How to Install Undermount Sink Without Clips

install undermount sink without clips

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Installation of Undermount Sink Without Clips

Afraid to install undermount sink without a clip? Do not worry!

You can install the sink underneath without clips or mounting hardware. When you miss the clips to install the sink, you can avoid drilling hardware mounting holes in the granite.

If so, you can use silicone epoxy glue to install the sink on the kitchen counter.

5 Simple Steps to Install Undermount Sink Without Clips

Here in this article, We will explain to you install undermount sink without clips. These ways will also be applicable for a countertop washbasin.

  1. Preparation
  2. Apply Silicone Adhesive
  3. Installation
  4. Cleaning
  5. Epoxy

Let’s take a deeper look and discuss it step-by-step details!

1. Preparation

Before installing a sink on your kitchen countertop, you need to prepare yourself. Firstly, you need to clean both the countertop surface and the sink surfaces.

Wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth and remove any dirt, grease, and grime that may hinder the installation process. If you use acetone, it will help remove all the dirt from the surfaces.

2. Apply Silicone Adhesive

There are several silicon adhesives on the market that are used for the installation of the kitchen sink. The material of silicone adhesive is used to seal around the sink after installation. It is generally used around the contact surface of the sink. A sink has a mating surface that allows the countertop to make a connection.

For an undermount sink, the mating surface is around the 1-inch edge on the same side as the sink opening. With the use of adhesive, it fits with the countertop.

On the other hand, it is necessary to apply the adhesive on the underside of the perimeter of the sink opposite the openings of the sink. When buying an adhesive, you need to get the best glue so that your sink will fit perfectly on the countertop for a long time.

Just follow all of the instructions included on the acetone bottle when using it with a clean cloth on the kitchen sink and countertop surfaces. After applying the acetone, let it dry for a couple of minutes.

3. Installation

If you desire to install undermount sink without clips, you must install it at the bottom of the counter station.

Firstly, you need to place the sink on the countertop, then lift the sink until it comes in contact with the underside of the countertop. See how many drain holes you have, then place one or two hose clamps and a crossbar.

One end of the bar clamp grips the bottom of the sink, and the other end attaches to the crossbar.

You need to adjust the position of the sink and tighten the bar clamps until the sink is snug against the countertop. Installing a drop-in sink is easier than a countertop under the counter. You need to apply the adhesive under the edge of the sink and adjust it to the correct position. After adjusting the sink in the countertop, the sink will be installed.

4. Washing & Cleaning

After installing the sink, the sink and countertop should be cleaned immediately. It is necessary to remove the edges of the excess sink and the dirt from their surface. When you squeeze the clamps,  silicone comes out from under the edges of the sink.

Prior to removing excess silicone, pinch the edge of the sink to the counter with your finger to make sure you are snug. If you think you need to add more silicone, add more and remove the excess silicone before it dries. After cleaning the surface, the sink will be perfect, clean, and shiny.

5. Epoxy

In Infine, additional support must be added to incorporate waste disposal. It is vital to add additional support when installing an undermount sink without hardware.

When filling the sink with water, the sides of the bin can be very heavy, which is why the sink can come loose from the countertop. To reduce the possibility of detaching, the sink from the countertop, additional support is required.

To fit small blocks of granite or acrylic material at the bottom of the countertop that overlaps the edge, you need to add two-part epoxy. Epoxy is a quick-setting material that allows plumbing to be connected immediately after sink installation. It is not necessary to add additional support for the built-in washbasin if the worktop supports the washbasin.


We hope you enjoyed this insightful article on how to install undermount sink without clips. By following the tips and list of instructions provided, you will be able to install a beautiful new sink without having to pay a professional to do it for you. If you have any other questions about installing a sink, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks again for reading; we’re always happy when one of our articles can provide useful information on this topic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install the undermount sink before the counter?

Before laying the tiles for the worktop, installing an undermount kitchen sink in the available space is essential. You’ll not be able to insert the sink through the hole after the countertop plates are installed, and you’ll not be able to properly seal the space between the sink and the bottom of the counter once installed.

Do undermount sinks need clips?

There are several ways you can install undermount sink without clips. Most of the ways are acceptable. However, the way used is usually determined by how the installer learned how to run it. For instance, some installers prefer to use clips or brackets, while others prefer to use glue.

Does silicone hold the sink in place?

Silicone caulk is used to seal sinks on countertops and to prevent water from entering sinks. For the installation of the sink, a special type of silicone compound is available which has been specially designed for this purpose.

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