-Kraus – Undermount and Top Mount Composite Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Color: Black Onyx
  • Configuration: Double equal bowls
  • Material: Granite
  • Dimensions: 33 x 22 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 40.7 pounds
  • Cabinet size: 36″
  • Style: Drop-In/Undermount
  • Shape: Rectangular
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This is the second-best sink in the list of best granite Composite sinks for kitchen from the Kraus brand. As mentioned earlier, you will find most of the best composite sinks from this brand owing to promising quality.

Coming to the features, the first notable thing is its configuration which contains double equal bowls. Having said that, double bowls can be utilized for a couple of purposes such as placing dirty utensils on one side and washing on the other side. The washed utensils placed in bowls can even be dried by a sink grid. This is always beneficial to have a grid or rack for the sink as it not only protects the sink surface against scratches but also dries the washed pots.

However, one downside is that the space for carrying out the washing is small because the dimensions of each bowl are 14” L x 16” W x 9.5” D. Comparatively, a single bowl sink always provides more space in this regard whereas a large cookers and dishes can easily be placed. Nevertheless, double bowl sinks are all in all due to being multifunctional.

Regarding variety, other colors are also available but their material is different such as Fireclay.

Furthermore, being dual mount this sink can be either installed in an undermount style or drop in. The minimum cabinet size required is 36 inches.

The rest of the quality features are the same as already discussed in the first sink because the material is identical. Concisely highlighting, the material is not prone to scrapes and cracks, corrosion, mold growth, odor denting due to high load, and breaking.

This product also comes with a basket strainer and a towel as an extra accessory along with a drain assembly.

Things We Like
  • Since the product has two equal bowls, it can be used for different purposes such as washing, drying, and placement of pots.
  • Both bowls have drainage providing ease of washing in either bowl.
  • This dual mount sink can adapt a lot of pots and so keeps the countertop free from grease and debris to be washed.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Double bowls consume a lot of counter space making them fit for large countertops only.
  • The working area tends to be small in every dual mount sink which is why ease of washing is not attainable.

3. Ruvati RVG1533WH – Best Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink

Ruvati RVG1533WH – Best Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Ruvati
  • Color: White
  • Configuration: Single bowl sink
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Stone, Granite
  • Dimensions: 33″ × 20.5″ × 9 ⅜”
  • Cabinet size: 36″
  • Style: Farmhouse
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If you are a devotee of kitchen accessories, this sink is undoubtedly the nicest for you. Surprisingly, it comes along with four extraordinary accompaniments besides the sink in which there is a cutting board, foldable dish drying rack, bottom rinse grid, and matching basket strainer. What’s more, there is a built-in ledge and tier track on the sink. With the ledge, the cutting board can be set and supported in the sink which has a very sleek design in the form of a concrete texture finish. Whereas with the tier-track, the foldable rack can be slid. This is certainly incredible. All the sinks do not offer these extra fixtures.

Further, the reverse and front aprons of this sink are shaped differently such as the front apron being curved and the reverse plain with sharp corners. 

If turn to color, no compromise prevails there too because the thorough color is consistent and hard to fade. This diligence makes it stay steady even if a very hot utensil is placed. In this context, the allowable temperature is up to 650°F.

Next, this sink with a non-porous surface has simple cleaning with a mild detergent only to remove stains. The corners and edges have been specifically designed cautiously to enhance ease. Likewise, the sink doesn’t scratch easily to looks dull faster.

Besides, the installation includes the mounting of three sides in undermount style while the front side is exposed.

Lastly, the added advantage of having this sink is the safety that is certain because this is CSA-approved and complies with all the standards.

All the aforementioned characteristics imply that Ruvati RVG1533WH is one of the Best Granite Composite Farmhouse Sinks.

Things We Like
  • Four extraordinary accessories come with the product including a cutting board, sink grid, foldable rack, and drain assembly.
  • Sink incorporates ledge and tier track for taking foldable rack and cutting board over it.
  • The sink is well-designed from the back and front so even if the reverse side of your sink is apparent, this will look modest.
  • For proper cleaning, the corners have been made round.
  • Material resistance to temperature is considerable i.e. 650°F.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The farmhouse sinks tend to be heavy due to which they need heavy support for stability and similar is the case with this sink.

4. BLANCO 441215 – Dual Mount Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

BLANCO 441215 – Dual Mount Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Blanco
  • Colors: Biscotti, Anthracite, Biscuit, Café Brown, Cinder, Coal-black, Concrete gray, Metallic gray, Truffle, White
  • Configuration: Single bowl
  • Material: Granite Composite
  • Dimensions: 25″ X 22″ X 10″
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Cabinet size: 24″ (for drop-in), 27″ (for Undermount)
  • Style: Undermount/ Drop-in
  • Shape: Rectangular
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One of the best things about this chosen sink is the large variety of colors available. From this assortment of around ten colors, you can choose anyone which complements the countertop well. Even, you can opt for one for your butcher block countertop whereby this is always challenging to contrast the most suitable sink. Being small in size, they can also be used as a bar sink or in a butler’s pantry. A bar sink is used for ordinary purposes such as quick rinsing of utensils or hands etc. However, this is not as small as sounds but can adjust jugs, glasses, and any deep pots because its depth is acceptable i.e. 10 inches. Also, the width is fair enough to allow many containers to be spotted. Only the length is small which is the reason it is endorsed to be used as a bar sink.

