Are Instant Pots Dangerous? Safety Tips and Review

Are Instant Pots Dangerous

Everyone is using the instant pot in their kitchen. It becomes the most desired thing of every kitchen. We all listen to its explosion and danger.

Most people did not use instant pots because they have a fear phobia that if they use the instant pot they get injured. But this is only the fear. If you use your instant pots properly you did not get injured.

Here we discuss “Are instant pots dangerous?” We describe the instant pot’s safety measures as well as what should you do and not do with your instant pot. And also we discuss how to clean your instant pots easily.

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Safety Measures

When you are using your instant Pots you must be careful because your instant pot is very sensitive. If you did not pay attention while working with your instant Pot you can get harm easily. So, you must read these safety measures.

  • Never Left Instant pot Alone

When you cook in your instant pot never left it alone. Because your instant pot gets steamed when you are cooking food. The steam of instant pot is very dangerous when the time is up you must of your stove. That’s why never left alone it at home.

  • Carefully Locked Lid

When you cooked the food must lock the lid of your instant pot carefully. If you did not close your lid properly, your meal was uncooked. 

  • Maintain Temperature of Instant Pot

The temperature of your instant pot is according to the meal that you want to cook. Set the temperature from your instant pot when the food is cooked immediately off your stove. Because when the temperature goes high, Instant pot destroys the meal.

  • Maintain the Thermal fuse

In any case, when your instant pot temperature exceeds, Instant Pot cuts off the power for safety limits.

  • Put the Food Consciously

The recommended food you can cook in your instant pot. Never try to cook the KFC food in your instant pot.

  • Keep Out the Reach of Children 

Never allow the children near to instant pot when you are cooking in instant food. Because children press the button, it shut off the instant pot or any other that harm your children. That’s why to keep your child away from the instant pot.

  • Do Not Use Extra Force

You did not require any extra force to open the instant pot as you use to open your old pressure cooker. It mostly happens when you are in hurry and want to complete your task immediately. You put the extra force that is harmful to you and your family members. So, never use force to open the instant pot lid.

  • Never Overfill Your Instant pot

The above safety measure is about that you never overfill your instant pot. That’s means you only put the meal according to the scale so you can save yourself from danger.

  • Detect Leaky Parts

The instant pot has many features as compare to your grandmother’s cooker. While you are cooking in an instant pot must be on the detection system. So you quickly know about the leaky parts and fix them easily.

  • Love Me!!

If you love me, I’ll save you from the injury. Instant pot is very sensitive. If you used it consciously, it provides you the best meal.

Are Instant Pots Dangerous?

The question is that why are instant pots dangerous? The research tells us that the most dangerous effect on instant pot is yourself.

Most of the accidents are occurred due to the negligence of the human being. The instant pot is extremely pressurized when it gets steam. The steam is made due to the container which is present in the instant pot.

The 1st step is a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes are given to the instant pot when it is spent turn off the heat. Sit and wait till all the steam springs out. After this open the instant pot and get your delicious food.

Some advanced Pots have an ON/OFF or cancel button that terminates the current process and starts releasing pressure. The 2nd step is that you can use the pressure valve to release the pressure of steam. This is an easy method.

Are Instant Pots Safe to use?

Instant Pot is easy and safe to use. It has built-in features that make sure the instant pot is very safe in use. But when you are cooking in an Instant Pot you must be careful because it’s not working like your old Pressure cooker takes a lot of time.

However, the instant Pot cooks your food properly in a shorter period. It does not make noise, and you can quickly cook your favorite meal.

The people who are afraid of the pressure present in Instant Pot that it can explode are wrong thinking because it is not like 19’s pressure cooker. That explodes quickly because instant Pot has many Cooling safety features that ensure that it cannot explode.

