How to Clean Electric Kettle from Inside and Outside

How to clean Electric Kettle

The use of electric kettle increasing day by day it is mostly used in winters. We can boil water in an electric kettle as well as we can make tea. It’s an easy way to make the tea it is also used to boil milk in a short time. So, we should care to keep it clean. To clean an electric kettle you can use kettle cleaner white vinegar soda pop and etc. Sometimes milk burnt in the kettle gives a bad smell that’s why it is most important to wash the electric kettle. Use the following different methods to clean or descale an electric kettle.

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1. Use White Vinegar

Mix white vinegar and water in a kettle in equal quantity and boil it then leave it for 15 or 20 minutes then wash the kettle thoroughly.

2. Clean With Citric Acid

The citric acid present in citrus fruits. It is used to break down grime or dust and to get rid of bacteria. Add two teaspoons of citric acid to water and let it boil. And let them sit for a maximum of 20 minutes then rinse the kettle.

3. Clean with Soda Pop

By using soda pop you can clean the kettle clearly it will give shine to your kettle.

4. Leave the kettle to soak

When the electric kettle is near to boil then unplug the kettle immediately. Let the solution soak inside the kettle for 20 minutes after that pour out the solution from the kettle.

If the scaling is very hard or bad then leave the solution for a longer time as u want.

5. Scrub the Inner Side

If the scaling is bad then use a nonmetallic cloth or sponge to scrub the kettle from inside. Scrub it when you pour out a solution from the electric kettle.

Don’t scrub any heating element on the lower side of the electric kettle.

6. Clean the Outer Side with Dish Soap

Use the dish detergent to clean the electric kettle from outside then wipe out it with a soft cloth. Clean the outside of the kettle at least every week.

7. Use Olive Oil to Polish the Kettle

If your electric kettle is of stainless steel then polish it regularly to keep its shining. Place the oil on a cloth and polish the kettle gently to make sure that there should not any scratch on the surface of the electric kettle.

8. WASH Electric Kettle WITH LEMON

Follow these steps to descale the kettle

  • Prepare the solution of lemon juice and water.
  • Leave the pieces of the lemon inside the solution
  • Fill the entire kettle with this solution
  • Boil the solution
  • To soften the hard scale leave the solution in the kettle.
  • Remove the traces with a soft cloth or soft scrub brush
  • Wash the electric kettle with fresh water

9. How to Wash without Vinegar

If you don’t have vinegar you can prepare a solution to clean the electric kettle with baking soda it will clean your electric kettle as you want to see.

10. How do You Clean Inside of Electric Kettle?

At first, fill the kettle half or more than half with water and vinegar in equal quantity then boil the mixture and wash the electric kettle with that with the help of spongy.

11. How to Descale an Electric Kettle?

To descale electric kettle you can use white vinegar and baking soda.

12. How to Descale Electric Kettle with Vinegar?

Cleaning an electric kettle with vinegar gives you proper cleaning.  Add water with vinegar and boil to descale the kettle.

13. Electrical Cleaner

An electrical cleaner is used to clean the electrical contacts like kettle boiler and switches. It guides the users on how to clean an electric kettle.

14. Water Kettle Cleaner

How to clean electric tea kettle??

Water cleaner used to clean the electric kettle and water boiler. It cleans the rust from the metal road.

15. Best Way to Descale Electric Kettle

Make the solution of baking soda and water and wash the electric kettle with spongy.

16. How to Remove Rust from Water Kettle

To remove rust from the kettle using the kettle cleaner and you can also use boiled water and distilled vinegar.

17. How to Clean the Kettle with Lemon?

To cleaning electric kettle with lemon take one lemon and cut it in a round shape fill the kettle with cold water and then boil. After that again boil the water and then rinse the kettle.

18. Remove Burn Milk From Electric Kettle

Boil a solution of powdered dishwasher and water in the electric kettle for fee minutes. Then use a brush to scrub as much as possible drop vinegar in the kettle and wash it.

19. Never Reboil the Water in Electric Kettle

Because chemicals in the water got concentrate things like arsenic fluoride if you will reboil the water in an electric kettle.

20. Never Leave Water in the Electric Kettle

Never leave water in the electric kettle for more than a few minutes. If we leave water in the kettle it will increase the limescale forming process.

21. Glass Electric Kettle VS Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

If you select a glass electric kettle then buy a quality product because they did not break on heating. To avoid damage some kettles come with treated glass.

When we are talking about glass and steel electric kettles the keep in mind that no matter the type and material of the kettle. They should be clean on a regular basis. Glass electric kettles are cheaper than steel kettles but it does not mean that they are inferior.

Glass electric kettles are easy to clean because glass can’t rust and traces can be removed easily.

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