FoodSaver 5800 VS 5860 | FoodSaver 5800 Series Review

FoodSaver 5800 vs 5860

FoodSaver brand is one of the leading customer product brands, well-known for its vacuum packaging systems. The brand has introduced a vast range of packaging systems and vacuum sealers. It keeps on manufacturing new products to improve the quality of life. The factories are situated in Atlanta which shows the vast spread of business.

As stated above, the brand manufactures the best food packaging and vacuum sealing systems, so in this article, we have presented reviews on FoodSaver 5800 vs. 5860. Many people reflect that they are two different products, but the fact is, there is a single product that is either called FoodSaver 5800 or FoodSaver 5860. This is because FoodSaver 5800 Series 2-In-1 Automatic Bag-Making Vacuum Sealing System has a specific product number that contains this figure “5860” which is often confused as a separate product. In this article, we have reviewed this product by highlighting its positive as well as negative aspects based on authentic information. Let’s spell out the key features and characteristics of this product.

FoodSaver 5800 VS 5860 Review

1. FoodSaver 5860 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

FoodSaver 5860 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Key Features:

  • Brand: FoodSaver
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 19 x 6.25 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 15.2 pounds
  • Automation:  Automatic
  • Model No:  FSFSSL5860DTC
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The FoodSaver® 5860 appliance is a vacuum sealing unit that offers efficient sealing and air removal to keep food fresh for a long time. Being the model of the FoodSaver® V5800 Series, it has unique features that are quite handy and simple to use even if you are a novice. Its durability, high quality, and five years warranty make it paramount.

You can customize your food bags in any size and store food after air removal through this appliance. It comes with a roll containing a lot of plastic bags. This appliance is so innovative that it can dispense, rewind and vacuum seal the bag. Whether you have a zipper bag, a jar, container, or a canister, you can effortlessly remove all the air within the food to store it for a longer time. With the built-in handheld sealer, you can also marinate the meat within minutes to get a scrumptious taste.

The brand claims that food can be preserved five times longer than the actual time. Thus, vegetables, fruits, meat, soups, sauces, and cheeses can be found fresh even after weeks. This reduces the waste because many of the times leftovers are just trashed for they get spoiled gradually. Thus, this can be used to prep meals for your family many weeks before.

  • Automatic bag dispensing, Rewinding, Cutting and Sealing
  • Quick marination and vacuum modes
  • Indicator lights for easy troubleshooting
  • 2-in-1 Sealing System
  • Built-in Retractable handheld sealer
  • Removable drip tray for convenient cleaning
  • Air-Tight Vacuum-Seal
  • 5-year Warranty

Prevent Microbial Growth

The presence of mold, yeast, and bacteria spoils the food making it unusable for an extended time. The core reason behind their growth is the aerobic state of the food. If all the air is removed and food is made airtight and water locked so that no moisture goes in, the food can remain fresher. In this context, it must be known that yeast needs moderate temperature, aerobic or anaerobic conditions, water, and sugar to grow.

Therefore, refrigeration is also needed along with vacuum sealing. Refrigeration and freezing stop the bacterial activity; thus preventing any further bacterial growth. Freezing at 4oC can considerably reduce microbial growth. It is recommended to must freeze the perishable foods for long-term usage. This will also inhibit mold and bacteria. Mold is the result of fermentation that cannot survive in anaerobic conditions which can only be provided by airtight sealing. Regarding bacteria, they may grow in anaerobic conditions after vacuum sealing, but freezing stops all the bacterial activity. However, they seldom grow in very rare conditions.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Following the comparison of FoodSaver 5800 vs 5860, the crucial part in the control panel. The appliance has a thorough control panel system that enables you to change the settings as per requirements. You can see this control panel from the picture below. 

In the left picture, there are general settings for vacuum sealing in a plastic bag that is also offered with the appliance. Besides, the picture on the right shows the settings for vacuum sealing in jars, canisters, or containers.

You can easily take out a plastic bag from the appliance after starting it from the “POWER” button and then pressing the “Dispense” button. You can also rewind the unwanted bag as per the required length. This is a very unique feature of this appliance. However, we recommend you to not stretch the bag when coming out of the unit as it can affect the performance of the appliance. When the desired length of the bag comes out, it is time to seal it by pressing the “Seal now” button. The sealing progress can be seen from the indicator light on the control panel. For airtight seal, locking moisture, and freezer burn, heat is used by the sealer. After sealing, you will get a bag sealed from one end and opened from the other end.   

Now you have a bag ready for storing food for a long time. All you have to do is place the items in the bag that are to store and bring the open end of the bag near the vacuum sealer. You don’t need to press any button because it will automatically sense the bag and start sealing it by removing all the contained air. The vacuum progress is displayed by an indicator light on the control panel. Each light has a specific purpose that makes troubleshooting easier.

If you have a bag closed from either end or a canister containing food, you have to use the other control panel (picture on the right). You just have to push the “Vacuum” button and take out the Retractable Handheld sealer to remove air.

Retractable Handheld Sealer

This is the best attribute of this appliance that increases its significance. You can easily remove air from the zipper bags or the bags that are closed from all ends and unable to vacuum by either side by the aforementioned method. Just place the end of this handheld sealer on the bag and processing will begin.

For containers, place the end of this sealer in the port of the jar. For canisters, the top handle is separated from the bottom portion and the end is placed in the port of the canister. This way, you can also marinate your meat effortlessly by just connecting the port with the sealer and pressing the “Marinate” button. Marinating in this way will give an optimum flavor infusion in a very short time.

Fully Automatic Operation

Herein, this is noticeable that this appliance has a full automation system in the unit to quickly seal and vacuum a bag to make it airtight. This characteristic differentiates it from other vacuum sealers.

Convenient Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s handling, care, and maintenance are trouble-free. You have to periodically check out the removable drip tray drawer to ensure the lower gasket is free from food particles. However, the gasket should not be removed. For safety, unplug the appliance after pressing the Power button before cleaning.

Notably, while performing vacuum sealing of juicy food, the liquid particles may overflow with the air, resulting in interference with the seal. As heat is required for sealing, the presence of liquid may slow down the healing process. For this, you have to ensure the regular cleaning of the tray that is dishwasher safe and convenient.  
You can also freeze it first by placing it in the refrigerator especially if concerned with liquid items such as soups and juices etc. 


  • The product comes with an instruction manual for convenience in use and maintenance.
  • The vacuum seal roll also comes with a product that can reduce extra expense on plastic bags purchasing.
  • With the built-in handheld retractable sealer, zipper bags, jars, containers, and canisters can also be sealed.
  • It is durable and offers five years warranty.


  • The customer service is poor.
  • The automatic vacuum sealing is likely to become inoperative after some time.
  • Rewind operation has been found to become out of use after some time.


You have gone through profound details of the product that highlight its functionality along with the advantages and disadvantages. Based on these reviews for FoodSaver 5800 vs 5860, you can surely purchase this item for daily use in your kitchen that can go longer if proper maintenance is carried out. Herein, we must say that FoodSaver 5800 and FoodSaver 5600 are not separate products rather there is only one product having all these features. People get confused by considering them two individual products. The fact is, FoodSaver 5800 is reflected as the series and 5860 is its model number. Based on this reason, people often called it as FoodSaver 5800 or FoodSaver 5860 that doesn’t mean they are separate instead this is one single product.

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