Another exclusive feature is its material which is different from the typical granite composite in terms of quality. This composite has been given a specific name which is Silgranit. The specialty of this material is the utmost vigor and robustness. Let’s spell out its aspects individually. 

Since it is available in many colors, they all don’t fade with time because material resistivity to variations has been ensured properly. Similarly, the surface does not undergo chips or stains making it remain intact for a long time. This is the reason that cleaning is not a hassle. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals, rather a mild detergent can work well. This reflects the effortless upkeep because inhibition of bacterial growth even around drainage is bare to prevail.

One more thing, if you install this sink in undermount style, cleaning becomes more effortless. But, if installed in top-mount style, there won’t be a thorough cleaning because the outer rim acts as a barrier.

How can temperature endurance be overlooked? So concerning it, up to 536°F temperature can be tolerated without staining. This sturdiness also makes the sink protected even if cutlery is kept inside.

Things We Like
  • A vast range of colors is available, facilitating in selecting the most appropriate sink for your countertop.
  • Dimensions have been designed in a unique way that makes them suitable for the butler’s pantry and as a bar sink.
  • Material remains ineffective for temperature variations up to 536°F.
Things We Don’t Like
  • The length of the sink is small which makes it less suitable for large families or where frequent washing is needed.

5. Kraus KGD-442 – Undermount and Drop-in Composite Kitchen Sink

Kraus KGD-442 – Undermount and Drop-in Composite Kitchen Sink

Key Features:

  • Brand: Kraus
  • Color: Black, Brown, Gray, White
  • Configuration: Double unequal bowls
  • Material: Granite Composite, Resin, Stone, Granite
  • Dimensions: ‎33 x 22 x 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 37.4 pounds
  • Cabinet size: Min 36″
  • Style: Dual mount
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In the list of top mount granite composite kitchen sinks, this sink incorporates many similar features as previous Kraus sinks. Like them, this also governs the identical material properties. Therefore, it is greatly reluctant to prevail alteration due to temperature shifts, high loads, and continuous water exposure that can oversee corrosion.

Furthermore, scrapes and cracks don’t prevail earlier by the placement of crockery and cutlery.

The sink’s slightly inclined surface towards the strainer helps keep the sink free from microbial growth because water keeps on flowing under the drain.

Another similar feature is the dual mounting. Though, as demonstrated before, undermount installation is better than the drop-in or top-mount. Although the latter is easy, the long-term ease lies in the former on the account of cleaning and maintenance. Regardless, whatever style is opted for, the size of base cabinetry is the same i.e. 36″.

Now, come to the distinction of this sink from previous ones. So, the exception lies in its layout which consists of two bowls but that are unequal unlike the previously reviewed double sink of Kraus that contains equal bowls.

Such a double bowl sink with unequal bowls is easy to use because one side provides more space than the other and so can be utilized for several objectives.

Besides, the depth and width are also reasonable. This sink does also have the same space covering the downside as the previous double sink. Implying, it is good for a large kitchen with large countertops.

Notably, unlike other Kraus sinks, this product does not come with a drain assembly, basket strainer, and towel as an accessory.

Things We Like
  • Two unequal bowls provide more ease of working than equal bowls.
  • The Product can be used for multiple purposes.
  • The sink is worth money.
Things We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for small countertops.

How to Choose the Best Granite Composite Sink? Buying Guide

Being a central point of a kitchen, the sink should be owned after ensuring paramount key aspects. Having a sink with lush color that complements the countertop is not enough because such a selection has the potential to prove worthless over time. Always ponder over the following features for the best granite composite sinks for kitchen if you are truly serious about money consumption. In the market, a plethora of sinks are available differing in configuration, shape, mounting style, material strength, noise reduction ability, and cost. They all claim to be the best. But, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of these designs to get a better idea of the sink which meets your requirements the most. 


In the wake of consumers’ needs and variety, sinks are made in different configurations i.e. single bowl and double bowl.

Single bowl granite composite sinks are the most advantageous to use for they offer ample space for comfortable washing. Also, they can hold wide cookers, large dishes, and containers.

In the above write-up, we have suggested three single bowl sinks that outrank the rest of the two double bowl sinks.

Double bowl granite composite sinks although enable multi-functioning, yet they are less helpful to fit large pots inside. There are further two types of double bowl sinks such as two equal bowls and two unequal bowls. Unequal bowls are somehow satisfactory because they at least provide more capacity in one bowl than the other for washing.

Sinks with even more than two bowls are also available but in granite composite material, they are hard to find. Usually, sinks with one or two bowls are available. Though, there is another type too which is a granite sink with a drainboard.

