25 Tips To Ensure Pressure Cooker Safety at Home

Pressure cooker Safety

The pressure cooker was introduced to cook food, the main goal is to reduce cooking time. It locks the pressure inside to cook food. Its use is increasing in industrial and home kitchens in a while it becomes must-have cooking ware in the kitchen.

In the old days’ safety measures were not enough and pressure cookers cause threats to human life because of the danger of pressure cookers many people are reluctant to buy a pressure cooker. But now the question is pressure cooker safe? 

Yes! with advanced features and major technology use Modern pressure cookers provide the security it makes pressure cooking completely safe and sound as compared with an old-fashioned pressure cooker.

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1. Keep The Gasket Clean

How to avoid pressure cooker accidents? To avoid this, check all parts of the pressure cooker especially the gasket. A gasket is a rubber ring placed around the lid of the pressure cooker. It stores the steam in the cooker it should be neat and clean to work properly.

2. Never Add Too Much Water

The pressure cooker requires liquid to work properly but beware of adding too much water in the pressure cooker because it pulls out flavor from the food.

3. Never Use Cracked Gasket

If the gasket is cracked or broken change it immediately. If the Pressure cooker gasket leaks it can burn you by releasing hot steam and this can cause a pressure cooker explosion.

4. Avoid To Over Fill The Pressure Cooker

Never overfill the pressure cooker by doing this cooker gone wrong and this will affect the quality of food and can also cause safety risk by making too much steam.

5. Deal With Frothy Food Carefully

Pressure Cooker Safety
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Frothy food such as pasta and split Peace when cooking these foods follow a trusted recipe and keep the quantity in the pot below the given fill line.

6. Release Pressure With Care

Pressure Cooker Safety
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To release the pressure, turn off the stove and leave the pot to cool until the inner pressure drop to the safe range otherwise it will burn you that’s why must follow cooker safety rules. High pressure can melt your safety valve.

7. Check Your Pressure Cooker Before Use

Check to make sure that there are no cracks and the vent is open. The pressure cooker that has cracks can be dangerous as it releases hot steam that can harmful for you.

8. Properly Wash Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Safety
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Remove the gasket and wash it also wash the lid and pot. Buff down all parts of the cooker with a dry microfiber cloth to prevent streaking.

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9. Must Change The Gasket

Pressure cooker problems such as faulty gasket can lead to serious injuries. Gasket placed around the lid to seal the pressure cooker generally it should change once every 12 to 18 months if the pressure cooker is used frequently.

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10. Must Add Water

Pressure cooker work by storing the steam in it which raises the liquid above the boiling point and creates pressure according to Pressure cooking tips must and some liquid in cooker.   If there is no water or liquid, there is no steam.

11. Never Open The Cooker Without Releasing Pressure

If you open the pressure cooker lid before releasing the pressure it will burn your face hands and other body parts because it releases a hot stream and pull out food pieces.

12. Pressure Cooker Must Have Interlock

It is also known as a pressure cooker safety lock. Interlock lid prevents you to open the pressure cooker lid when inner pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure. It also prevents accidents from the sudden release of hot liquid or food.

13. Never Leave Lid Seal Or Gasket Faulty

If a gasket or lid is faulty and fails a disastrous explosion can happen. How to close the Pressure cooker lid? Must check that gasket is properly equipped then close the lid tightly.

14. Never Open a Pressure Cooker Early

How to open the pressure cooker lid? Open pressure cooker lid with care If you will open the pressure cooker early then you will create a hot, wet explosion as the pressurized contents rushed from higher pressure inside of the pot and lower pressure outside of the pot.

15. Reduce Noise In Pressure Cooker

To reduce noise first sim, the flame, and then hit the whistle with a spoon and lift it. After a few minutes off the flame drop a Glass of water above the pressure cooker and then keep the cooker below a fan.

The second question is how to clean the pressure cooker whistle? To wash the whistle, add some baking soda in the pot and soap then wash it with hot water then keep it dry.

16. Never Boil Water In Pressure Cooker

Never boil water in a pressure cooker because it may result in serious injuries. How to avoid water coming out of the cooker?

To do this use good quality gasket and seal the pressure cooker properly and not add too much water to it, if you are Boiling water only it will pour out and can burn you.

17. Some Ingredients To Avoid In The Pressure Cooker

What not to cook in a Pressure cooker?  The addition of flour in your recipes at the beginning of Pressure cooking may cause your food to burn.

18. Avoid Pressure Cooker Explosion

Can a Pressure cooker explode? Yes, it can avoid explosion must check lid, vent, and gasket if they are faulty then the explosion will happen. Pressure cooker explosion can be dangerous it can harm the workers. Must follow the Pressure cooker safety tips to be safe.

19. Use Pressure Cooker With Stainless Steel Body

The main reason to use this type of pressure cooker is that they are less reactive to food. Old pressure cooker parts were not made up of stainless steel they were more react with food that was not good for health.

Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel
Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel

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20. Must Tight The Handle

Handling a pressure cooker requires more experience especially when a handle does not provide enough assistance must use stronger handles that can easy to carry and must be tight that makes it easy to lift with balance.

A pressure cooker without a handle is not easy to carry when hot and filled with food.

21. Pressure Cooker Safety Valve

The Pressure cooker valve is Commonly at the lid and the pressure cooker safety valve working prevents building up extra pressure that can cause an explosion must check it before each use.

Pressure cooker safety valve material varies but mostly used are hardened neoprene or Viton.

22. Electric Pressure Cooker Safety

The pressure cooker comes with release safety valves that ensure proper ventilation. When using these safety valves must keep your hand and body away from the pressure released from the cooker.

Is an electrical pressure cooker safer? If you are thinking that an old pressure cooker is safer than the modern one, then you are wrong. Because the modern pressure cooker is the safest pressure cooker.

23. How To Clean Pressure Cooker Whistle?

Add enough mouth wash in the bowl and place whistle in it soak for thirty minutes and wash it put it in a safe place and dry overnight. It should be clean after every use otherwise it can cause Pressure cooker accidents.

24. Use Electronic Pressure Cooker

The old pressure cooker is not safer than a modern electronic pressure cooker. All modern pressure cooker has a locking device on the lid and release valves to main the Pressure inside. Mostly used pressure cooker are prestige pressure cooker and prestige pressure cooker safety valve work properly to avoid an explosion.

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25. Buy Good Quality Pressure Cooker

Never buy pressure cookers from street markets and auctions because they are not of good quality and reliable can explode. Low quality Can create problems with the pressure cooker.

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