What Is The Best Gauge For a Stainless Steel Sink

best gauge for a stainless steel sink

Before knowing about the best gauge for a stainless steel sink it would be better to know first about a sink gauge.

What is a Sink Gauge?

Gauge thickness is a number that shows how much the stainless-steel sink material is thick that is used in the sink. It usually ranges from 18 to 20. Thickness depends on the number if the number is lower then the material is thicker.

When purchasing the gauge, the question is that what gauge is best for a stainless-steel sink. There is some stainless steel gauge that is mostly used.

  • 16 gauge
  • 18 gauge
  • 20 gauge
  • 22 gauge


This Is the best gauge. The 16-grade gauge is thicker and not much different from the 18-grade gauge. Thicker gauges are the best gauge because of thickness.


18 gauge is a better quality stainless steel sink. It is 0.0500 inches and less thick than 16 gauge. The 18 gauge is better if you are finding something cheaper and it is easier to clean.


A thinner gauge is better to use in bar sinks and cabins and also there where the sink is small. Thinner sinks are best when they are in less use. 20-grade gauge is thinner because of its increasing number that is 20.

Difference Between Thicker and Thinner Gauge


The gauge that has lower grade are thicker gauge such as mostly used thick kitchen gauge are 16,18. They are of standard size and are less costly easy to purchase.


16 and 18 gauge have very small difference as 16 grade is 0.0625 inches thick while 18 gauge thickness is  0.0500 inches thick Both have the same price.

But when we are purchasing the sink gauge question arises that should I get a 16 or 18 gauge sink? Then Answer is that 16 gauge is better because thicker is the best choice.


Stainless steel made thin gauge for small sink. The thinner gauge has a higher grade and the thinner gauges are not expensive as the thicker ones. But a thicker gauge is best for kitchen sinks.

18 VS 20 GAUGE

18 gauge is thicker gauge while 20 gauge is thinner. Stainless steel gauge thickness depends on the grade number.

18 gauge is more expensive than 20 gauge.

Thicker gauges like 18 are used for big sinks or kitchen sinks while 20 gauges are made for small sinks. Thicker gauge is easy to clean as compared to thinner.


Commercial gauges are 14 to 16 that are used in restaurants and other commercial establishments they are often large, hard use, and deep. They have square corners that are not suitable for a home sink.

Best Gauge for a Stainless Steel Sink

The best gauge for a sink that we will recommend is 18 gauge it is high quality thicker gauge. 16 gauge is also a good gauge because of thickness and it is lower-pitched and quitter when struck.

How strong is 18 gauge ?

18 gauge is a high-quality stainless steel gauge. It is a strong gauge and it improves the noise dampening.

Weight of Stainless Steel Gauge

All gauges have different weight like:

  • 16 gauge weight is 2.656
  • 18 gauge weight is 2.156
  • 20 gauge weight Is 1.500

Brushed VS Stain Finish Stainless Steel Sink

A brushed sink gauge hides the water Spotting and scratch from the surface where a high polish finish stainless steel provides a sleek look but need more betterment and maintenance.


A lot of gauge for the sink are available in the market but 18 grade and 16-grade gauge are best If both 16 and 18 grades have the same price then Buy the 16-grade gauge because of its thickness. The lower the grade Increase the thickness, the thicker Gauge is more valuable.


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