A granite composite sink with a drainboard is such a design in which a drainboard is attached to the sink to keep washed pots there for moisture release. The water does not seep the board into the cabinetry, rather it is plain without holes or grid. All the water can be passed to the sink. Such a sink is quite useful for butcher block countertops where wood is susceptible to water exposure. The lesser the exposure is, the more will be the life of the wooden countertop. Continuing, this sink is truly helpful but it requires more than average space. If you are concerned with drying, sink racks can be used.

Regarding availability, a granite sink with a drainboard is also the least common which is why you will rarely find this in the marketplace.


It has been identified that rectangular sinks always substantiate to be more convenient than round. You will find most of the best composite sinks in a rectangular shape. However, in some of such sinks; a rectangular shape is further designed to make it more contemporary. But it just devours the space which could otherwise enhance the sink area. So having a simple rectangular shaped sink is always emphasized. Also, the circular sinks in granite composite material are as unusual as granite sinks with drainboards.


The easiest go installation is undermount. Upkeep becomes so simple that you can wipe off the area around the sink in a very simple manner. Nonetheless, such a mounting is not as simple as a top mount.

Top-mount or Drop-in style becomes a barrier for water to go to sink straight while cleaning the counter every time. This is because the outer rim of the sink is mounted not below the counter but above.

Next, there is a probability of the sink’s dispositioning with time ending up in its loosening and movement. The upshot is the gaps’ creation which prompts water seepage in the cabinetry. To avoid this, you can though use a caulking material too, yet these conditions are not favorable.

However, such an installation is easy because you just need to put the sink in the already “cut” area of the countertop.

In the first section, we have presented four top mount composite kitchen sinks that can be installed in undermount style as well.

Farmhouse or apron-style sinks are heavy and should be used only if proper maintenance can be carried out. Being heavy their installation is also challenging. Plus, they need thick support due to being bulky such as the above-recommended granite farmhouse sink that has a substantial weight. Notably, this fact makes them less recommendable for wooden countertops.

Material Quality

In the best composite kitchen sink, this element is determined by assuring the material’s resistance against denting, bending, scratches, temperature, rusting, and bacterial growth.

Granite sinks do not usually undergo corrosion even after recurrent water exposure.

Continuing, if the color is black, the granite sink can be prone to visible scratches because stains and chips are more apparent on dark surfaces. Nevertheless, its hard construction makes it sturdy enough to tolerate shocks and high loads whilst averting bending and denting.

Regarding temperature vitality, the Kraus and Ruvati sink greatly sustain temperature up to 650°F. This factor is integral because many times we place hot pots in the sink which can leave marks and fade the color. So, the best composite sinks should be able to stay ineffective.

Aside from that, bacterial growth prevention is what we also need to be concerned about. It has been observed that around the drainage area as well as the outer rim (in the top mount sink), the bacteria grow and cause odor. This is dominant in the sinks where the surface is not inclined to the drainage, encouraging stagnant water conditions and eventually microbial growth. In the case of the outer rim, some food particles get stabbed in the rim due to improper cleaning. Since they are organic, their degradation causes odor over time.

Because of all these conditions, an undermount style is better than a top monster structure. 

Sound Absorption

Almost all the sinks produce noise up to some extent even if they are made of very quiet material until mats are used. The granite composite sinks have a sturdy structure so they do also produce noise.

Conversely, the thickness of the material matters a lot in this regard. This is observable in the case of stainless steel sinks that produce substantial noise if the thickness is less. Comparatively, granite sinks are less noisy than many other sinks including steel.


Being made of natural stone, granite sinks are relatively more costly than many conventional sinks such as stainless steel sinks.

On average, the best composite kitchen sink with acceptable features can be availed at a price of around 250 to 350$. It is better to consider reputed brands because they take responsibility to repair as well as change the product in case needed.

Best Granite Composite Sink Brands

Not all the sink manufacturing brands produce granite sinks too. Even among the popular ones, you will find a few only whose product quality is guaranteed.

Following this, Kraus, Ruvati, Blanco, Delta Faucet, and Frankle are the common granite composite sink manufacturing entities.

The best of all is the “Kraus” that is credible in terms of quality as well as affordability. The “Ruvati” sells quite expensive sinks nonetheless quality overshadows their cost. The rest of the brands are not very popular so their quality cannot be estimated. Markedly, they are the competencies in the market for sinks of other materials, specifically stainless steel.


The supreme selection of the best composite sinks has accentuated that none of the products is inferior rather they all are fully useful for specific purposes. However, the best sink as already stated is the one that has a wide capacity and easy upkeep. Upkeep reflects material’s quality and simple mounting whereas capacity encompasses dimensions, shape, and configuration.

Experience shows that single bowl rectangular sinks with undermount structures are the most practical and easy to maintain plus clean. In this view, the Kraus KGU-413B sink stands out among all other sinks. Also, it is affordable. Even though you will find Kraus KGD-433B as the best-rated product, its double bowl structure made us mention it second because it provides fewer working areas than the former sink. Nonetheless, it is also a budget-friendly sink.

Aside from them, if you are interested in a farmhouse sink, the Ruvati RVG1533WH sink can be considered. Its features make it one of the best granite composite farmhouse sink.

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