Top Instant Pots Review

1. Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-In-1 Cookware Grade Stainless Steel Inner Pot, 6 Quart

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-In-1 Cookware Grade Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Material
  • 6 Quarts Capacity
  • 5.9 Kilograms Item Weight
  • Instant Pot Brand
  • Multiple Features Including Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Yogurt Maker, and Food Warmer
  • Outstanding Versatility
Check Latest Price on Amazon

The product comes with 20 plus enhancements. It is the best among all other instant pot products. Moreover, the best thing about this product is its fastest performance.

It is being considered as the fastest product among others, also, it is safe and easy to use. If you are a new customer and you buy this product, you would not need to invest much of your time in it as it provides you extra safety and comfort. However, you need to be careful while using it.

The product cooks the food fast and quick. Within few minutes, your food can get ready. Instant pot duo can work more than 70% faster. This is because the product comes with 1200w heating elements.

The heating elements decrease the preheating time. This is how your food gets ready faster. Moreover, the pressure releasing time is also being reduced with quick cool technology.

As you know, the former pressure cookers used to take much time while releasing the pressure. Also, they make sounds while releasing the pressure. However, the instant pot duo shortens the pressure-releasing period. Plus, it prevents making noise.

The product comes with a plug lid, it is an easy and modern way to seal the pressure automatically. Moreover, you do not need to be feared while using the product as it comes with unique and better steam diffusing cover. Thus, it prevents the instant pot from any kind of damage while releasing the pressure.

It comes with more than 48 preset options to provide you consistently delicious food.  The instant pot duo not only prepares one dish. But, it makes multiple delightful dishes including soups, mixtures, beans, ribs, rice, and many others.

If we talk about the taste, it is as delicious as your expectations. You can even prepare chef’s dishes at home. Moreover, it makes the desserts as well. You can find the options for multiple dishes available on the instant pot. Similarly, a bake-making option is available for desserts.

The product contains a cookware-grade inner pot. It is made of stainless steel. However, all the products that are formulated with stainless steel are easy to handle. Similarly, the instant pot duo is also easy to handle. Due to its material, the inner pot has a strong grip plus non-slip handles.

Moreover, the inner surface of the pot is flat thus, it can be used on gas as well as an electric stovetop. Also, the product is redesigned to provide you with modern functions.  Though, the product is stable as well as easy to clean.

The quantity of food is enough for a family. The product can cook for more than 6 people. However, the rate of power supply of the product is 120V to 60Hz. Plus, the power of the product is about 1200W.

The biggest display of the product makes it easy for you to read. You can read what is written on the display even from a distance. The display is bright enough to make things clear to vision.  However, the modern product comes with an indicator. The progress indicator reveals your progress while cooking. It shows where you exactly are in the cooking and how much process has been left to let the food get ready.

You would get plenty of recipes with this product, you can download the free app available on iPhone as well as on Android phones. The app is related to instant pot recipes. It provides you with plenty of different ideas about different dishes.

Moreover, several users provide suggestions, support as well as guidance in the instant pot online organizations.

After all, the product contains different features. However, one of its best features is advanced safety protection. It is UL certified. Moreover, it contains more than 11 built-in security tools.

The overheat protection protects the product from getting heated. Thus, there are fewer chances of burning. The automatic pressure and temperature control save your efforts and time plus, it controls the pressure without any difficulty.

Things We Like
  • Easy To Clean
  • Comes With A Lock Feature
  • Includes Safety Features
  • Easy To Use
Things We Don’t Like
  • It Is Expensive
  • Excessive Movement Problem

2. Instant Pot Duo 7-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart, 13 One Touch Programs

Instant Pot Duo 7-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Key Features:

  • 5.68 Liters Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Instant Pot Brand
  • High Versatility
  • Safety Features
  • Lock Feature
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The product comes with multiple components including an electric pressure cooker, and a slow cooker. Moreover, you can make yogurt using this product. It can cook the rice, warm the food and act as a steamer as well. You can get all these features in one product.

The best thing about this product is that it starts working with only one touch. You can make multiple dishes with only one touch. However, the quick-cooking process is accessible with 13 boosted touch programs.

You can cook ribs, rice, beans, soups, yogurt, and desserts as well. All of these dishes can be cooked with only one click. This makes the product easy to use. Also, it takes less effort.

Besides that, the product comes with a slow cooking option as well. You can choose a faster cooking option that provides you more than 70% faster cooking process as compared to traditional cooking methods. However, the slow cooking option is available for traditional grandma cooking methods.

The cleaning method of the product is quick and easy. You can effortlessly clean it as the product comes with fingerprint resistance. Moreover, the material of the product is made of stainless steel. That makes it easy to clean.

The lid of the instant pot is safe to wash. Also, the inner pot and accessories can be cleaned easily.

The safety of the product is extraordinary. It comes with more than 10 safety features. These verified features include protection from overheat and a safe locking lid.

The product contains a popular size with 8 quarts large capacity. The large size of the product is wide enough to prepare the food for more than 8 people in a family.

If you are living with your family members then this product would be suitable for you. It is best for singles and small families as well.

After all, you can also make your favorite recipes using this product. An instant pot app that is available on both iOS and Android devices can provide you with multiple ideas and recipes. You can seize the idea from the app and can prepare your food instantly at home.

Things We Like
  • Easy To Use
  • Outstanding Quality Of Material
  • High Durability
  • Can Be Used For Cunning
  • Can Cook Frozen Meat
Things We Don’t Like
  • Sensitive Circuit Board

3. Instant Pot Duo 7-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart, 13 One Touch Programs

Instant Pot Duo 7-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Material
  • 6 Quarts Capacity
  • White Colored Pressure Cooker
  • 7 Different Features Including 11 One Touch Programs
  • Great Versatility
  • Different Flavors
  • Outstanding Heat Distribution
  • Different Safety Features
Check Latest Price on Amazon

The size of the product is wide enough to make food for more than 6 people at one time. Also, it is best to make meals every day.

It comes with 7 different devices. It saves space by providing you different appliances in 1 product. 

The devices that come with this product include a pressure cooker, rice maker to cook different rice recipes, slow cooker for traditional cooking methods, steamer, yogurt maker, and food warmer.

You will get permanently great results including monitors pressure results, and results of the temperature. It regulates the heat’s intensity and period to accomplish the desired results. 

Moreover, it contains the option of delaying the duration. You can turn on a 24 hours duration for limited cooking.

The product comes with different attachments. One sealing ring and one cookware-grade inner pot are associated with this product. Moreover,  the remaining accessories include a steam shelf withholds, and one vapor and moistures collector.

The cleaning method is easier more than the other products. As the instant pot duo, 7 in 1 electric pressure cooker comes with a fingerprint resistance body. Moreover, the structure of the body is made of stainless steel.

Also, the dishes and appliances that come with the product are safe to wash. 

The product is secured by 10 different safety devices. The safety devices of the product provide you the peace of mind. Also, you can use this product without having any fear of getting harmed.

After all, the power supply units of the product are 120V-60Hz. However, the voltage may get various in different areas.

Things We Like
  • Easy To Clean
  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Cook Up
  • 7 Features In 1 Pot
  • Attractive Design
Things We Don’t Like
  • Need More Concentration


Though instant pots come with multiple benefits they still can be harmful. The modern styles instant pots are way better than the traditional styles pressure cookers. Moreover, all the instant pots are easy and safe to use. They are not as dangerous as you think. You just need to be careful while using it.

The instant pots come with advanced appliances, one of their best devices is the safety protection device. It protects the product from any harmful effects. However, you still need to put some attention while using the product.

There are few things that you should keep in mind. After following some steps you can easily maintain the safety of the product.

Do not forget to lock the lid carefully. If you remain unlocked, your food may stay uncooked. Moreover, the temperature of the product should be conserved.

However, after maintaining the temperature of the instant pot and keeping it away from the children’s reach, you can easily protect yourself and your family from getting harmed.

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